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  1. Yeah Japan's depth is insane...I think this team is a mix of their 2's and 3's. It's also a very young team, only 1 has wrestled at sr worlds in the past - the 72kg rep (she took world bronze in 2019). 8 of the other 9 reps are all age level world champions. USA could have 4 head to heads with Japan today - Sarah's finals opponent and all but Kylie have Japan on the same side of the bracket.
  2. Scoring is 25, 20, 15, 15, 10, 10, 8, 6, 4 2 And yes, I'm locking in minimum points as they're earned FloArena also has team scores that auto-generate as they are earned throughout the tournament.
  3. Right-Tsabolov is who beat Sidakov at 2020 Russian Nationals. Then Zhamalov beat Tsabolov in the finals. Zhamalov then went on to win the World Cup over Frank Chamizo in December of 2020. Then at 2021 Russian Nationals, Sidakov beat Zhamaolov in the finals of Russian Nationals. Russia sent Zhamalov to 2021 Euros. That's where Zhamalov injured his shoulder and he lost to Salkazanov and Chamizo.
  4. Zhamalov (Russias #2 at 74) had surgery on his shoulder after Euros-in May. Gadzhimagomedov has been competing at 86 for the past year and a half. Took bronze at 2021 Rus Nats. David Baev is probably number 3 or 4 at 70kg but the margins are slim. Kasumov won Rus Nats in March but Baev was trying to make the Olympics at 65kg. Cherman Valiev beat Baev in the finals of 2020 Rus Nats (October 2020). Also, Shiraev beat Baev at the Yarygin in May.
  5. Kurugliev looks so much more equipped when he wrestles them, but a lesser JB/Dake situation if you can't beat your countryman Naifonov leads the series 4-2. All of their matches have been decided by a point or criteria. They've never scored more than 5 points collectively in their matches either. And I agree that Kurugliev is a tougher match-up for David Taylor. Naifonov is 5 years younger tho (24 compared to 29) so Russia might view Naifonov as their future.
  6. No - I haven't done anything on 125 yet. Only 61, 70, 79, and 92
  7. I guess it's bad news if you want to see the best wrestlers in attendance. I meant it's good news for Team USA women. With Japan's best not there, our chances of coming away with the team title are much better. Sorry for confusion.
  8. Sounds like the Russian team won't be officially announced until after September 20th. They are in camp now and will decide based on performance of wrestlers there. If Sadulaev, Sidakov, and Uguev want to go, they will have the spot. Tedeev said it's up to the individual Olympians. Kadimagomedov has said twice on his instagram that he's planning on competing at worlds so that's why I have him as a yes.
  9. Honestly, the information is really hard to find and it's pretty time consuming...and that's with Men's Freestyle being my expertise. As we get closer to worlds I expect more info to come out and I'll attempt to compile a tracker for the other styles. The good news for women's freestyle tho is none of Japan's Olympians will be at worlds - men, women and greco included. Japan is sending a team but it's their 2nd or 3rd best at each weight.
  10. Hey great minds think alike...I've been tracking all the Tokyo Olympians and if they're attending worlds. I've subbed in the replacement for those who won't be in attendance. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/7131568-tokyo-olympians-to-2021-worlds-tracker
  11. Yeah there's only 4 ranking events that go into seeding for Worlds - Matteo Pellicone, Continentals, Olympics, and Poland Open. Winning the continental tournament gets you more points than Pellicone or Poland. And not many competitors went to those ranking series events...the brackets at 61 were especially small. The 1 seed, Adlan Askarov, is the only wrestler to go to all three available events. The 2 seed, Turobov, went to Asians and Pellicone. The 3 seed, Abasgadzhi Magomedov, only competed at Euros, where he won. This link explains how points are awarded at each event - https://uww.org/sites/default/files/2019-10/uww_series_competition_rules_0.pdf
  12. Would love to see Keegan at 70kg but he's not registered yet. What makes it more interesting is Brock Mauller and Jarrett Jacques are both registered at 70kg.
  13. Yui Susaki went: Jr World Gold - September 2018 Sr World Gold - October 2018 Jr World Gold - August 2019
  14. Did you see this article? It is exactly what you referenced as what we need more of - a breakdown of junior's medaling and what type of NCAA success they've had. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/7131466-junior-worlds-ncaa-stars If you enjoy the in-depth stuff, I also did a breakdown of how all of the Olympians fared at junior worlds on the men's freestyle side: https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/7132189-tokyo-olympians-cut-their-teeth-at-junior-worlds
  15. Hey fair enough, maybe you caught us at our worst. We can't do play by play but only talk about the matchups and results.
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