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  1. Also looking for 2 all session tickets. 586-214-9387
  2. Jon_Kozak

    Wisconsin going forward

    Yeah I’d wait to see where they finish this year and next before including them in the conversation. I love the energy and attention Bono and company have brought to the program and it seems like Wisconsin is wrestling with some intensity. However, there’s a chance they could finish outside the top 20 this year. Also, they haven’t landed any big name recruits in the class of 19 or 20. They’ve got like 3-4 quality guys coming in next year but no one that really blows you away. Love that they’re moving in the right direction but it might take them some years to crack the top 10 definitely top 5.
  3. Jon_Kozak

    UM v PSU

    Re-watch the matches and tell me how my reasoning was wrong. Also, I was exactly referring to Massa and Amine against Hall and Joseph. If I were extrapolating what they did in that match and using that as evidence to say they won't all-american this year, then it would be unfair. I was specifically referring to their abilities against Hall and Joseph. Tell me where I was wrong if my reasoning was wrong? To explain my points: Most of Massa's attacks were literally just shots from space...no set-ups. Which, as you stated, isn't going to work against an incredible defensive wrestler like Cenzo. If you watch Massa wrestle-that's kind of his style. Shoot from space in volume and wear his opponent out-that's not happening against Cenzo. He also seemed uncomfortable in the hand fight against Joseph. He wasn't close to a takedown and if he continues that style, I don't see him winning against Cenzo. Also, he got caught underneath way too much and I could see Massa getting taken down more than once if that scenario continues to play out. And Amine-I believe only took 3-4 shots the whole match. He got in on the first one and then wasn't really close to scoring the rest of the way. Ultimately, Amine's attack is how Hall scored with 30 seconds left. As the match went on it became more clear that Hall felt very "in control". So you tell me, how is that reasoning off? It's not personal, as you seemed to have implied, but given the 7-8 matches we've seen, I just don't see Massa and Amine's offensive ability as being able to overpower Joseph and Hall. As a Michigan fan, I hope I'm wrong.
  4. Jon_Kozak

    UM v PSU

    Man those last two matches gotta suck the life outta Michigan. Massa had no setups and Amine only had that opening shot where he was close to finishing. I have a hard time seeing Amine or Massa ever winning against Hall and Cenzo.
  5. Jon_Kozak

    UM v PSU

    Might sound odd but I wasn’t impressed with Michigan at all in their win over Ohio St. Only guys who looked good in that dual were Micic and Parris. Pantaleo, Massa, and Myles Amine all struggled to put up points while Storr got absolutely worked. Just seeing that, it’s so hard for me to imagine one of those guys getting a win. I hope I’m wrong cus I’m a big U of M fan but I think PSU wins 7 of 10 tonight.
  6. Jon_Kozak

    Nobody cares about Eierman vs Yianni?

    I'd be happy to pay $150/year if that allowed me to view all of their live streams and content. The PPV model is a hindrance to me-especially at $20 an event like the South Beach duals. When considering value, you get way more for less with flo. I think track is missing where culture is...Netflix would be non-existent if they made you pay $1 to watch a show at a time.
  7. Jon_Kozak

    Let's Scuffle (brackets out)

    I'm clearly a Michigan fan and 157 is the weakest weight of the tourney when Paul fox (ranked 13) is the 2 seed. Also Jason Nolf is incredible.
  8. Jon_Kozak

    Let's Scuffle (brackets out)

    Some good early, potential match-ups...let me know what I missed. 125 Teske-Laney in round of 16. If Teske gets by Laney, he should have a clear path to Pich in the semis Teasdale-Mackall round of 16 and then Teasdale-Townsell in the quarters 141 Woods-Brock in the quarters. Winner of that should get a tough Gil from Navy 149 Berge-Prince in the quarters. Verkleeren-Gfeller in the quarters 157 Nolf next topic 165-both on the bottom side so winners see each other Finesilver-Rogers in the quarters Marstellar-Manville in the quarters 174 Joe Smith-T. Hidlay in the quarters. Winner gets McFadden in the semis 285 Haines-White in the quarters. Winner gets Nevills 133, 184, and 197 seem pretty dull to me but I'm most interested to see how RBY, A. Gomez, Jacobe Smith, and Geer do at their respective weights.
  9. Jon_Kozak

    What's it going to be flo?

    Their response to Gable and Fix could be that they're both still teenagers, full-time students, and not yet getting paid to compete. IDK that was the first thing I thought of...if it were seniors I think the story is different.
  10. Jon_Kozak

    Rule changes

    So yes and no... University Worlds is September 4-9 so that’s where we could be surprised by stuff. After that there’s the Medved and another rankings tournament in September. Followed by Junior worlds September 17-23. By the time seniors rolls around we should have an idea on how the new rule will be called...maybe. I’m not sure why the change was made, seems to open up a wide variety of interpretations and ambiguity.
  11. Jon_Kozak

    Rule changes

    The whole point is that the rule has changed and will begin to be enforced September 1st. Therefore, we don’t know how they will call the underhook step-out.
  12. Jon_Kozak

    Past Russian Nationals Results...

    So this is what I did with your info... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NImcKBCtXYITUVjq35uxACRaVRQ5VyE0RgslDK1FmKY/edit?usp=sharing I took the Russian National champs and compared them to their World finish. If they did not wrestle in worlds, I highlighted and listed their replacement and how they placed. Some quick takeaways: For every World/Olympics since 2008 Russia has... 27 Golds 10 Silvers 18 Bronze 19 No place They took home 55 medals out of 74 opportunities. 12 times did a Russian Champ not compete at Worlds. 10 of those times the replacement won a medal.
  13. Jon_Kozak

    Past Russian Nationals Results...

    Haha thanks!
  14. I've been looking for results from past Russian nationals and have only been able to find them from the past few years. Anyone have results for the past 10 or so?
  15. Jon_Kozak

    Russian nationals moved up

    http://russiawrestling.com/day-1-watch-russia-freestyle-wrestling-championships-2018/ Found this for stream for Russian nationals. Wrestling starts at 11am Moscow time so that’s 4:00am on the East coast.