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  1. Yes but mine are seasonal and gaps in between.. yours are almost daily and the very least weekly.
  2. False. Priority number 1 Win individual titles Priority number 2 Team Title. Hence individual titles > Team titles.
  3. It’s called having a life outside of this board, you should try it sometime. You’ll probably have a lot less disappointment in your life since yours revolves around the Iowa Hawkeyes winning the team title.
  4. Interesting that you call other men cute while trying to pull their pants down.
  5. Biggest slef own is a creating a thread pointing out the lack of importance put on the team score then crying saying its the most important thing
  6. Yup when youre favored to win 4 weights and only win 1, and come out with 3 AA's out of those 4 weights yea... put an asterisk on that team title as well as the 2009 title.
  7. Minnesota 2001. Impressive largely because like you said they performed above seed/expectations. Still stands out as an outlier. Its a very unconventional way of winning a team title. Going into the finals PSU had the title wrapped up. Had PSU gone 0-5 in the finals that would have been a poor performance and would be here saying it was a hollow team title.
  8. As for being in service of the goal, no. The goal is to win an indivudal title. Countless times you will hear wrestlers say, I just focus on my matches and let the team score work itself out. If the individuals collectively earns as many points they possibly can (hence do their best to win an indivudal title), the team title works itself out. Its a by product of the indivudal goals.
  9. As I stated, yes you can win a team title without a champion, but Its the outlier and its similar to those who employ the strategy of winning a match by forcing a stall, instead of scoring actual points. Iowa fans moaned and groaned that Rby stalled all match, yet had NOTHING to say about Desanto's inability to score an actual takedown. So yes, you can win a team title without an individual champion just like you can win a match without scoing actual points. As for the hollow victory part.. yes its a hollow victory but in the end its a valid victory none the less. Some fans are ok with hollow victories. To each his own. As for Minnesota aand Cornell? No. The same principle I applies.
  10. Since 2008 when Brands took overIowa has had 7 wrestlers win individual titles. Brent Metcalf, Mark Perry, Matt McDonough, Jay Borshell, Tony Ramos, Cory Clark, and Spencer Lee. Of those 7, 4 have won multiple individual titles. McDonough, Metcalf, Lee During that time Iowa has had 2 years where they had multiple individual champs. (2008 and 2010) During that time has won 4 team titles. 2 of those titles involved winning multiple weights. Since 2010 when Cael took over PSU has had 18 wrestlers win individual titles. Quentin Wright, Frank Molinaro, David Taylor, Ed Ruth , Matt Brown, Nico Megaludis, Zain Retherford, Jason Nolf, Vincenzo Joseph, Mark Hall, Bo Nickal, Anthony Cassar, RBY, Nick Lee, Carter Starocci, Aaron Brooks, Max Dean Of those 18, 10 have won multiple titles. During that time PSU has (2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022) During that time PSU has won 9 team titles. 1 of those titles involved them winning a single weight. Seems like theres a correlation that if you want to win team titles you focus on individual titles. Sure Iowa won the team title in 2021 with 1 individual champion, but thats an outlier. Its kinda like trying to win matches offing stalling call points. Sure you can win that way, but chances are if you dont score an actual takedown, more times than not going to win the match. Cannyou win a team title without an indivudal champion? Sure.. its like winning a match off a stalling call. If you win the most individual titles youre mire likely than not going to win the team title. Individual titles aalways have been and always will be the most important thing in NCAA wrestling. Otherwise.. people wouldnt leave the finals after the 285lbers are done and they would stick arround for the announcmeent of the team champion... you know the thing you claim to be the most important thing... which you have a very diffficult unlikely chance of achieving without individual champions. Also Ive said it before and I'll say it again. Winning the team title without individual champions is a hallow team title. Yes 2009 for Iowa was a hallow team title victory. Inspite of winning the team title, Iowa was deflated after Metclaf lost. That is a fact.
  11. Clearly youre not intelligent enough to out 2 and 2 together and figure out how winning a team title works. They dont just get manifested. You take care of the individuals.. get them to win individual titles, and the team title is a byproduct. Again, you wouldnt know since youre an iowa fan.
  12. Yes. It means to help all his wrestlers achieve their individual goals... ie individual titles... which collaboratively in the end brings team championships. The individual titles are more important because without them it's much more difficult to win a team title. But I guess being an Iowa fan you wouldn't understand how it works looking at the past decade.
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