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  1. The most photoshopped part of this image is the smile on Eirman's face.
  2. I asked.. and look what i found on YouTube! I guess it pays to be a fanboy!
  3. Hey Flo! If you want to grow the sport's viewer base broadcast JB vs DT on Youtube for free! There was free promotion of the event on JRE and non-wrestling Rogan fans could tune in. What better opportunity to expose the sport to the world than to broadcast the event on the largest video streaming platform in the WORLD. Monitize the video to make some revenue and who knows if you do a good enough job you may create some wrestlng fans which can lead to more subscribers/bigger renevue streams.
  4. I would say NBC and Good Morning America have a smaller reach/impact on pop culture than JRE. NBC and GMA didnt have a sitdown 1 on 1, 3 hour conversation analyzing the life of a wrestler and was like a quick shoutout/props. The podcast brought more attention to wrestling than anything else.
  5. Nope. The only people who cared when JB won Olympic gold are wrestling fans. The JRE is literally the most popular podcast in the world. Millions of people have now been introduced to JB and wrestling that otherwise would not have.
  6. Everyone talks about this or that being "good for the sport." None of that stuff compares to JB being on JRE.
  7. 1.5% of your alpha weight per week, not 1.5lbs and i believe its 7% body fat atleast for high school it is.
  8. True, but only 4 came last season, where as he had 9 techs last season(50% of his wins), all of which came in the first 2 periods. I do believe hes a teching machine, not a pinning machine.
  9. Not to nitpick... (thats a lie nitpicking is my favorite thing to do) but Spencer hasnt exactly been a pinning machine. Hs sure is good at getthing those fast techs though.
  10. The weight class listed on Track wrestling correlates with their "alpha" weight... aka the weight they weighed in at during certifications. It is NOT their certified weight aka.. lowest weight they can desend to.
  11. https://rokfin.com/post/24410
  12. Gee i dont know. What do you think is being implied here?
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