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  1. BigTenFanboy

    How to stop medical forfeits?

    How about this. Medical forfeit out of a tournament and you no longer "place" in that tournament unless you take start an official match and take a forfeit loss.. Ex Nolf and Kemmer in 2018. Nolf reached the semis and med forfeited to 6th place, but took no losses. In order for Nolf to finish 6th, he must start and forfeit the matches he did not wrestle in. If he withdraws from the tournament, no placement points go to the team, only advancement and bonus earned up until that point. Bump up all lower placing wrestlers up 1 spot. Example the 7th place finisher now becomes the 6th place finisher including placement points, etc. Also, get rid of the at large bids for NCAAs. You must outright qualify for NCAAs. This will discourage withdrawing from a conference tournament after reaching a placement round. As for duals, not much you can do about it as coaches are capable of sending out a backup.
  2. BigTenFanboy


    Or a bear.... oh my...
  3. BigTenFanboy

    Suriano vs Colon at BTS

    Whens the last time Suriano wrestled freestyle?
  4. BigTenFanboy

    Lucas Byrd to Illinois

    Will people complain that Byrd left Maryland like they did when Taylor left ISU?
  5. BigTenFanboy

    Penn state

    I believe the family also moved right before Spencer started high school.
  6. BigTenFanboy

    Penn state

    ?? Ok so I'll interpret that as you didn't know.
  7. BigTenFanboy

    Toughest weight bracket, all-time at the NCAA's

    JB certainly jumped several levels each year he competed in college.
  8. BigTenFanboy

    Penn state

    You do know that Megaludis and Spencer went to the same high school.
  9. BigTenFanboy

    Inside Trip Podcast EP 94 Vincenzo Joseph

    Cool story.
  10. BigTenFanboy

    Inside Trip Podcast EP 94 Vincenzo Joseph

    He said he was very doubtful and feels comfortable at 165 but he did think about it.
  11. Pretty humble guy, makes zero excuses about losing to Mehki Lewis and Alex Marinelli and gives tons of credit. Mentions the possiblity of going down to 157!
  12. BigTenFanboy

    Toughest weight bracket, all-time at the NCAA's

    When he made the finals against Metcalf and to be quite honest during his junior year as well, I honestly had no doubt in my mind that Metcalf would dominate him. I feel like they could wrestle that match 100x over and over again and Metcalf would have won all 100x. To me the gap between Metcalf and Jenkins was huge.
  13. BigTenFanboy

    Toughest weight bracket, all-time at the NCAA's

    At this point we're splitting hairs, but I just feel like Suriano is better due to being a legitimate NCAA threat all 3 years of his career thus far. I cant say I ever felt Jenkins was a legit threat until his senior year.
  14. BigTenFanboy

    Toughest weight bracket, all-time at the NCAA's

    Suriano doesn't really wrestle freestyle, so that's not much of a factor there imo. At similar stages in their career I would say Suriano is better than Jenkins.