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    If you already planned on spending money to go to the NCAA champions and now find yourself without paying for flights, hotels, and tickets due to the event being closed to fans...
    Think about making a generous donation to some college programs.  There are many programs that could use the support. 
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    Just don't look at it during a close match in the 3rd period since the BTN+ feed seems to be behind.  Wonder if Flo's is as well
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    'For every action, there is an inaction. Physics.' --Wayne Newton
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    I’m all for kids being able to transfer without losing eligibility, but not mid-season. The fact is Kerk spent time THIS SEASON in Ohio State’s room being trained by Ohio State coaches and training with (getting familiar with) Ohio State’s starters. He was allocated a significant amount of Ohio State’s limited scholarship money which they weren’t able to reallocate to bring in other guys mid-season. There has to be some balance between being fair to the kid who wants to transfer and being fair to the teammates and program he’s leaving behind. He shouldn’t be punished but once the season starts he shouldn’t be able to compete for another school (which means competing against the school he’s leaving behind) that same season. 
    And nor do I think coaches should be able to quit one job mid-season and then be able to coach at another program that same season. 
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    Thought of one more spot to recommend. In the middle of downtown, there is Sienna Mercato. It's a 3 story restaraunt and each floor has a different menu/theme. The 3rd floor is a rooftop bar which has a nice view and a great selection of beers and cocktails. That's probably my favorite bar in the city. 
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    I'd take the T to Steel Plaza Station.
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    Old Dominion University will hold their Social Wednesday March 20  5:00-8:00pm  Embassy Suites  535 Smithfield St.  $40 at the door   Three Championship T-Shirts   Heavy Hors D'Oeuvres, Beer, Wine and Non-Alcohol drinks
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    PDF is out!
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    Sandwich shop...from where you're staying, there are 2 places that are supposed to be good but I've never been. One is North Shore Deli and the other Allegheny Sandwich Shoppe. 
    Sports bar would probably be Fat Heads in the Southside although I'd rather **** a light socket than go to the Southside on a weekend night. Not my kind of scene. 
    Steakhouse would be Meat and Potatoes in the Cultural District a.k.a. downtown, center city. They have a tomahawk for 2 that's excellent. I think it's 44oz with 2 sides, compound butter and bone marrow for around $75. I basically never order steak out as I can usually make it better with my sous vide and a cast iron but that's worth it. 
    My favorite pizza in the area is Aiello's in Squirrel Hill. Right next door is Mineo's. There is a big rivalry between the 2. Legend has it Mineo brought Aiello over from Italy to help him in his shop and then a few years later, Aiello went out on his own and started his own shop literally next door. Both sell by the slice so you could compare. Both excellent but Aiellos gets the nod from me. 
    Inside the arena will be typical arena food. Nothing to write home about. 
    The T runs from south of the city to the Northside and back. That's it. It wouldn't be advantageous for you to use it. Walking is probably is a little rough. Uber or your car would be my recommendation. Parking around the city isn't great but it's not awful either. There is on-street parking available in most neighborhoods. 
    The Southside can be a little sketchy at times. It's the hangout for all the college kids so it attracts some trash as well for easy pickings. On the main street running though (Carson), you'll be fine but going back into the slopes (where it sounds like you'll be staying) might be a touch risky. It's not something I'd definitively say is a bad idea especially if you'll be with a group. But one guy walking by himself at night in that part of town might attract a little attention. Ubers are plentiful and I seldom wait too long even in my neighborhood 20 minutes north of the city. Most bars will open for brunch around 10-11. Close at 2am by state law. 
    Also as a side note, the area immediately surrounding PPG Paints arena is fine but under no circumstances should you venture Northeast of there. The Hill District is an area I don't even like to drive through. Stay south of Fifth Avenue. 
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    Does anyone have thoughts on late night walking back ?  Anywhere to avoid?  How does the South Side / Mt. Washington residential area rate in terms of safety?  I have an Airbnb up towards the hills on the South Side. Are Ubers generally available at all hours?  And of course - what time do the bars close / open?   Thanks in advance. 
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    Lived in greater Pittsburgh for almost 7 years now so I'll weigh in. 
    For the beer fans, I can happily weigh in on the local craft beer scene. 
