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  1. Yeah good thought-at this point we (and JB) might be too far out to really know what his plans are specifically at the PRTC. We’re still 15 months from then and a lot of what he chooses to do might depend on how the Olympics go.
  2. Olympics are in July-August...saying he’s going to start at PRTC in fall implies he’s planning on continuing to compete after Olympics. At least that’s my reasoning.
  3. About a month ago he tweeted that he heard JB might be headed to PRTC. No details after that but also no one ripped him for it.
  4. Burroughs just posted this blog posted detailing his move next year. Will continue to train at Nebraska until Fall of 2021. Sounds like he'll continue to compete after 2021 too. https://www.jordanburroughs.com/blog/one-last-ride-then-im-headed-home Nothing but class-praises Nebraska, Manning and Snyder.
  5. Here’s what needs to happen for 2020 worlds to take place: At least 70% of countries that participated in 2019 agree to participate in 2020 8 of the top 10 countries from 2019 worlds send teams It’s also worth noting that the arena in Belgrade where worlds would take place is reportedly still being used as a COVID hospital. This is according to Vinesh Phogats (India) trainer. I’d bet 2020 worlds doesn’t happen
  6. Correct-Zahid won the Pellicone beating Ringer 7-5 in the finals. Then shortly after he was released from ASU for testing positive for a recreational drug.
  7. Makhov is currently under investigation. I believe the positive test was from the Matteo Pellicone in January
  8. No doubt it does, especially when so many are testing positive. I actually like double bronze now. But I can't stand repechage...I'd love for a full wrestleback consolation bracket.
  9. Not sure...currently all I've seen is that both Ghasemi and Makhov have been moved up to Gold. Tervel and Daulet Shabanbay (KAZ) are both bronze medalists. So I'd imagine they would just keep them both at bronze rather than just move or both up to silver.
  10. Sounds like both Bilyal Makhov (RUS) & Komeil Ghasemi (IRI) will be awarded the Gold medal for the 2012 Olympics at 120kgs Former gold and silver medalists, Artur Taymazov(UZB) & Davit Modzmanashvili(GEO), have tested positive for PEDs and their medals have been stripped. Interestingly enough, Makhov is currently under investigation for PEDs...last I saw he said they were his wife's and he got them mixed up with his supplements haha.
  11. Thought you all would appreciate the site I just put together as a resource for following mens freestyle wrestling closer. I have populated the site with the top 20 wrestlers (as I've ranked them) at each Olympic weight. Each wrestler's page lists every match result they've had since 2018. My goal is to add the non-Olympic weights by next year and about 10 extra wrestlers/weight. So they'll be around 300 wrestlers records on the site when it's up and running. As you know, many international results can be obscure, so these results aren't comprehensive for every wrestler but pretty darn close. The site is freestylewrestling.org/ Also, this is purely a hobby site-I'm not a developer but I do love wrestling a whole lot! Hope you all enjoy and feel free to give me any feedback on how to make it better.
  12. Bo's results in Freestyle are so limited and even his U23 Gold at 92 does not hold anywhere near the weight that Taylor's 2018 run does. The Russian that Bo beat in the finals is solid but wouldn't even be top 5 at 86 for Russia. Bo over DT would be a huge upset-one that I wouldn't pick, especially in a 2 out of 3 match.
  13. YBR is still actively competing-mostly at 61. Ortega and YBR wrestled a few months back in the German league and Ortega won 8-4. They both weighed in at 59.9 kg according to the leagues website.
  14. FWIW Gilman lost to Ortega from Cuba at 2018 Pan Ams (7-4), while Fix beat Ortega at 2019 Pan Ams (4-1)...They are seeding this event so it shouldn't matter but Ortega should be the only competition here. For those who don't know, the top 2 guys at the Pan Am qualifier earn the Olympic qualifying spot for their country. That's why it's important for the 2 best guys to be on opposite sides of the bracket.
  15. Metcalf made a total of 4 world teams-2010, 2013, 2014, 2015. He went 0-1 in 2010 and 2013. He went 1-1 in 2014 and 2-1 in 2015. Total record 3-4 :)
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