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  1. repechange

    If Nolf MED FFTS Out...

    Good plan
  2. repechange

    Big10 Discussion Thread

    I interrupt my hiatus to ask if there is an audio play by play of this anywhere
  3. Tough matches are one thing, he screwed the pooch and should be banned.
  4. Kessel needed to be curb stomped after that monumental f* up.
  5. repechange

    What is everyone’s wrestling experience?

    Despite my claim of not coming back I thought I would throw in my wrestling experience. Wrestled only freshman through senior year hs. I won a grand total of 3 varsity matches and the best I did was a JV league title. In the last 30 years I have been to about 20 state tournaments as a spectator. I should have chosen swimming!
  6. Never met the guy. I just hate his f*cking posts. He ruins the goddamn forum by polluting perfectly good discussiond with his stupid azz made up stories.
  7. If there is ever a person I wish death on it would be df
  8. With retards like df and medicine man. The forum sucks and isn't any fun. I am done.
  9. repechange

    I loved the Snyder for Hodge Era...

    I almost want Snyder to win B1G and then lose the big dance just to f* the whole argument up.
  10. repechange

    Ohio State could end up in 4th

    The NCAA tourney is PSU's to lose and tOSU has be lights out to win. I don't see tOSU having that kind of week.
  11. The likes of df are a cancer that need to be banned
  12. repechange

    Ohio State could end up in 4th

    I hope you are right.