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  1. Who did Ringer lose to his Sophomore year? I remember he had a loss holding him back from this distinction but cannot remember who beat him.
  2. The PSU coaching staff has had lots of time to rebuild the "one-arm" strategy. I mean simply seeing Desanto v. Fix you can see a great way to control the right arm of Desanto without putting it behind your back. RBY should be attuned to that however, I also think Desanto has grown past this opportunity a little bit as he was able to get to his offense with Gross employing this same strategy though. This match should be pretty compelling overall but I see Desanto pulling it out.
  3. Shouldn't the NCAA system be at fault for this? Why not have an alternate listed like Baughman?
  4. Willie Saylor tweeted that Buffalo leads the team race so I would assume it becomes a bye off of that information.
  5. Nato, Myles, Brewer, T-Shirts... Blanking on the last one...
  6. Not the case vs. Youtsey. Could still have trouble early in the tournament.
  7. Also wanted to add Piotrowski was working consistently with Delgado. I didn't realize he was a volunteer assistant at Illinois until B10s but, having a two time National Champ coaching you shouldn't be a bad thing.
  8. I think this honestly gives Micah a clear shot at the third place match in a weird way. As for Martin, he can beat Brooks. He can beat anyone just not sure which Myles we will see. Brooks has been great recently too but, I won't put anything past these Myles after some of the performances he has delivered.
  9. 125: Townsell/McGhee both strong 125s but both going shortly after the weigh in should be an interesting match up. Cruz/Peters, we know Peters is a gamer but, his injuries have been tough. The losers of these first two matches face which is unfortunate. Piotrowski/Mueller. I like Mueller and his style a lot. Piotrowski was one of the most exciting wrestlers at Big Tens. Got cement mixed by Youtsey to send it to OT where he lost, handled Paetzell, OT pin of Jimenez(Jimenez threw a fit), TB win vs. Thornton, 1-0 squeaker vs. Youtsey, and then he got manhandled by Lizak. Expect fun things from watching him. 133: Eicher/Alber, Alber won their dual meet last season before Eicher went on to win the MAC tourney. Alber should win but, Eicher has uspet potential. Also, Eicher defaulted the 7th place match at B10s because of an injury which could hurt this. Schram/Clark I expect Clark to win but not a great draw for him right off the bat. 141: Heil/Zacvherl and Jack/Perry Not the draws the top twos eeds wanted as they face two very game competitors from the EWL. Gasca/Gulibon, Rematch that was a good one at B10s. What will happen when we open Gulibon's box? 149: Ladnier/Bannsiter, Bannister wrestles an extremely conservative style. Ladnier made some upset noise at the EIWAs I think he can get Kocer/Lugo, Tough matchup for Lugo to start. Should pull it off but the styles will match well I believe. 157: Clagon/Glass, I really like Clagon and he can wrestle with anyone close. 165: Mejias/Campbell, Mejias wrestles guys tough and Campbell's most notable win is Matthews. He tends to beat the guys he should though. Cenzo/Subjeck, Cenzo has really found his way and I bet he is looking for revenge on Subjeck 174 Skatazka/Realbuto. Realbuto is very good and should win this match. Skatzka got the first takedown every time I saw him at B10s though. Including against Meyer and BoJo. He will be aggressive and Realbuto will need to be ready from the whistle. Hall/Kocer, Hall is fun to watch and Kocer is a comeptive guy should be solid. 184 Brooks/Gravina, Brooks should win and has won against Gravina in the past but, Rutgers always makes it a chippy contest no matter who is on the otherside. The matchups outside of this aren't thank compelling. 197 Studebaker/Harner, This weight is down overall but Harner is a returning AA and Studebaker was R12 so this should be a great battle to see who can get the early footing into AAing this season. 285 Hemida/Haines, Both a bit more athletic than your standard heavyweight should be able to cause some drama along the way.
  10. With Gulibon becoming unseeded I am thinking he pulls Heil early and sticks him again.
  11. It is funny last week we were talking about 184 and it's premier final and now we are talking a hypothetical between two great multi-time NCAA champions.Think we should have waited till after NCAAs for this thread.
  12. They took the criticism to heart it seems. I do like when they talk about personal things, I listen to a few podcasts and it seems normal to talk about a few life things here and there. I do agree the last show before conferences got a bit out of hand but, overall I do like the show and the constructive criticism was completely warranted.
  13. I feel like Jake Ryan and Cody Burcher are both in the conversations for AL bids since they were both in that final match. Hopeful for both but would not be shocked if neither made it.
  14. Really appreciate this. Likely going to BW3s after the B10s end so we can catch the Main Events. Last year we tried to do this in Iowa but, since it was a McGregor fight there was nowhere to go... Hoping this one goes better.
  15. Wish you would have put a question mark... I thought this was the announcement.
  16. So the current undefeated crowd 125: Gilman 133: Tomasello 141: Heil 149: Retherford 157: Nolf 165: I. Martinez 174: Z. Valencia 184: Nickal and Dean 197: Cox 285 Snyder and Medberry Unfortunately we all lost a guaranteed undefeated with Downey leaving ISU. Pending a MFF Snyder or Medberry will have a loss going into NCAAs. I believe NATO, Zain, Nolf, IMart, Cox, Dean, and Snyder all finish undefeated. What is the most undefeated Champions in one season?
  17. Why hasn't Conel wrestled for them at 197 this year? He was really solid last year as a redshirt freshman and may have AA'd at 197.
  18. If I recall correctly,Burcher wasn't stalling or backing up like he did against Cenzo and IMart. Lewis got a Takedown rode a little realized he couldn't turn and then just cruised to a decision.
  19. I saw him in Columbus, possibly the most boring match where he gave no effort and beat Burcher. I agree he is normally exciting but my one live experience left me disappointed.
  20. Just wrecking most anyone he sees. Wins over BoJo and Hall at NCAAs I don't see why he wouldn't be at leats considered.
  21. If Jake Ryan goes, 9 AQs for 157 I think he can make it in there. I am thinking more on the Ryan of last season but, nine is a lot.
  22. Definitely get that, just saying It'd be odd if Townsell would have won as expected and Stanford won the team tournament. An indictment on the PAC overall.
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