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  1. Gregor is definitely an all time great on top, as for JB how many guys won a world title half a year after winning ncass's, and an Olympic gold a year and a half out? i think arguably best ever at neutral is no understatement
  2. I was told he interviewed in person a few days ago. Makes some sense as he is from NY and went to college at Edinboro and coached there for about decade. Perhaps he misses the northeast/midwest region.
  3. Gregor Gillespie picking bottom against JB when he was arguably the best top wrestler ever against arguably the best neutral wrestler ever.
  4. And that the new ad didn't like terry brands so he's prolly out of the mix
  5. Heard roselli interviewed recently, maybe him and Gavin go together
  6. Have heard santoro is very strict
  7. hopefully Iowa style dies in the new Penn state era. It's boring to watch and miserable to train. Gives our sport a bad rep and makes average HS kids not want to go our for teams after they see how miserable the kids recruiting them are.
  8. I would most want to be coached by Hrovat or Herbert or flynn, but if I was an admin I would want to hire the guy with proven track of success at a university that prioritizes academics. I think that puts Santoro ahead of flynn and brands and many other potential candidates. although with Herberts degree from northwestern and his time at Michigan I'm sure he can argue he knows what it takes be successful at both.
  9. top 3 for the pitt job are probably in order: Santoro, Flynn, Terry Brands
  10. i was told whoever was handling their immigration in the late 90's spelled all of their names differently.
  11. It will be damn near impossible to pass the rooms in Makhachkala and vladikavkaz
  12. Yianni will finally put a stop to the most boring wrestler since Derek St. John
  13. Interesting debate but I don't think this is all that important when you put it into perspective. I think there are a lot of other issues college athletes and wrestlers in particular face. The biggest of them is time and academics. Wrestling takes so much time that taking on challenging majors, adding a minor, or double majoring become impossible for most. Making honor rolls is also very difficult - let alone other extracurriculars or having a good social life. I would be interested to see how many wrestlers get into graduate programs or well-paying jobs after college; I would bet its pretty low. A lot of kids are also so focused on their sport and have so much practice and competition time that they always skip class, or can't study for a midterm because they are competing or just burnt out. Another factor is that many students can enter into colleges they otherwise would not be in and struggle with the coursework or take an easier major and end up with a degree that isn't that useful. Of course, there are many exceptions to this. At least from my own inquiries, when I ask kids on D1 teams about academics many will admit to frequently skipping class due to being exhausted or uninterested in school (with their main focus in life being their sport), and they will admit to having poor grades, and many of the coaches not caring as long as they remained eligible. Another interesting thing would be to see how many kids quit or even leave school because they can't handle school and wrestling. Many people might say those kids just aren't dedicated enough and need to make more sacrifices, which may be true but I think the problem is much more foundational. I think looking into limiting practice time and season length, limiting easier admissions for poor students who are great athletes, and raising academic standards for eligibility before we talk about redshirting. Hell, many athletes only take the bare minimum in credits per semester (12) because doing any more would be impossible, and they need five years to graduate anyway.
  14. Our results won't change until folkstyle is no more
  15. switching to freestyle is badly needed, but because too many people don't want positive change, it won't happen.
  16. titles mean nothing, cox won bronze askren didn't
  17. 1. Remove riding, give top/bottom guy 30 seconds to score or they go back to nuetral, if they go out of bounds go back to nuetral 2. Start calling back points from nuetral without control. If someone is on their back for a 2 or 3 count it should be points 3. institute a freestyle pushout. If someone steps out of bounds it's a point, if a move is initiated in bounds or on the line and ends out of bounds let it play out 4. Incentive throwing by awarding a throw takedown with an additional point or 2 5. remove headgear and replace the singlet
  18. Top technique has gotten much better, it's getting harder to get out with all of the leg and claw stall rides. Giving up a takedown is dangerous. However this can be fixed by calling back points without control if a wrestler is "funking" and is stuck on his back for several seconds
  19. They should adopt the shot clock that is used in freestyle
  20. Other schools might wanna start looking to Russia for recruits lol
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