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  1. Finesilver's wins over the two Azeris are good not great wins. Meaning they have never medaled at Sr Worlds or Euros but have some impressive wins on their resumes. Azimov has a win over James Green and Franklin Maren (CUB) back at the 2018 World Cup. Omarov's best win is over Israil Kasumov (RUS). Kasumov, for reference, won the 2020 Yarygin at 70kg and has placed at Russian Nationals and Euros in the past. Those wins are outliers tho for those guys rather than the norm.
  2. Yeah this is Erik Dzhioev-he took bronze at 2020 Russian Nationals. Sadulaev beat him there 15-2.
  3. Yes-he’s qualified already. Here’s a complete list of those qualified at 125: Nick Gwiazdowski, Gable Steveson, Mason Parris, Dom Bradley, Tony Nelson, Daniel Kerkvliet, Nick Nevills, and Garrett Ryan 2021 NCAA Champ will qualify and 2 from Last Chance.
  4. Not a wrestle off but a practice match. The spot for Tokyo will almost certainly be decided at 2021 Russian Nationals. If it’s still unclear after Russian Nationals, then there will be a wrestle off.
  5. Yes it's plus 3 kilos so that makes the weights 132.3 149.9 169.8 196.2 220.5 282.2
  6. Yeah good question...the problem with Kollin is he hasn't had any relevant international wins since 2018. Do I think he could beat guys in the top 20, absolutely. He does have a win over Ovsiannikov from 2 years ago but Ovsiannikov has some better performances and has beaten guys on the international scene since then. As far as the top 5-10 on the site...if you click the links to flo, you can view the complete top 20 there. We're almost finished with the upgrade to the new site so you'll be able to search for any men's freestyle wrestler and see all their results since 2018. At the moment we have 14,000 results with about 4,000 video links. When all's complete we'll probably have closer to 20K total matches. Expect that to be out around the first of the year.
  7. He didn’t report his whereabouts 3 times within 12 months
  8. He's ineligible through June 7, 2021. Olympic Trials are in April 2021 so even though he'll be eligible to compete by the time the Olympics roll around, he's obviously ineligible to qualify.
  9. I’m working on expanding the site now to include all results for men’s freestyle. So the database will include every match result across all weights from every international tournament. Because this is such a huge project, I’m reaching out for help. If anyone is willing, entering the data is very simple but time consuming. It takes about 1-2 hours per tournament. Let me know if you’re willing to help and I’ll guide you through our data entry process.
  10. This doesn’t directly answer your question but I did this research a couple months ago and found it interesting. The USSR had some talent! It’d be a whole separate project to go through each medalist and find his specific ethnicity.
  11. That's not in my plans right now...maybe in the future. Currently I'm working on expanding the database with help from a web developer/software engineer. We'll have all match results from all of the international tournaments. So rather than just a database for the top 20, it'll be for every men's freestyle wrestler (beginning in 2018). After that, I'll expand rankings to non-olympic weights. And I am factoring in the Pro-events...Massa stays outside of the top 20, but man he's really close to top 20... Bekzod drops a few spots but stays in because of his overall resume.
  12. Yeah I'll have them out by the end of the week. There's some major shake-ups from Russian Nationals that will be fun to sort out
  13. Gadzhi looked like a decent sized 86...maybe a little small but definitely too big for 74. In the quarters he lost to Arsen-Ali Musaliev in a very close 4-1 match. If I'm remembering that match correctly, Gadzhi was winning 1-1 and gave up a late step-out to go down 2-1. He ended up going for a head pinch at the end and failed, giving up another 2. Musalaliev would go on to take bronze at 86. Also, I know I posted this in another thread, but here's a link to complete bracket results for every weight.
  14. Good questions... Floarena and track wrestling will have live results. Typically the streaming service streaming the event will also post live results. Flo and track both allow you to access those live results for free. Twitter is where a lot of wrestling media, coaches, and wrestlers interact. If you have a certain program you follow or if you’re really into freestyle, there are Twitter accounts that will keep you up to date on the latest and most important info. As far as Flo, Track, and other streaming services, I think they’re all worth it. Each has their own focus and are relatively inexpensive. I’d be happy to answer any other questions you have.
  15. Here’s a link to all the brackets from Russian Nationals. I translated them all into English and updated the scores for each match.
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