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  1. I would definitely be interested in buying two tix. I will send you a DM, Thanks
  2. restlefan

    Wrestle-Off Results

    Will this be on tv or online?
  3. restlefan

    Lee v. DeSanto in the room

    Spencer Lee doesn't look physically imposing but he must be a lot stronger than he looks. I've heard on forums Gilman is really strong for his size. Does anyone know strength wise how Lee compares to Gilman?
  4. Any idea what the scalper prices were for all sessions in Cleveland?
  5. Thanks. I went to Philly and NY, was in the second deck and didn't mind it. I have a couple decent connections with two schools in my state and already have the word out. Thanks again
  6. If I end up getting from a scalper, can you typically get all sessions at one time?
  7. Thanks for the response. Any ideas are welcome.
  8. Thanks for the response. I just wonder how reliable it would be to buy tickets from a scalper and not get -fake- tickets. Also I wonder how expensive scalper tix would be? Would I be able to get all sessions at one time, looking for a tix before each and every session would not be fun. I would not need lower bowl, I don't mind the 2nd level.
  9. So I missed out on tickets for next years nationals in Pittsburgh when they originally went on sale and now ticket prices are outrageous. I would rather not deal with scalpers. Any suggestions on how I could get tickets? Not sure but I've heard after conference tournaments that schools get an allotment of tickets. How does that work? I know its a long way off but trying to be proactive. Thanks for any suggestions.
  10. What time will the tix for next year in Pittsburgh go on sale? What is the best website to buy them? Thanks
  11. restlefan

    How many NCAAs have you attended

    I've only been to two. Philly 2011 & NYC 2016 but I will be in Pittsburgh 2019!
  12. restlefan

    How many did your team Qualify?

    Old Dominion University - 4 going to nationals
  13. Just trying to get prepared to buy tickets for next year. When will the tickets for next year go on sale and where is the best site to buy them? Thanks in advance
  14. Which big ten package do I buy to watch big ten wrestling on my iPad? Thanks in advance
  15. restlefan

    Cleveland Hotel

    thanks for the response, trying to be economical and safe