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  1. I get that but I'm saying it looks like he has more than his peers which compounds how high I think his ceiling is. I didn't buy the hype when Flo was pumping him up in HS nor did I buy in last season but he's starting to look like he has a very high ceiling.
  2. Nick can't be in the discussion. For as good as he looks, you're not going to put him in the same tier as 2 returning 2x champs.
  3. Anyone else think Parris looks like he still has some physical maturation to go through? He basically looks like an overgrown 14 year old to me. I think when that happens, he going to be really scary. I've yet to board the hype train but I'm considering buying a ticket.
  4. Zahid being a senior will get the nod over Lee. The logic will be that Lee will have his shot next year and that's how it's going to play out. Zahid wins this year for being 3-1-1-1 and Lee will win next year for going 1-1-1-1.
  5. I heard from Cinnabon that DeSanto's lower leg at the knee was torn from his body and they have to reattach. Can anyone confirm?
  6. Learn the difference between a medical forfeit and an injury default.
  7. 125 - Lee by pin. It's a big match. He's going to want to put up as many team points as he can get. I can see him avoiding the tech to make sure he gets the pin. 6-0 Iowa 133 - DeSanto by a takedown. 9-0 Iowa 141 - N. Lee by tech. He looks too good right now to do anything but to a back up. 9-5 Iowa 149 - Won't be high scoring but I see Lugo winning close but clear. Maybe 4-1? 6-2? 12-5 Iowa 157 - Pipher is wrestling adequately but the spot isn't his long term. He's done a nice job of mitigating the losses he's taken so I only see Young getting 3pts here. 15-5 Iowa at break. 165 - Cenzo's time for revenge. He gets it done. I'm guessing something like 8-6. 15-8 Iowa. 174 - This isn't a homer pick. Hall gets bonus here. Either by major or pin. Calling major. Something like 13-5 where he turns it up at the end to get the points before the clock runs out. 15-12 Iowa. 184 - Assad looks very promising but I think Brooks is just a hair better right now. Brooks by dec. 15-15 197 - Shakur is not healthy. He's not looking how he should and I think either his knee really isn't 100% or he's still apprehensive about pushing too hard on it. Warner gets the win. 18-15 Iowa. HWT - See 184 but with the teams reversed. Nevills looks good Cassioppi is a little better right now. Iowa wins the duel 21-15.
  8. The only way I could like Spencer more is if he transferred back home. He's just fun to watch.
  9. To put together the best results possible, here is what I think. 57 - Lee 65 - Flip a coin between JO, Yianni, and Zain, the weight is a shark tank and they're all going to have similar results 74 - Dake 86 - Taylor 97 - Cox 125 - Snyder
  10. Sounds like a degree that's popular in West Virginia.
  11. I follow the sport pretty damn closely. It's pretty rare for me to not even recognize someone's name. If they are a decent wrestler, I can almost always tell you the team and a ballpark on their weight. I have no idea who our 79kg rep is.
  12. Why people are so fascinated by what others make is lost on me. Snyder makes a very good living doing what he's doing and that's enough for me.
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