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  1. Fix vs Suriano matches may not be very entertaining, but thier results ABOSOLUTELY are interesting.
  2. Good Lord would every just shut the heck up! Its impossible to follow whats being said with everyone blabbering non-stop!
  3. You could simply turn the volume off..
  4. To fix their technical issues. Then theses matches will NEVER take place, because their technical issues will never be fixed.
  5. Why is the break between matches so obsurdly long....
  6. If you feel Ohio State is vastly underrated where would you rank them then? Stack them against the top 9 teams individually as well as collectively and rank them accordingly. Going through their line up saying how good they are doesnt really do much to argue that theyre underrated because it ignores what the higher ranked teams bring to the table.
  7. https://www.flowrestling.org/events/5011126-flowrestling-radio-live/videos?playing=6747751 Towards the end of the video. Intereeting takes. Personally I pick Abas.
  8. i have it on vhs somewhere. Recorded when it was on tv back in like 2004ish. It stars Andrew Lawrence brother or Joey and Matthew Lawrence as a blind high school kid who takes up wrestling. Learns how to wrestle from his girlfriend who is the coaches daughter through ballroom dancing moves. Very silly, light hearted movie in typical 2000s disney fashion. Heres the full movie on Youtube
  9. Sure if thats how you want to frame it. It could also very easily be framed the other way around. It depends if you value being a 1 hit wonder over consistently year in year out being amongst the very top performers.
  10. Not necessarily. Like I said earlier its depends on what you value. Consistency vs Peak.
  11. The plan was originally to give Rian Johnson his own trilogy. The way things are headed it looks like its not happening, which imo is great news for Star Wars fans. Good riddance.
  12. What part was dishonest? Seriously? You do knownthat the whole Palpatine angle was a last minute change right? You do know it was in response to the entire story being messed up by episode 8 right? These are pretty well know facts amongst the star wars fandom. You claim that 9 fit perfectly with 7 right? Why is that a surprise to you? Arent sequels and subsequent movies supposed to fit with their predecessors? Bottom line is 8 was trash and the main reason why 9 was trash. Btw I dont think youre a dishonest person. I think you may be ignorant though. Episode 9 had to do a series of reshoots very late in the game because the production team was scrambling non-stop to correct the damage of 8.
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