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  1. Anyone have a single all-session Big10 Tournament ticket for sale, preferably in the 100- or 200-level?
  2. Has tOSU sent out promo codes to donors and/or season ticket holders to secure tickets in the tOSU block for Big 10s at Rutgers? I'm a season ticket holder and have been watching my email and season ticket holder account for the past two months, but I haven't seen anything yet. (I know that tickets outside of the college blocks available to the public through Rutgers have sold out.)
  3. Looking for all-session tickets for sale to NCAA's in Cleveland for a single ticket, a pair, and/or a set of 3 outside of online vendors, street scalpers, and mob-affiliated bookies :)
  4. I sent you my email address through the private message feature. Thanks!
  5. How does purchasing tickets to Nationals/ticket availability work? For 2015 Nationals, I purchased tickets the day after Nationals in 2014, but the only seats they were selling then were ones in the top row. I ended up buying them because I didn't want to be shut out, but I didn't know how it worked then, and I wanted to be lower after I got to Nationals. It seemed as if people had purchased in the first few months of 2015 and had better seats than I, but maybe I'm wrong. I'm not a donor to OSU's program, so I don't have access to those in the OSU block either. Tonight, when I checked Ticketmaster's website for available tickets outside of the Hospitality Package, none were available. Does Ticketmaster hold tickets for sale to the general public until after each respective school responds back with how many they need for their block? Are the leftovers then sold after each school reserves its block? How does this all work? I don't want to sit in the nosebleeds, but I don't want to purchase through the hospitality package. If worse comes to worse, I'll purchase through Stubhub, but I'd prefer not to. I appreciate any guidance.
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