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  1. Adam can now be found in the PSU student directory.
  2. Cael stated in a recent interview for Town & Gown--that Mark has had World level success at 74KG, but that was when weigh-in's were the day before the competition, now weight in are 2 hours before the event, I dont recall the exact wording, but basically suggested Mark would be sitting out this Olympic cycle.
  3. I know that Teasdale had a ugly loss a at a open a few weeks ago, but haven't heard anything sense, what is the latest on Teas?
  4. I think T & T are looking at what PSU did last FS season, which was they did not compete. They are simply attempting to mirror the best.
  5. Agreed--But I dont think that JB will be a college coach, I do not think that he wants it..im thinking he will coach FS.
  6. Rutgers gets a new head coach--you may be on to something--until then--they will be on the outside looking in..
  7. I almost wrote they could win also--but the PSU fan in me just wouldn't allow it--but very true--the wheels could fall off the PSU bus--stranger things have happened.
  8. with this line-up and a good NCAA--they could be 2nd
  9. I will not get into total points per weight for NCAA--but the big picture is this. IMOP 125 and 133 PSU makes gains --so for the upcoming season--it is very probable that PSU earns more points at these weights then last year. 141 =can assume same or more points (chances are N.Lee top 4) 149--hard to replace Zain no doubt! but PSU points here will be far from 0--- Berge is my call for the starter--should AA--maybe top 4??? (he is pretty good!) I just talked to Zain on Wednesday of this week at a wrestling breakfast .Zain works out with Berge weekly--PSU will be very tough at 149! 157---no change 165--no change 174-- probable NC--with Zahid moving up 184--no change 197- probable improvement on this season HWT- Same probably better this this season the competition-- Iowa---NEVER a underdog in my book! those guys always come to wrestle--had a great tourney this year and will be better next year-- Ohio State---another good team--But will fall short again--Iowa will place higher in 2019 OSU---this is the team to watch out for in 2019 and 2020---they took it tough this year--baring injury--top 4 in 2019--all goes well they fight it out with Iowa for 2nd in 2019. So willieBoy--my call is YES--PSU takes it again--by a larger margin then 2018---Ohio state loses ground in 2019 and Iowa and Ok gains ground. Next season should be very interesting!!!
  10. Question concerning Nickal and the World Cup--Bo was in uniform I saw a picture of him with a medal.--So is he on the team? I watched the World Cup--but did not see Bo compete??excuse my ignorance..I enjoy freestye but I must admit I am not sure how all this works for making team or being a back up/work out partners.
  11. If rec hall held 10 to 12,000 we would fill it just about every match--just saying
  12. Oklahoma will put one heck of a team on the mat nest year--look at this season SS they sent the B team----I have them top 3 next year--will somewhat depend on who Ohio State red shirts
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