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  1. Mongolian did not initiate any offensive attacks at all. Just defending and countering. With more action, J.Burroughs may have put him away sooner.
  2. What an impressive performance today by J.Burroughs. It was not an easy draw. He is the champion. The only downside I think, is that we collectively will have to deal with poster 'Katie' continuing to slobber all over his knob and further shut down any mention of Kyle Dake, David Taylor or Andrew Howe at 74kg for now. ;)
  3. Was Gazimagomedov wearing a t-shirt of himself on the medal podium just now?
  4. First, it looked like the passivity clock expired because Rahimi did not secure a takedown and both wrestlers were in more of a stalemate than a scramble. But then it looked like the sequence should have been scored 2-2 - exposure for Ramos and take down for Rahimi. I guess I will have to look at the replay to be sure. What a tough loss for Ramos.
  5. The match was a little tight at first but I don't think J.Burroughs lost his composure for a second. He is so good at scoring at the end of the clock, too.
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