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  1. For those that don't know, throwing your coach after winning a big match is common in international wrestling.
  2. he needs a therapist, and some maturity
  3. Hopefully MSG again, heard from a few wrestlers they thought last year was much better in terms of location and arena.
  4. not worth it, has nothing to prove, much much bigger fish to fry. this is the least meaningful tournament he competes in all year.
  5. no its so stupid, these guys are exhausted and full of emotions, he should be standing backstage and give them 5 min to compose themselves, even ufc guys get a few mins after matches, wrestlers get 5 seconds
  6. mack lewnes spent his first year year at OTC i believe so cornell has done this before
  7. popolizio must hate this kid with a burning pasion
  8. i'll take meredith, thorn, palacio for upsets
  9. thought it would be a good idea to give all the upsets their own thread, feel free to post them
  10. will never win a world medal if he stays with iowa
  11. 1. koll 2. cael 3. smith 4. flynn honorable mention jrob as he should still be coaching
  12. The koll argument takes into account that his wrestlers perform at an Ivy League school
  13. I'd put smith above dresser and Ryan, def dresser, can mark perry count?
  14. Top rumor seems to be santoro and terry brands, heard Gavin was unlikely
  15. the rumors seem to be all over heard over 10 names including all the ones lsited above and from jake varner, jake herbert, terry brands, mark perry. they will prob get even more offers after NCAA's. if they want someone big they will need to offer 300k. Personally I would love to see flynn take over or if the herbert rumor was true.
  16. dance thomasello Mckenna retherford nolf martinez realbuto dean cox snyder
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