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  1. They've only selected the starting match at NCAA and have gone in weight order. At Escape the Rock they will change the order of the finals completely.
  2. True. For me I guess I'm getting things mixed with High School where bumping/and moving wrestlers around is more of a thing. We've all been to big high school matches and seen coaches bump kids around which surprises the fans who know whats going on, while non-fans have no clue whats going on or why there was a reaction. I know that Escape the Rock mixes up the finals match order to try to make the best matches at the end. Cool concept.
  3. BigTenFanboy

    Steveson workout video

    Steveson is a WWE fan as well. I wouldn't be terribly surprised to see him go that route.
  4. I agree. I was just commenting on the assumption that matches would automatically turn into a back and forth affair. Personally I think wrestling is confusing enough for non-fans. This IMO opinion appeals to fans of wrestling who are already in the know.
  5. Thats assuming the coaches both want to have a back and forth type of dual. If one coach wants to backload his studs at the end of the dual the match wont go back and forth. The coach can try to front load the opposing coaches studs up front to try to make it go lose the first couple matches and win out at the end.
  6. BigTenFanboy

    Fix/Suriano - worst ncaa match of all time?

    I think every wrestler would rather end every match in dominant fashion in regulation.
  7. BigTenFanboy

    Video review is the real villain

    Can pins be called or overturned from a video review?
  8. BigTenFanboy

    No Teasdale?

    Almost as good as when Coleman Scott pinned Joey Slayton and Blatnick said "I cant think of a nationals where I saw 2 pins in the first 2 matches!" Kind of a head scratcher since Escobedo won by decision right before Colemans win....
  9. BigTenFanboy

    Video review is the real villain

    First. Imo when conducting a video review refs should be limited to 60 seconds to deliberate. If they cant come up with a decision, the call on the mat stands. If they're required to call a match in real time, 60 seconds to review a call should be more than enough. Second. If a challenge fails, the opponent of the wrestler requesting the challenge should be awarded 1 point and the requesting team should be charged a team point via unsportsmanlike conduct. This will speed up the challenge process as well as prevent coaches from abusing the system to get their guys air breaks. If a coach wants to throw the brick, they better be damn sure they're right.
  10. BigTenFanboy

    Best wrestler to never win the Hodge?

    Im a huge Stephen Abas fan but Cael's 4th OW award is far from just a career achievement award. Cael finished with a 97.5% bonus rate on the season and won his matches at NCAA by Fall, Fall, Tech, Major and Major. Abas that season at NCAAs won 2-0, 11-1,8-4,14-5, and 8-4. But I agree the he certainly is one of the best to not be awarded the Hodge.
  11. BigTenFanboy

    Separated at birth?

    Stephen Abas... Enrique Igelsias
  12. BigTenFanboy

    If Nolf wins again this year...

    Yea I saw that but included it to prevent the critics.
  13. BigTenFanboy

    If Nolf wins again this year...

    87% Bonus over 4 years... 95% Bonus during senior year... Yikes!
  14. BigTenFanboy

    Best wrestler to never win the Hodge?

    I was rephrasing the question.