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  1. Wow Brooks almost pinned himself in a defensive scramble...
  2. Not sure... turned it on during the 3rd period of 149
  3. The reason he talks so much is because the commentary is ment for radio. BigTenNetwork happens to use this for the audio.
  4. 141 Nick Lee wins 7-3 149 Verk beats 8th Ranked Kihzan Clarke 3-1 157 PSU sends out Gardner... looks like Berge is done
  5. True but countless programs across the country that are built around this. These kids most likely wont become state/national level wrestlers but they do well at the local city/county/league level and are the grass roots foundation of participation numbers. When we hear that participation numbers are going down these are the kids we're talking about. The ones that start wrestling with their junior high school teams.
  6. I remember watching him vs Cenzo at the scuffle and was very impressed with him..
  7. No according to the freestyle lovers. To them it's just another "age level" tournament.
  8. Prior to that "until now" Unless you believe there were other occurances prior to "until now"
  9. Gotcha, good to know Desanto was in the wrong all previous times, just not this time.
  10. So all the previous times Desanto was in the wrong. Just this time he wasnt?
  11. 1. You criticized the camp for its price and cost. Are there better ways to do things when you create your own plan, sure! But we're talking about a camp that exists to serve a large number of wrestlers 2. Agreed theres not a camp thats going to do that for you. The camp doesnt make the claim it does though. 3. Its a lot easier to travel to and particpiate in a single 28 day camp than it is to travel to 4,5,6+ training opportunities that you have to research and find on your own. 4. Ofcourse there are better ways. Almost anything you do/plan yourself can produce better results. These camps are great for kids that want to jump levels from being good at a local level to breaking into the regional/state level. Is it going to suddenly make someone a national champ? No way. But most individualized training programs arent going to do that either.
  12. Uhhh yes? Who doesnt? No camp is going to suddenly make you a world level wrestler. Thats stating the obvious. You however criticized the camp for not producing such implying theres a better camp for that. When I asked which camp you couldnt answer with a specific camp. You went on a long miriade explaining a training regime. Not everyone has the time, energy, resources, or connections to do what you suggest and even then you probably still wont be a world beater. I have to believe that the kids that partake in the 28 day intensive camp do infact learn and ton and improve. Maybe not to the levels of your liking but they certainly get their moneys worth. $3000 for a fulltime all inclusive 28 day camp is not a bad deal, considering simple little kid 5 hour a day summer day camp with no weekends where kids have to bring their own lunches and go home everyday and can cost pretty close to this.
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