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  1. Richards got hit 3x for the same thing in that match costing him 2 points. The refs were consistent with that call even if it was consistently bad.
  2. https://www.sportsbook.ag/sbk/sportsbook4/ncaa-wrestling-betting/ncaa-wrestling.sbk This is what Vegas has to say about #1 vs the field.
  3. The best comment would be "No comment. Let Desanto enjoy his win." Not "we need to see how much damage happened to his knee these last 3 weeks, but no excuses." That's like saying: Here's my excuse. But no excuses.
  4. Be vague say he wasn't at 100% (which is obvious) but the other wrestler had a great match. Our hats off to him. Something along those lines.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/pcntv Full match on this page. Just scroll down until you see the pinned post.
  6. Absolutely hate this. Nothing like dad making an excuse as soon as his son loses. It's now abundantly clear his son had a torn acl. But why do you have to tell everyone that after the match? If it wasn't a big enough reason to not wrestle in the first place then don't bring it up as a reason for being limited right after the match (even if it's true). It's just poor sportsmanship.
  7. http://www.flowrestling.org/article/53213-1-spencer-lee-falls-in-pennsylvania-state-finals#.WMSo9jw8KEc Link to the end of the match.
  8. Trying to stay topical here. How does Lee lose his last match of his career (even if the clock was at 0)? What a horrible way to end your career. This would be like if Snyder or Retherford lost Saturday night.
  9. How do you mean underseeded? Palacio isn't the 7th best 157. He could potentially be a finalist and definitely should finish better than 7th.
  10. I know a wrestlingnerd type bet when I see it. I actually agree that it is ridiculous to think Snyder is going to tech a guy he just beat by 2 points.
  11. I'm sure if you want to make a bet with wrestlingnerd and put some money on the Kyle Snyder tech fall Over Medbery you could get a $1000 bet on that.
  12. Quarters are Friday morning.
  13. Richards beat McKee 10-4. His two losses were to Micic.
  14. I hope Clark and Gross get to wrestle each other for 1st or 3rd.
  15. I actually expect Grey to beat Montoya, that was one of the upsets I had circled when I saw the brackets.
  16. We all know you are good for $1000 on any bet mentioned on themat. Always pushing the action lol. There are NO friendly bets.
  17. You must know more about Jordan Laster than most of us. Edit: Should Zain be scared? Is this Jordan Laster's year?
  18. I hope he wins because I want to see him get a shot at NATO again.
  19. Clark has beaten him once before 2-0 if I recall correctly.
  20. I think tOSU just got dealt a losing hand with Micah having to go through Sorensen again and then Zain in the semis. And Martin having to try his luck against brooks in the quarters. I haven't had a chance to look through the whole bracket but those are two bad seeds for tOSU (not unjustified, just rough draws).
  21. http://i.turner.ncaa.com/sites/default/files/images/2017/03/08/brackets.pdf This is a little more direct.
  22. I'm looking at my invoice. Maybe it depends on the section and row.
  23. Upper $200 Lower $245 Face value Just the tickets to the 6 sessions.
  24. One dude I would not want to see in the quarter finals if I was a top 4 seed is Ryan Preisch.
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