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  1. A month before Mohammadian wrestled Snyder, Sharifov beat Mohammadian 4-3 at the 2019 Grand Prix of Moscow. I'm not discounting what he did to Snyder, but we've seen so little from him. I have hard time placing confidence in him with such a small sample size and especially after he lost to Shabani twice (who Snyder has wins over). That said, I'm glad we get to see Mohammadian this weekend!
  2. https://www.bul-wrestling.org/новини/8186-четири-медала-за-борците-ни-в-първия-ден-на-дан-колов-никола-петров“ There's the link where you can find first day results. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJiDc36vZMzAy1IcHpPyXwg And there's the youtube channel that is streaming the tournament live
  3. Yeah good summary. The big one you missed was 2010 World champ, Michail Ganev. J’den beat him for bronze at the 2017 world championships. J’den also has a win over world medalist. Jaime Espinal. So he’s got 4 wins over Karimi, 3 over Salas, 2 over Dake and Taylor, and 1 over the rest you mentioned
  4. The USA Wrestling procedures state if the rep for the weight is not able to compete, the spot goes to the wrestler in the 2nd spot. This continues down to the 4th guy on the ladder.
  5. I have 1 ticket available for anyone who’s still looking. $200 for all sessions - send me a message here if you’re interested :)
  6. I have no idea...it really depends on how they count the "exhibition" matches that have been taking place. Gross and Sanders both beat Gilman and Gilman beat Fix the last time Fix wrestled. Spencer hasn't wrestled Gross, Suriano, Gilman, Colon or Fix in freestyle. Any seeding they try to pull off might be as close as the OTT will get to a random draw.
  7. Just JB and Snyder get a bye to the finals. Dake and J'den will be in the bottom side semis of their brackets after being a world medalist at a non-Olympic weight in 2019. Taylor will be the #1 seed but does not receive a bye because he didn't participate in 2019 Worlds. Gwiz receives an automatic #1 seed after qualifying the weight for the Olympics and being the 2019 rep.
  8. Yeah, I found the comment you posted a couple years back but all the links are broken now
  9. I don't but that's a great question. There were wikipedia pages a while back but the links to those aren't working now...I'll continue looking.
  10. Do you have past brackets Radik...maybe back to 2008?!? I know you posted them years ago but I could not find them...
  11. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OiDJEAM5CyaV9lwnZKOKC_aIED3XJlsZPmCFjVX37FE/edit?usp=sharing Here's the link to my spreadsheet so you can look at the complete stats for yourself...have fun :)
  12. Yeah Shiraev was previously ranked top 10 but he competed at 70kg at Russian Nationals back in October. So, he was removed from the rankings then but will go back in next set (that'll come out sometime next week following the Euro OG Qualifier). We definitely don't have the depth of Russia at any of our weights when it comes to 4 or 5 guys down the line. But after you get past the light weights (57, 61, 65, 70), I think all of USA's back-ups medal at World/Olympics.
  13. The processes are more similar than different. Historically (from 2008), most Russian National winners represent Russia at World/Olympics - 78/94. The only time it's different is when there is a returning world/olympic champion at the weight. Very similar to how returning US Champs/medalists sit out to Final X. But Russia only gives preference to champs, we give it to medalists too. What's surprising is sometimes they still make World/Olympic Champs compete at their national tournament. The main difference is Russia doesn't explicitly outline their process like the US does and only make exceptions for World/Olympic Champs...sometimes.
  14. These are mine/Flo's international rankings. So Naifonov was ranked #5 in the world and Kurugliev #4 going into Russian Nationals. Kurugliev won the October 2020 version of Rus Nats so that's why he was ahead going into this tournament.
  15. Got ya-yeah Russia likes to leave themselves some room by not having a strict "Olympic Trials". With their depth, it's wise to use multiple avenues (Nationals, Continentals, past Worlds performance) to evaluate their top 2-3 guys. I'd say Uguev, Rashidov, Sidakov, and Sadulaev are as close to locks as can get. They've already proven themselves at the world level and just won Russian Nationals. It would go against what they've done in the past if they send someone else at those weights...even if they took a loss at Euros. 86 and 125 are different. If Naifonov goes to Euros and wins, he'll be the guy. If he loses, they might open up another wrestle-off with Kurugliev. Seems like they're favoring Sharipov at 125 and with him winning the World Cup, he has put himself in the driver's seat. If he qualifies the weight this weekend, which he should, he will probably be the guy in Tokyo.
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