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  1. Hi to all dears after a long absence! What a terrific Drew for IRAN at first day in all Weights!! It really seems abnormal! Hope all them to be in their best shape. so maybe have some chance especially on 61, 86 and 125.
  2. yes, I don't look at Wrestler's at one spot, as I said Burroughs still is one of the bests last year (after Olympics). I really appreciate what Snyder and Geno did, but think if 97 & 125 Paris finals repeated 5 times this week, both Sadulaev and Akgul have 80% chance (4 of 5).
  3. 1. Sadulaev 2.Burroughs 3. Yazdani 4. Snyder 5. Akgul 6.Chamizo
  4. Oh, there is clear optimistic view to Us wrestlers and pessimistic to others, by some users here!!
  5. ُShahbazi 96 kg JW Champion!! 2 Gold for Iran, 2 for Us !!
  6. Biabani 60 and Shahbazi 96 did as i expected. I think they wiil take gold. Bazri 74 is beast but need to improve i thought. but he did more than i expected. Tomorrow: Iran also have Shojaei 66 that is very technical. hope be his day. Amiri 120 is really good HW too and has shot at gold. Mohebbi 84 is really beast and has beaten Goleij & Moojerloo. but I have doubt about his International performance. unfortunately they couldn't take Pass for Ghahremani 55, so replaced him with Aeini.
  7. He got first in last year trial too, but got injured 3 month to JW 2015, so tehy didn't risk at him and send Iman Hoseini ( who was second at last year trial at 125 kg)
  8. Shahbazi (IRI) is really great at 97 kg.
  9. I extracted some facts about 2016 Olympics Champions and medallists. Please add yourselves :) 1. Four of 6 Olympic champions, were 2015 W champions too (Khenchigashvili, Sadulaev, Snyder, Akgul). Also 2 other had good titlles recently (Ramonov was 2014 W champ and Yazdani was 2015 silver madalist). Maybe this states the importance of year preceding Olympics from both Physical and mental aspects. Also another fact is that consistency helps too much. 2. Ages of champions shows that Youngsters taking titles from veterans. We could have also here Higuchi, 20. Khenchigashvili 25 Ramonov, 25 Yazdani, 21 Sadulaev, 20 Snyder, 20 Akgul 25
  10. I'm really happy with what don Ghasemi LOL. But again, God love him much! Makhov lost to Zaseev exhausting him. Zaseev lost to Geno exhausting him too. But Ghasemi used the drew really good. and semi with Delagnev's ghost... If he beat Akgul, I'm going to meet and apologize from Khadem.
  11. Refree was awsome at Final. They most give Higuchi 1 point baecause of Khinchegashvili's fault at 30 last seconds.
  12. Yes. this was best show i'v ever seen from Rahimi. Congratulation!!!
  13. so 74: I'm sure Hasan Yazdani will beat Geduev. Burroughs lost to Abdulrahmanov too. H Yazdani had destroyed him in Medved Cup. With this shape, Yazdani would have good chance even against Burroughs. Also this Kaz won Levan Lopez today. I dont know what do you mean by B level opponet. 57: "None of the guys you said would beat him did it, instead it was a new guy from Japan." becuase didn't meet them! You will see him against Bonne for Bronze today. 125: there were No chance for Ghasemi with any drew. 86: If Karimi reached last year shape, will see one of the biggest century match in the final against Sadulaev. 65: Nasiri :( he has mental problem. very technical but fearful. I don't know how will be in Rio!!! 97: Backache, Knee and Ankle injury in last 18 month. But steel best shot at Gold for Iran before Today, and beside Hasan Yazdani after today ;)
  14. BAD Drew for Makhov and Geno!! What Fantastic Drew for Akgul!! Ghasemi has 2 easy match before meeting Makhov or Geno. maybe they would got tired before that, unless no chance for Ghasemi even for bronze. Winner of Magomedov or Delagnev will be in Semi, I think.
  15. Rahimi will lost to ILL or BONNe so won't got even Bronze.
  16. Hasan Rahimi lost, as i predicted.
  17. I asked it to know how much are you familiar with this subject.
  18. Excuse me Hubbard, Are you Iranian? I told you about that trial especial planned scenario by Khadem, but you don't want to mention it.
  19. So You are talking about World cup results. Please review these results at 125 kg. Ghasemi df Gamidov very Hard, but Varner teched Gamidov. 125 kg - Komeil Nemat GHASEMI (IRI) df. Said GAMIDOV (AZE), 5-4 Jacob VARNER (USA) df. Said GAMIDOV (AZE) by TF, 10-0 Parviz HADI (IRI) df. Jacob VARNER (USA), 3-1
  20. Quitting Mohammadi & Hadi are big mistakes by khadem. 2 medal chance for Iran gone with the wind, easily.
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