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  1. The tickets I bought for section 211 row F were $195 each plus $24.90 per ticket service fee bringing per ticket total to $219.90. Each order also has a $4.95 order processing fee and a $4.75 shipping fee. So...if you were to purchase a single ticket you'd pay $229.60. The $4.95 and $4.75 is per order though, not per ticket, so purchasing 4 tickets (the maximum) would bring your per ticket cost to $222.33 instead of the $229.60.
  2. If you want, text me your offer. (717) 889-9168. I only have 1 available. After payment (through Paypal, which is 100% secure and traceable) I can either ship it or meet the buyer in Pittsburgh before the 1st session. I have section 211 Row F all sessions. If I don't sell it by Friday it's going to the highest bidder. SOLD
  3. I've got 1 all session ticket section 211 Row F for sale. $550 paypal payment. Kaseyandesthersmith@gmail.com or (717) 889-9168...ships from York, PA or we can meet in Pittsburgh at NCAAs after payment is received. Don't like the price? Send me an email or text with an offer, and if not sold by Friday night I'll contact the highest bidder and send you the ticket after payment. UPDATE: SOLD
  4. Answering my own question... Check out @FloWrestling’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/FloWrestling/status/1068289425510002689?s=09
  5. Yeah, I'm having the same issue. Anybody know how to fix this?
  6. This is 100% false. If you can't see that than you're not looking. The poster who posted it on the PSU forum is just stirring up trouble and is known to post things that aren't true.
  7. Everyone's having the issue. Worst time for that feed to go down.
  8. They need to hurry up and get it fixed before we get into 86 kg. Talk about the worst time for the feed to go down.
  9. https://twitter.com/thuzaintrain/status/631222464102690816
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