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  1. Depends on who you ask.. personally I'd agree with you that the title is vacant..
  2. I was humored by the exchange and just busting your chops dude. Gave me a good chuckle thats all.
  3. Its whatever you want it to be. People wont come to a consensus on this...
  4. Lol. You asked for a "reasonable" score from russel.. then say you couldnt come up with one yourself? Lol.
  5. So only add 1 layer of confusion.. not 4-5?
  6. Assuming that point helps my position.. which in my opinion it makes no difference.
  7. Well considering the fact that this is his firet tweet since 2018 and is known to be someone who keeps information very private. Youre assuming that he did nothing and was not asked of his opinion or feedback until after the announcement was made. Im sure there were discussion amongst coachs, ADs, university presidents and the NCAA when making this decision. Just because it wasnt posted on twitter doesnt mean it didnt happen.
  8. Whether or not you've won a national title or not should have no baring on this discussion. We're talking about how a match was officiated in the final seconds of a match. National Final or exhibition jv youth peewee match.. makes no difference.
  9. So inconclusion The video evidence of Wipps locking his hand removes subjectivity on the matter. Whether Brown did it on purpose is a subjective matter so that needs to be removed as well.
  10. Thats assuming he didnt give any feedback behind the scenes.. you know where actual discussions take place?
  11. I dont have the time nor energy to search through your posting history, but are you telling me you have NEVER made a single post or comment on how a ref should officiate matches? Your whole "if he misses it.. he misses it" is hog wash.
  12. And just like that those who hate PSU agree that the winter athletes shouldnt get the year back.
  13. It looked me to like he was trying to escape, otherwise Wilps wouldnt have locked hands to hold Brown down. Brown stood up, Wilps brought him down and Brown attempted a sit out in which Wilps locked hands. As for a wrestler telling the ref his oppenent is locking hands, you mean to tell me if your opponent was locking hands or doing an illegal move on you as a wrestler you wouldnt say something to the ref? Furthermore EVERYONE tells refs how to officiate. How many discussions are on these boards discussing how refs should officate matches. Wrestler A should have been hit for stalling, Wrestler B should have been awarded nearfall, etc etc. Wilps WAS locking hands hence why in the end the ref made the final called. Your "wrestler in me" and "if he misses it.. he misses it" comment is such a bunch of virtue signaling and posturing. Brown didnt looked too pleased with how he won, but you nor anyone else would reject taking the win either.
  14. Well im saying it doesnt "look" like Brown forced Wilps hands together. Plasmodium is the one thats 100% sure he did. If we're going off how things "looked" people will see what they want to see. Bottom line is Wilps did lock hands while Brown was trying to escape. Brown wrestled to the whistle which is what we're all taught to do as wrestlers. Should he have just cruised out the last 3-4 second and be content to try and win it in OT?
  15. I understand that, however theres an unwritten reason why host competitions in the same pool.
  16. Considering the FACT that pool or competition surface plays a factor in these competitions your statement is false.
  17. One stumble??? 3 Teams with 15 losses made automatic qualifiers for the NCAA tournament in 2019 and 28 teams with 10 or more losses. Dont give that nonsense that a SINGLE regular season game has that much of an impact. You obviously want the sport to become smaller since you are basically advocating for fewer participants. In every sport the regular season is used for SEEDING in the post season. Wrestling is no different.
  18. Football is a completely different system since they have such few competitions. Basketball on the other hand.. you think they take every single game as seriously as the NCAA tournament? Hardly. Every sport with the exception of football treats the regular season as preparation for the NCAA tournament.
  19. He forces his hands together after they locked.... and with one hand... Yea ok. Weak.
  20. Yea ok Mysterious how at 14:20 Brown is able to force Wilps' hands together BEFORE ever grabbing his wrists! Maybe he should be the one called Magic Man...
  21. Its not a convoluted system. Its one that most accurately measures how a team does against multiple other teams. Just like in Track and Field and Gymnastics and other sports as well. In every other team sport an individual is capable of scoring the bulk of the teams sport. In a dual an indivudual is limited in scoring a maxium of 10% of the team's points.
  22. Brown was sitting out and Wilps pulled him back in because he was locking hands. Was Brown trying to intentionally get out and score? Yes. Did he intentionally drop to a knee to cause the locking hands call? No.
  23. Seedings and ranking and voting for AA are all different.
  24. 125 Beat 2 top 10 ranked wrestlers and had a 17-17 record. Not a gaping hole 149 17-8 record. Beat the 8th ranked wrestler in the country and qualified for nationals. Not a gaping hole. 157 9-13 flip 2 matches and hes .500. Not a gaping hole 184 Brooks. Nuff said 197 Kyle Conel.. injured.. returning 3rd place. Not a gaping hole. 285 Nevills 13-4 Not a gaping hole. I dont see a single Gaping hole.
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