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  1. after cutting to 57 he prob never wants to cut weight again, with no asgarov he should be poised for more success
  2. Either way we have Taylor or cox, I'm very happy with that.
  3. Pretty sure tsargush is retired, his Instagram looks like he's been vacationing and relaxing, well deserved but I would love to see him get out there again. I think he would win medals, not sure about gold but Russia seems pretty open. Tsabolov is his friend maybe he's hoping tsabolov will be the guy but he seems unreliable.
  4. Jury seems to still be out on that, not sure how gadisov's retirement and boltukaev bumping up will impact this, looks like they are clearing the way for him. If that's the case I would still be pretty concerned about geduev and kudiyamogomedov, more so geduev.
  5. JB just said on insta " I may never see the same success I once did, but I'm still here, and I still love wrestling"
  6. ya for sure, tho it helps wen ur a 2x WC and oly bronze
  7. ramos needs to stop training to win on gassing his oppoents and instead develop better setups, shots, and learn to scramble in freestyle. his coaches shoudl tell him he isnt allowed to club the head of shoot a single in practice for a month. he might learn something.
  8. idk much about this azeri ramos is wrestling, who is he? name sounds georgian
  9. As they should be, one could not critique them enough, there should have been criminal charges
  10. glad to see him on the mat and doing well after he was screwed in rio. Hope he wins more medals.
  11. I believe he is the head coach of North Ossetia Alania, he's from there
  12. I believe he is the head coach of North Ossetia Alania, he's from there
  13. I think this is for events that take place within north america?
  14. anyone know the rosters of the other teams not already mentioned here?
  15. he is going to stay at 74 all of the cycle, and will become the rep at some point.
  16. Walks around In the mid 150s in the off season
  17. kyle dake is just on another level. Ringer is still good, he beat bekzod. Dake has wins over Tsargush and Cox, many over howe and taylor and a few close matches with JB in his prime. Had Dake not been hurt so much he prob would have been ranked top 10 for the last 4 years. He is finally healthy. I do not know if he can beat JB (although I think he can) but I do think we will see him competing overseas and doing very well.
  18. The countries listed except for Iran are all war torn and lack a central government. It's just as much if not more a refugee ban as it is a Muslim ban.
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