    1. Brew Gentlemen, Braddock PA - one of the worst areas but some of the best hoppy beers you'll find. They also do other, less sexy styles quite well. Mr. Automatic is one of the best simple porters you'll find.
    2. Voodoo, Homestead, PA - also a sub-par area but they make fantastic stouts. Their hoppy stuff is hit or miss (some prominent QC issues in cans) but they are largely well above average. 
    3. Dancing Gnome, Sharpsburg, PA - they do hoppy beers relatively well but skip them for literally every other style. They have 7 taps and 5 will be IPAs or hopped up pales anyway. 
    Also worth considering are Yellow Bridge (Delmont), Grist House (Millvale), and Roundabout (Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh proper).
    For bars
    Fat Heads in the Southside and Independent in Squirrel Hill are both very worth the time.
    Food - skip Primanti's. It's a tourist trap that's not really that good. I can weigh in a lot further depending on style preference if anyone wishes. I'd very much recommend going to any Pamela's location for breakfast. They have the best pancakes I've had. 
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    Ok,  I am going for the out of the Burgh itself and into the suburbs for some treats with 3 destinations:
    Oakmont Bakery (this place is easy to drop $40 on pastries):  https://oakmontbakery.com/
    Blawnox (Starlite Lounge)  This place has been on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  PIEROGIES are MASSIVE!  Great atmosphere and probably for you all that like a drink,  a great place to hit up and kick back (btw...very little to no signage...drove by like 4 times finding it with my dad):  http://starliteloungepgh.com/  Moodogs Music Bar is right there too....here is a link to bands playing DI weekend:  http://moondogs.us/events/2019-03-22/
    Russelton, PA (Deer Creek Diner)-  TRUST A BIG GUY ON THIS....go out of your way and hit up Breakfast early here...you will not need to eat another meal for a long....long time, and a good chance you will have leftovers (especially if you get the pancakes which they flip using an old steam shovel...I did a non timed food challenge there,  and made it through half dozen eggs, 3 sausage, 3 bacon 4 slices of toast,  but only 1 of 3 pancakes...had to get 4 to go boxes...it is insane amount of food):  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Deer-Creek-Diner/161987227175645
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    Brackets should be released to the public tonight track says 5pm
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    Some more random bits of info...
    SUBWAY, aka "the 'T'": The subway from downtown to the North Shore- and back toward the Arena- is free and easy to use. Steel Plaza is the station closest to PPG Paints Arena and is located across Grant Street from the Omni William Penn Hotel. Hotel Monaco is also handy. Marriott City Center and the Cambria (beside the Arena) should also use Steel Plaza station. Wood Street Station is the next stop and is closest to the Drury Hotel, the Westin, Embassy Suites, Courtyard by Marriott, and AC Hotel. Next stop is Gateway Center. Hotels near that station are the Fairmont, Hilton Garden Inn, Town Place, Wyndham and Renaissance. The subway goes under the river from here and only has two stops on the North Shore. The first one is near PNC Park. There are hotels, bars, and restaurants in this area. Tequila Cowboy and Bettis Grille are a couple of places. The next stop is the last stop. It is near Heinz Field. This is the stop for the Carnegie Science Center- which is pretty neat if you like that kind of stuff- and Rivers Casino- which is also kind of neat if you like that kind of stuff. You could also ride the "T" over to Station Square, where there are some bars and restaurants. Although it appears that you are at the bottom of the South Side, don't try to walk it.
    TAXI CABS: If you see one, take a picture because no one will believe you (only slight exaggeration). There aren't many taxis in PGH. If you need one, check the entrances of the big hotels- Omni William Penn, Wyndham, Westin. PGH is a big UBER city. But, you need to download the app and load credit card information before you can use one. Lyft is another option, but I'm not familiar with their process.
