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  1. Jon_Kozak

    Official Striking Wrestler at Fargo

    https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6280615-2019-usmc-cadet-and-junior-national-championships/videos?playing=6533267&limit=60 There's the link to the video. Hepner was on the wrong end of a few questionable calls...He started jawing at the ref before the end of the first and then again at the end of the match. He probably shouldn't have been spouting off but he didn't seem to be threatening in a way that deserved an open hand push/punch by the ref. Ref should at least be suspended if not banned completely...glad the situation wasn't worse than it could have been.
  2. Jon_Kozak

    Yasar Dogu Saturday results

    Yes...his defense and scrambling has always been world class but now his offense is on a whole new level. Maybe it’s a mentality thing too, but he’s looking incredible.
  3. Jon_Kozak

    Yianni at Yasar

    His lower body is put together well, and yes, his ability to pull opponents in when underneath on a shot is incredible.
  4. Jon_Kozak

    Zain will win arbitration

    What do you mean by Yianni winning two matches straight? Zain won the first match of Final X. If Yianni wins arbitration-it doesn’t mean he won match 2, just that correct process wasn’t followed by the officials. So, as I understand it, the match would be considered something similar to a “no-contest”, rather than a win for Yianni. And Yianni’s win at the Dogu has zero implications for the selection of the world team. Therefore, if Yianni wins the legal battle (which I don’t think will happen), it’s most likely he’ll start in an 0-1 hole. Zain will have to win 1 match to re-secure his spot, while Yianni will have to win 2 in a row.
  5. Someone’s not a fan of Rob Koll...
  6. Good point... I think that 9-0 deficit may be the best thing for Yianni. He seems to have a great mentality when approaching his “weaknesses”. I’ve heard him speak numerous times these past few months about increasing his ability to get to legs. Hopefully that match against Musukaev will bring the balance he needs so he doesn’t put himself in those holes.
  7. Jon_Kozak

    Zain not Learning

    I highly doubt this is Zain’s line of thinking. Also Zain beat JO in 2 straight matches so I’m not sure I can trust your logic.
  8. Yeah I think 10:30am eastern time
  9. After the 4, Zain came up limping/looking very weak on right knee
  10. I think he was questioning the 2 they gave after the 4 was scored.
  11. Understand what you mean but Yianni and Logan are very different wrestlers. Yianni is still developing his offense and is more dynamic defensively so I don’t see it being a trend for him.
  12. Yianni's next opponent is a former Russian now wrestling for Hungary. Was a 2013 jr. world silver medalist and also took silver at Russian Nationals is 2018. Should be a good one.
  13. Jon_Kozak

    Russian Nationals

    All of the Euro champs were released from Russian Nationals - Sidakov, Kurugliev, Khizriev, and Sadulaev. At these weights, I've heard they'll send both the Russian National champs and the four listed to the Poland Tournament and the spot will be decided there.
  14. This is definitely a bad look for Dake-especially after his complaining over the advantages JB got. I wouldn’t go as far to say he’s cheating-he’s a returning, injured world champ (heard he tore his acl?). He is, however gaming the system designed to protect him-would you do the same?
  15. The system is set up to favor guys who have already proven to be the best in the world. Dake was on the wrong side of that system for years and complained about it being unfair. Now he’s taking advantage of being a defending world champion and the advantages that come with that.