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  1. Twice? I'm only aware of 2016 OTT Semis. When was the other?
  2. Why dont you go post that on his twitter!
  3. Betts is a midcard mainstay in WWE now with his Alpha Academy story. Everhart suffered a severe neck injury and has been working behind the scenes as a producer. Both are doing fine.
  4. Its pretty common for many pro "wrestlers" to have legitimate high school wrestling experience. Cody Rhodes was a hs state champion Georgia. The late Reid Fliehr[ (son of Ric Flair) wrestled at Blair Academy in high school where he was a National Prep placer. Randy Orton was a highschool wrestler who i believe placed at the state tournamnet. Bobby Lashley (current WWE Champion) was a 3x NAIA national chmapion. Jack Swagger real name Jake Hager was an AA at Oklahoma in 2006 and had a win over NCAA Champ Dustin Fox Mick Foley was a high school wrestler. Chad Gable (real name Chad Betts) was on the 2012 US Olympic team for Greco Jason Jordan (real name Nathan Everhart) was ranked 2 for a while wrestling at Indiana. Jerry Brisco was a big talent recruiter for WWE the past 20 some years and has ties to the Oklahoma State Wrestling program. Matt Riddle was a high school state Champion and wrestled at East Stroudsburg Univiersity. Not to mention Danny Hodge (you know the guy who the award is named after) was a long time pro wrassler and is in the Prowrestling hall of fame. So.. yes, much to the chagrin of the purists there is a legitimate connection between Wrestling an Pro-wrasslin.
  5. Gable and TMS were at Summer Slam last night. Honestly Gable looked pretty small and a bit awkward walking around the ring. Not sure if WWE fans will take to him...
  6. Kurt Angle's persona was one of a goofy character with a mean streak. I dont see Gable going the comedic route...
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWjsHVUbImw Go to 2:22
  8. Just when Dake finally wins a fantasy match.. he loses a real one.. life is funny sometimes...
  9. No longer offered as mp3 download???
  10. So thats where Bo Nickal learned it from...
  11. I agree. Askren is probably the wrestling commmunity's most famous person when it comes to the mainstream (yes more famous than Burroughs, Cael, Spencer Lee and the rest of our cast of kooky characters) and with all his accolades the legitimacy of how badass wrestlers are took a big hit when it comes to the perception of the mainstream masses.
  12. I agree. He was the beneficiiary of poor officiating so we the fans unfairly took it out on him.
  13. Cant help but think wrestling took a hit tonight amongst the non-wrestling community.
  14. Back then he was labeled the heel of college wrestling. Commentators even talk about it during his finals match with Perry. Probably because the fans never really forgave him for his "win" over Churella.
  15. Over the years theres always been guys that have stood out as being the "good guy" known as the face and the "bad guy" known as the heel. Post your All Time Heel Team of guys that have stirred up some controversy be it big or small.. or was an exceptional trash talker Heres my first crack at it... 125 Thomas Gilman 133 Austin Desanto 141 Dean Heil 149 Brent Metcalf 157 ?? 165 Johnny Hendrix 174 Ben Askren 184 Pat Downey 197 ?? 285 Gable Steveson
  16. He also qualified for the Olympics and if i remember correctly he missed weight.
  17. Thats one way to frame it. Another way is he lost twice to a first time starter who up until that point was a backup wrestler and had just as much NCAA post season experience as him.
  18. Jones, Cormier, Eggum, Trenge Synder also lost to Morgan McIntosh as well as Nathan Burak. Cael was indeed smaller than Snyder. Snyder was a 220lber in high school. Cael was 152-171. Yes Synder wrestled bigger guys than Cael. Synder was NOT undersized like you stated his freshman year. He wrestled 197 with losses. Furthermore, unless Synder weighed in at 197 or less, the disadvanatge you cry about would have been the case for ALL smaller heavyweights.. a fact you easily brush off. Its been said wehn Snyder was not cutting to 97k he weighs around 230ish. Hes not the only 230lb heavyweight. Hes not a 197lber in any way shape or form. Cael competed at 84k internationally, but according to you theyre the same size. Do you think Synder should be competing at 86k? Its also pretty obvious the guys Cael wrestled in NCAA competition were more athletic. You didnt watch wrestling during that era. You said it earlier. You dont know what you're talking about when it comes to critiquing Cael's active wrestling career. Still bummed you never started that kickstarter for last years NCAAs. I would have contributed.
  19. Synder was an undersized 197 lber his freshman year??? As for the weight advantage.. was Synder under 197? If not then the disadvantage you speak of exists for ALL smaller sized heavyweights. Its pretty well known that the larger you get in scale the weight advantage decreases, hence why the gaps between weight classes can increase grewtly as weight classes increase. And you think Cael "cut weight" because he wouldnt have been the odds on favorite? Cael was a 171lber his senior year of high school. In college he was 184, 184, 184, 197. He went up to 197 because 184 was too easy for him. You didnt even watch wrestling during Cael's era yet you make these claims.
  20. Desanto technician over physical freak? Lol
  21. Your opinion on how Gilman wrestles is solely based on the singlet he's wearing.
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