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  1. What we will see is Pat Downey handing him a loss.
  2. That's a far different tune than you were singing after your boss McAndrew scolded your ass and you bowed down to him and apologized right afterwards, lmao.
  3. I must admit, even I hadn't thought of the brilliance of pretending to be a fan of one team, while actually being a fan of another team. That's all you amigo.
  4. More like a few months, not a few weeks. I also called Nato to 133 LONG before anyone on this very board and was attacked from everyone and their brother, last year. After I was right, and proven right, not one of you apologized. Don't expect the same. I will treat you like you treat me. You come correct with me and apologize, then I'll do the same. Not until.
  5. Haha. At least you have a sense of humor, unlike so many other Buckeye fans.
  6. 6 pages of Buck Fanatic and his dream team, haha. Won't be long now: Freestyle weights go to 55 and 60...that dream team lineup takes a nose dive at 125.
  7. No, you will attempt to bait over and over. That's what you do. That's all you know how to do. Be careful now, Tom just corrected you and gave you a pass when you tried to passive/aggressively imply that Jason Nolf is too young to get married. I caught that ****, and you got a pass, but your leash just got shorter, lmao.
  8. No worries Mr Downey: All Turk ever does is go on BWI and kiss Tom's ass. He ain't about jack.
  9. No you won't. You'll be sulking at the bar with your scarlet and gray warmup jacket on.
  10. You are right, he may not beat Moore. Moore most likely will lose before he sees Pat in the finals.
  11. 125: Suriano 133: Tomasello 141: Heil 149: Retherford 157: Nolf 165: Joseph 174: Hall 184: Nickal 197: Downey Hwt: Snyder
  12. He will transfer somewhere. When he does, that automatic Moore title goes straight out the window.
  13. I just polled 1,000 novelists and none of them have ever heard of any published books by anyone named Saylor.
  14. Dont see you disagreeing with any of my points though, lmao.
  15. When he beats Moore in Cleveland you will be the first to know.
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