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  1. Well it's not so much about specific talent in NYC now but more the opportunity for guys from all over the country to train and live in the best city in the country with amazing coaches
  2. wonder what Pitt will be offering, it has to be in the 250k range if they want a great coach.
  3. I think u might find robie was just as responsible for VT's success
  4. any chance he plays football and bulks up and if he does not become an nfl prospect he goes heavyweight? I think this scenario is pretty likely.
  5. http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/17898 This is great news. Huge opportunity for NYC and Columbia. These two coaches will work great together.
  6. Realbuto, palacio, nickal, nolf, Walsh, terao
  7. I think it's much to early to say write him off. He had a bad showing at the Olympics and decent showing at the WC after a long layoff, could be rust. if he gets his mental game right he's a world title contender no doubt. Only Q to me is if dake can take him out, he smells blood in the water, we'll see what happens
  8. Love the Mongolians, I'm still so pissed about ganzorig
  9. If there is another ban of any sort, I imagine it will be less chaotic such as not including green card holders, pre-existing visas, students, and athletes. Perhaps some other categories I'm forgetting. If this is the case and Iran reciprocates exactly then we should still be good with athletic delegations, but also who the hell knows what either side will do.
  10. CNN did a spot too I believe prior to completion called "diplomacy through wrestling" or something like that
  11. 2017 world team 57: Doesn't matter 61: stieber 65: molinaro 70: green 74: dake 86: taylor 97: Snyder 125: Varner 2018 Same thing with JB at 80KG if this weight is added
  12. hard to adjust to wrestling guys that much bigger and stronger for 2 days
  13. Well idk. Steiner won in a depleted field. He has also had quiet a few loses of the years, I'm not sure esmailpour winning is a huge shock, I thought it was 50/50 going into the match. It'll be interesting to see how stieber does wen worlds this year are a little more crowded. I think he medals but I would not predict repeat gold, at least not yet, I think he still needs to tame his offense a bit.
  14. Heard nothing official but I'm just assuming he won't be in the picture for a while if at all. he didn't wrestle until 2015 after 2012, I imagine he's not planning on competing anytime soon.
  15. Somewhat of a cop out. It's the only major competition they avoid. Why is that? Afraid of losing a dual now and then? I find it hard to believe they can't field a top team.
  16. Going to wrestling matches in Iran is def one of the things I want to do the most, best wrestling fans there are.
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