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  1. thanks for the response, trying to be economical and safe
  2. Just wondering where most people will be staying in March for the tourney? Any ideas to keep cost down? Thanks
  3. Old Dominion University has their own separate facility. Very nice for a smaller school
  4. Any thoughts on the ODU lineup next year? Possible future AA's coming in?
  5. I was thinking he did not have a redshirt. He still competed four seasons so that would not apply.
  6. Looks like Saavedra will be at Fresno St next year.
  7. Great job Old Dominion! http://www.odusports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=31100&ATCLID=211560520 Anyone have any ODU news? What happened to Jeske, Saavedra? Will either be back? What do future lineups look like? Any new guys to expect good things from? Possible AA's? Hate to see Beazley go. Thanks
  8. Anyone know what it was like in the practice room with these two while gross was at Iowa?
  9. Anyone know where I could find an interactive bracket? Thanks
  10. Where do you think Jack Dechow ODU will get seeded? MAC Champion, 2nd Midlands against a good field of top guys
  11. Nice showing by the ODU Monarchs
  12. Anyone know when the brackets will come out? Go Monarchs!
  13. When will the tickets for 2018 in Cleveland go on sale? Thanks in advance
  14. Any ODU news? What happened to Jeske? He is not listed on roster. What about Saavedra? Is he hurt? 133 or 141? Thanks
  15. I will not be able to go to St. Louis so I will be watching from home. Will NCAA's be covered throughout on ESPN this year? I do not have regular cable and I'm trying to prepare so I don't miss any of the matches and see as much as I can. I have an online ESPN account but how was the coverage last year? Any ideas? Big ten network? Flowrestling? Trackwrestling? I'm sure I will have to pay a subscription but which would give the best coverage/option to watch all or a specific mat. Thanks
  16. Im in a wrestling pool this evening so looking for who will score me the most points in the tournament.
  17. How would you rank the top 10 Most Dominant wrestlers this year? Pin, techs, major, bonus rate. Is there an updated list somewhere? Thanks in advance
  18. Hey Guys, I thought it would be nice to start a thread so people that know the NYC/Madison Square Garden area could recommend restaurants, pubs, etc. Thanks
  19. I wasn't trying to start an argument or anything. I was not able to see the dq so I was looking for details from someone that actually saw the dq. I think Richardson had a great chance to AA again even in a tough weight class, he's definitely a tough out for anyone in the country. I'm an ODU fan and I'm a big fan of Martins. I think Martin's "antics" are great for the sport especially for such a great sport that has to fight for viewers/attendance. Wrestling definitely needs more "characters" like Martin.
  20. Was wondering if anyone actually saw it happen and had more details.
  21. restlefan


    Definitely a disappointing season but if ODU can get multiple AA's this year then all is not completely lost
  22. Hard to believe Richardson would throw a punch and hit someone during a match? Did anyone see this or have more details? Thanks
  23. 2015 All American Alexander Richardson was disqualified during a match at the MAC tournament. Anyone know what actually happened?
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