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  1. Anyone know a site that has free after match interviews.
  2. 125 Lee 184 Brooks 149 Sasso 157 Deakin 165 Marinelli Hwt Steveson 133 RBY 174 Kemerer 141 Eierman 197 Schultz
  3. https://www.change.org/p/old-dominion-university-save-odu-wrestling?
  4. Where can you find mat assignments if you don't have a flo subscription
  5. Where can I find mat assignments? Other than flo
  6. I've been on here since about 2003. I have a terrible memory so I may not get this quite right. I remember when everyone would make funny videos and assign wrestlers to the actors and make up what they were saying to each other.
  7. There is a lot of very good information that was provided. Thanks to everyone that posted, especially the locals. If anything was missed feel free to add to the list
  8. Protest Guidelines in the article. https://www.wpxi.com/news/top-stories/protest-organizers-not-happy-with-city-of-pittsburgh-s-new-policies/799142701 Asking the locals.......Looking at the streets considered "Red Zones", any recommendations for people traveling from the North side?
  9. Old Dominion University will hold their Social Wednesday March 20 5:00-8:00pm Embassy Suites 535 Smithfield St. $40 at the door Three Championship T-Shirts Heavy Hors D'Oeuvres, Beer, Wine and Non-Alcohol drinks
  10. https://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/2019-03-12/ncaa-announces-large-selections-division-i-wrestling-championship
  11. Anyone local know how bad the protests will be for the police shooting trial that starts 03/19/19?
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