    DOWNTOWN RESTAURANTS: Lots of good places. PPG Paints Arena is up the hill from "downtown". There are a few places near the Arena - Buford's being the best of the minimal selection. To the south of the Arena (up the hill) is the Hill District- not a good place for tourists; to the west is Duquesne University; to the east is a bluff; so, to the north (down the hill)- Downtown- is really your only option. Union Standard in the Union Trust Building- along with Freshi's (quick salads), Jimmy John's; the Tap Room and Terrace Room in the Omni William Penn- along with a Brueger's and Starbucks; and the Commoner- along with a Dunkin Donut- in the Hotel Monaco are all located in buildings along Grant Street. Villa Reale has good pizza- and they deliver- on Smithfield downtown. Tako and Bakersfield Tavern (Mexican) are both good, Ten Penny (American), Sammy's (sandwich), Sharp Edge (huge selection of beer), are all places within 1-2 blocks of Fan Fest. Proper has great brick-oven pizza. Market Square has a lot of options. Winghart's has great burgers. The City Grille is a large sports bar but they've already said that their TV's will be tuned into basketball all weekend. Ten Penny will be tuned in to wrestling.
    SOUTH SIDE: Good place with a ton of bars along East Carson Street. Check out Jack's if you like low-ceilinged dive bars. South Side Works has a Hofbrau House and an Irish restaurant, as well as a Cheesecake Factory and movie theater.
    STRIP DISTRICT: Also a few interesting bars, restaurants, as well as Pittsburgh merchandise (i.e. cheap Steelers/Pens t-shirts). Wholey's is a good fish place. Mullaney's Harp and Fiddle is an Irish bar that typically has live Irish music.
    LAWRENCEVILLE: Pittsburgh's Brooklyn. This is the newest, hippest area (not counting the development and gentrification around Bakery Square/East Liberty). A lot of good restaurants. As "hipster" as Pittsburgh gets. Not walking distance from downtown or the Arena. Arsenal Lanes is a fun bowling alley with DJ's and live bands.
    NORTH SIDE: The Warhol Museum is near PNC Park on the North Side. Some areas can be sketchy but a cool area off the typical tourist path. Check out the urban art of Randyland, or the rowhouse converted to a restaurant- Monterrey Pub- in the Mexican War Streets. Pittsburgh Banjo Club gets an SRO crowd at the North Side Elks every Wednesday night- definitely worth checking out. Park Inn around the corner from there also has a bluegrass band on Wednesday nights.
    ALCOHOL: the nearest beer distributor that I know of is about 15 minutes north of downtown. Liquor is sold in "state stores" in PA. I don't know if there are any downtown- there'd have to be, though. Send me a message if you want a connection to a former wrestler who recently started his own distillery for vodka and gin. The vodka is top-shelf smooth for about $10 per bottle less and it can probably be delivered to you.
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    Getting closer and closer to the National Championships in Pittsburgh.  I thought it would be nice have a thread that discussed all things Pittsburgh like Restaurants, Transportation, Stadium info, Casino, Fan Fest, Surrounding areas, etc. 
    If you have spent time in Pittsburgh and know the in's and out's feel free to let us know.  It seems there is a rail system.  I'm staying at the Holiday Inn North, the walk will only be a mile so not sure if riding the rail or uber/lyft is necessary.  I've listed below some of the restaurants that look interesting and seem to be easy to get to.
    Market Square area has Starbucks, Pizza place, Chipotle, Moe’s, CVS,  Dunkin Donuts,  Bagel shop, 
    http://winghartburgers.com/#hungry-custom-section-684   Wings and Burgers   Whiskey Bar      5 Market Square, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
     https://www.dibellas.com/menu     Subs/Sandwiches       16 Market Square, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
     https://primantibros.com/locations/market-square/           Subs/Sandwiches        2 Market Square, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
    http://www.bluebirdkitchen.com/                     Breakfast Spot       221 Forbes avenue Pittsburgh pa      around the corner from market square
    https://www.redbeardspgh.com/menu.php         Sports Bar        144 6th St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
    https://theyardpgh.com/market-square/           Pub   Comfort Food   Craft Beer  100 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222.  This restaurant might be in the arena? 
    http://mullensbarandgrill.com/          Sports Bar    200 Federal St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212. 
    PPG Arena and surrounding area, lots of info    https://www.discovertheburgh.com/pittsburgh-penguins-hockey/
    Thanks in advance for any info provided.
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    Dechow 4
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    Nice showing by the ODU Monarchs
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    2015 All American Alexander Richardson was disqualified during a match at the MAC tournament.  Anyone know what actually happened? 
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