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  1. Jon_Kozak

    What's it going to be flo?

    Their response to Gable and Fix could be that they're both still teenagers, full-time students, and not yet getting paid to compete. IDK that was the first thing I thought of...if it were seniors I think the story is different.
  2. Jon_Kozak

    Rule changes

    So yes and no... University Worlds is September 4-9 so that’s where we could be surprised by stuff. After that there’s the Medved and another rankings tournament in September. Followed by Junior worlds September 17-23. By the time seniors rolls around we should have an idea on how the new rule will be called...maybe. I’m not sure why the change was made, seems to open up a wide variety of interpretations and ambiguity.
  3. Jon_Kozak

    Rule changes

    The whole point is that the rule has changed and will begin to be enforced September 1st. Therefore, we don’t know how they will call the underhook step-out.
  4. Jon_Kozak

    Past Russian Nationals Results...

    So this is what I did with your info... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NImcKBCtXYITUVjq35uxACRaVRQ5VyE0RgslDK1FmKY/edit?usp=sharing I took the Russian National champs and compared them to their World finish. If they did not wrestle in worlds, I highlighted and listed their replacement and how they placed. Some quick takeaways: For every World/Olympics since 2008 Russia has... 27 Golds 10 Silvers 18 Bronze 19 No place They took home 55 medals out of 74 opportunities. 12 times did a Russian Champ not compete at Worlds. 10 of those times the replacement won a medal.
  5. Jon_Kozak

    Past Russian Nationals Results...

    Haha thanks!
  6. I've been looking for results from past Russian nationals and have only been able to find them from the past few years. Anyone have results for the past 10 or so?
  7. Jon_Kozak

    Russian nationals moved up

    http://russiawrestling.com/day-1-watch-russia-freestyle-wrestling-championships-2018/ Found this for stream for Russian nationals. Wrestling starts at 11am Moscow time so that’s 4:00am on the East coast.
  8. Jon_Kozak

    Grand Prix of Spain and Dogu

    Very real possibility. Green was spent after his match-Laying on the ground like he had nothing left. And J'den looked like he was in physical pain, almost like how people respond to getting the wind knocked out of him. J'den actually wrestled a really good match despite the loss. He got to legs multiple times was in control until the last 90 seconds but had an odd exchange on the edge. He tossed his opponent out of bounds but only received a caution and 1. Should have at least got 2 maybe even 4.
  9. Jon_Kozak

    Grand Prix of Spain and Dogu

    Dake's strength from the body lock/front head when his opponent is in on his legs is unreal. We saw it against Zahid and he scores a few times this way in the match against Hasanov. I just rewatched Dake and Hasanov and the first period he is very hesitant to attack the legs after he gets countered for exposure on his first double leg. Then in the second period he ups his attack rate, gets the lead and forces Hasanov to attack his legs. That's why I like Dake's chances moving forward against the rest of the world-they will have to wrestle the perfect match and he has the ability to score both of his offense and defense.
  10. Jon_Kozak

    Grand Prix of Spain and Dogu

    J'Dens match - http://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/VideoPlayer.jsp?TIM=1532775986421&twSessionId=fvrqdwjyqhyjjew&matchId=6786355132 Green's match - http://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/VideoPlayer.jsp?TIM=1532775986421&twSessionId=fvrqdwjyqhyjjew&matchId=6786340132 Dake's match - http://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/VideoPlayer.jsp?TIM=1532775986421&twSessionId=fvrqdwjyqhyjjew&matchId=6786352132 Gwiz match 1 - http://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/VideoPlayer.jsp?TIM=1532775986421&twSessionId=fvrqdwjyqhyjjew&matchId=6786363132 Gwiz match 2 - http://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/VideoPlayer.jsp?TIM=1532775986421&twSessionId=fvrqdwjyqhyjjew&matchId=6786948132
  11. Jon_Kozak

    Grand Prix of Spain and Dogu

    The losses of J'Den and Green were remarkably similar. Both controlled the majority of the match, didn't capitalize or didn't catch a break when they could have widened the gap. Then, shut down their offense with 2 minutes left and looked like they had nothing left in the tank. Disappointing but glad these types of matches are happening before Worlds. Nahshon is a different story. Looked like he got "out freestyled" but showed glimpses of incredible wrestling. If he gets a good draw at worlds and tightens up some of his freestyle deficiencies, he could medal. The world is tough though, and I put him and Logan as least likely to medal at worlds. Gwiz and Dake look great so far. With the way they're wrestling, I'd be surprised if they both do not wrestle for medals at Worlds. I'm especially impressed with Gwiz-he seems to have added significant size and is so effective in his leg attacks.
  12. Jon_Kozak

    Coon Vs Gwiz

    I would be thrilled, as a Michigan fan, if Coon wins this match-up. However, I think Gwiz is the perfect combination of size and athleticism to take out Coon. Also, not thrilled about the prospect of Coon wrestling a full Greco tournament the two days before Final X. Feel like his coaches need to step in and give him some good advice. I think Gwiz sweeps the series - by a takedown each match. What do y'all think?
  13. Jon_Kozak

    PDIII training situation

    I believe he is at the HWC and he’s attached under Titan Mercury. That’s at least what his registration says on FloArena
  14. Reports are that Gable Steveson will be wrestling seniors at the US Open. With all the hype, what will he place? Right now he’s ranked behind Gwiz, Bradley, Nelson, Rey, and Telford. Thinking all of these guys will give him trouble but especially Bradley and Rey. I’ll pick him to finish 3rd.
  15. Jon_Kozak

    USA vs Azerbaijan 4pm Ct

    Was only able to watch the final bout vs AZE this weekend so sorry if I missed it already covered. But what were the shoes Snyder was wearing? Did he have a logo taken off a pair of black ASICS because of his sponsorship with RUDIS? One of the first things I noticed...