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  1. he can at least use cntrl c and cntrl v... i would be lying if i said i was not somewhat surprised...
  2. Fukn hell… it’s bizarro world, right?
  3. again... the above is the kind of irony that keeps me checking into this place...
  4. i can't decide if i want to believe it is all an elaborate act or not... if it is an act, kaufman would be impressed...
  5. that opponent is exactly who Bo should be fighting and nothing like the legit journeyman pico was forced to fight... i'll catch the "highlights" of whatever happens next week... i am kinda over paying for bad MMA...
  6. Severely underrated movie/performance anyone who is anyone has never underrated any aspect of that cinematic masterpiece...
  7. you spelled Joliet Jake wrong... but... that is not surprising, huh? or were you just trying to be clever????
  8. i spell phonetically... and i rarely edit... and i have not owned the white album since CDs were a thing... I ran out of gas! I got a flat tire! I didn’t have change for cab fare! I lost my tux at the cleaners! I locked my keys in the car! An old friend came in from out of town! Someone stole my car! There was an earthquake! A terrible flood! Locusts! IT WASN’T MY FAULT, I SWEAR TO GOD!
  9. i stand corrected... all apologies...
  10. Oh, I’ve been put in time out a few times… some deserved… only the daisies call for others to get banned… Obli di obli da…
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