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  1. Fair point. I "played" both and because of that I enjoy watching both. The feel of the ball, the touch -the outer foot angle pass etc, means something when you watch. When you watch you are engaged- same with wrestling, you know what they are trying to do. It makes it exciting, at least for me. Rest of you bums can watch golf. Whoop dee doo. Tiger woods.Yawn. What an athlete they say. Is he relevant, I have no clue, it's that guy from Faore Islands? Ficklestein? Micklesohn?
  2. Greco sucks for those who never wrestled greco and/or those who watch Greco and get bored because they don't know the game. Like those losers who think soccer is boring yet watch golf and baseball. I'm tired of arguing with them. Why do I get emotional with these chowderheads? Waste of energy these clowns
  3. Why would you encourage such nonsense?
  4. Flo why does, the world wrestling site turn into flo? uww.TV not COM???????????? I don't like that cause I don't care about Flo when I'm looking at brackets on the United ww site! ****ing pisses me off!
  5. Cadets, that's where our bread is buttered. It's sick. I'm sure most Iranian wrestlers take umbrage with their countries policy. I wish some Iranians could explain this. Too there aren't any arabic powerhouses in wrestling either. I'd be curious to see what they do. Egypt is an ally of sorts (of Israel) but hardly a world beater. All the Russian muslims, former SSR's wrestle israelis.
  6. Only Iran takes the W Cup seriously and sends its stars. It;s like the Europa League. No one cares. Everyone does about the FIFA Champions League Soccer analogy, look it up. Ok it;s like women's softball, no one cares or dare I say wimmen's "wrestling". Yawn........
  7. Purely coincidental that the guy is a Turk. Lower weights are more dynamic, heavyweights? More start power. This kid didn't "medal" at the juniors. http://www.yenisafak.com/video-galeri/eglence/turk-gurescinin-hareketi-saskina-cevirdi-2107286
  8. If you're saying the wrestling program works? Yes it does. If you're implying that all those countries are Slavs, not true but I'm sure you know that. Oh except for Belarus. Hungarians are Magyars, Romanians are Latin.
  9. So far a very strange distribution of placements.
  10. It's normal for someone to wrestle for Russia and then say Azerbaijan. Former SSRs are replete with athletes who wrestled for Russia.
  11. I want to murder a biker today. Don't fly by my house with your loud pipes ok? Kill you is what I do. There is a lot of parity now. I like that. It's more competitive. It's not like La liga where Barcelona and Real Madrid beat everyone else 7-0 each week. Now you have Espanyol, Ateltico Madrid, Valencia Villareal. Bulgaria has become the real Betis of wrestling. Or Tampa Bay (NFL) What a strong country that was, their northern neighbors Romania is gaining ground on them. Bulgaria was a weightlifting juggernaut at one point. I enjoy watching these paradigms evolve and change over time. In the end it is up to who bribes whom ( sportings Akademika - sportings ministrys) and which sports get the money to train. Sporting Lisbon is doing well. That's a soccer team however.
  12. They did here and still got stuffed. : ) Too the CCCP was also represented by Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan Armenia, etc etc. Baltic states I wont even mention.
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