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  1. Happy to share the info! And yeah, I put this together because I had always heard Russia had their own process. So, I wanted to see what the actual outcome of their "process" is. It's really not much different than USA's with a bye to the finals given to returning world medalists.
  2. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NImcKBCtXYITUVjq35uxACRaVRQ5VyE0RgslDK1FmKY/edit?usp=sharing There's a link to a spreadsheet I put together a while back. It has all of the Russian, USA, and Iranian World and Olympic team members and how they placed at Worlds/Olympics since 2008. The first page shows Russia's information and whether or not the representative won Russian Nationals. On the years a different rep was sent, it is highlighted and shows the rep sent, along with their finish. Out of 94 total World/Olympic team members, they sent a different rep from the Russian Nationals Champ 17 times. 14 of those who took the place of Russian National winners won medals (6 golds, 3 silvers, 5 bronze). I don't have any contextual information concerning why a different rep was sent but at least this is a starting place for you.
  3. Here's a breakdown of the top Russians competing on Day 2 Top Russians at 65KG Soslan Ramonov - Gold at 2019 Alans, 2016 Olympic Champ, 2015 World Bronze, 2014 World Champ 2018-19 Notable Wins - Aliev (AZE), Bajrang (IND), Mutalimov (RUS), Shiraev (RUS), Kaya (TUR), Magomed Irdrisov - 2019 World Silver, 2019 Poland Open Gold, 2019 Russian Nationals Gold, 2019 Sassari Silver, 2019 Aliev Silver, 2019 Yarygin Gold 2018-19 Notable Wins - Ehsanpour (IRI), Abbos Rakhmonov (UZB), Tumenbileg (MGL), Ferzaliev (RUS), Z. Abakarov (RUS), Ferzaliev (RUS), Zholdoshbekov (KGZ), Musukaev (HUN), Alexander Bogomoev (RUS) Nachyn Kuular - 2019 Russian Nationals Silver, 2019 European Championships Bronze, 2019 Yarygin Silver, 2018 Alans Bronze, 2018 Russian Nationals Bronze 2018-19 Notable Wins - Khinchegashvili (GEO), Dudaev (RUS), Saidulaev (RUS), Gergenov (RUS), Rassadin (RUS), Stieber (USA) Akhmed Chakaev - 2019 Euro Games Bronze, 2019 Yariguin Champ, 2018 World Bronze 2018-19 Notable Wins - Rashidov (RUS), Tobier (CUB), Oliver (USA), Khinchegashvili (GEO), Kuular (RUS), Kilicsallayan (TUR) Murshid Mutalimov - 2019 Russian Nationals Bronze 2018-19 Notable Wins - Magomed Gadzhiev (POL), Tobier (CUB), Goygereev (RUS), Gogaev (RUS), Kasumov (RUS), Yeerlanbieke (CHN) Kurban Shiraev - 2019 Alans Silver, 2019 Semenov Bronze, 2019 Junior World Silver, 2019 Aliev Bronze, 2018 Alans Silver, 2018-19 Notable Wins - Mutalimov (RUS), Kuular (RUS), Yazdanicherati (IRI), Dudaev (RUS), Rassadin (RUS) Top Russians at 79kg Akhmed Gadzhimagomedov - 2019 European Silver, 2019 Yarygin Gold, 2018 World Silver, 2018 Russian Nationals Gold, 2018 Euro Gold, 2018 Yarygin Gold 2018-19 Notable wins - Dake (USA), Suyunchev (RUS), Dieringer (USA), Hasanov (AZE), Nabiev (RUS), Valiev (RUS), Aminov (RUS) Magomed Ramazanov - 2019 Kunayev Bronze, 2019 Medved Gold, 2019 Russian Nationals Bronze, 2019 Aliev Gold 2018-19 Notable Wins - Valiev (RUS, Hasanov (AZE), Kurbanov (UZB), Ktsoev (RUS), Artur Bichenov (RUS), Karimi (IRI) Gadzhi Nabiev - 2019 World Bronze, 2019 Poland Gold, 2019 Russian Nationals Gold, 2018 Alans Gold 2018-19 Notable Wins - Ghasemi (IRI), Kurbanov (UZB), Sanakoev (RUS), Yakhiev (RUS), Zaseev (RUS), Shapiev (UZB), Shabanau (BLR), Aminov (RUS), Magomed Murtazaliev (RUS) Atsamaz Sanakoev - 2019 Semenov Bronze, 2019 Intercontinental Gold, 2019 Russian Silver, 2019 Kolov Bronze, 2018 Alans Silver 2018-19 Notable Wins - Artur Bichenov (RUS), Zainidinov (RUS), Isaiah Martinez (USA), Valiev (RUS), Khalil Aminov (RUS), Ramazanov (RUS), Shapiev (UZB) - 10-1 Khalil Aminov - 2019 Alans Gold, 2019 Sassari Gold 2018-19 Notable Wins - Khubezhty (RUS), Sanakoev (RUS) R. Valiev (RUS), Mutalibov (RUS), Ramazanov (RUS), Zainidinov (RUS), Sanakoev (RUS), Valiev (RUS) Radik Valiev - 2019 Alans Bronze, 2019 U23 World Bronze, 2019 Buryatia Gold, 2019 U23 Euro Gold, 2019 Russian Nationals 5th 2018-19 Notable Wins - Sanakoev (RUS), Dmitrii Zainidinov, Abakarov (AZE), Shavaev (RUS), Kentchadze (GEO), Adam Khasiev (RUS), Ramazanov (RUS) - 3-2 Kakhaber Khubezhty - 2019 Alans Silver, 2019 Semenov Gold, 2019 Russian Nationals Bronze 2018-19 Notable Wins - Usmanov (RUS), Shavaev (RUS), Sanakoev (RUS), Zainidinov (RUS), Valiev (RUS), Aminov (RUS), Isaev (RUS), Ramazanov (RUS), Kenchadze (GEO), Grigoryan (ARM), Kurbanov (UZB), Geduev (RUS) Top Russians at 125 Pavel Krivtsov - 2019 Korkin Silver, 2019 Russian Nationals Bronze, 2019 Sassari Gold, 2019 Aliev Silver 2018-19 Notable Wins - Z. Khizriev (RUS), Rasuyev (RUS), Daniel Ligeti (HUN), Khugaev (RUS), Nurasulov (RUS), Goloev (RUS) Magomedgadzhi Nurasulov - 2019 Alans Bronze, 2019 Intercontinental Silver 2018-19 Notable Wins - Zelimkhan Khizriev (RUS), Sharipov (RUS), Alan Khugaev (RUS), Saipudin Magomedov (RUS), Khasanboy Rakhimov, Krivtsov (RUS), Krivtsov (RUS), Tebloev (RUS) B. Khugaev (RUS) Alan Khugaev - 2019 Intercontinental Bronze, 2019 Poland Bronze, 2019 Russian Nationals Gold, 2019 Aliev Bronze 2018-19 Notable Wins - Rasuev (RUS), Oleksandr Khotsianivskyi (UKR), Tebloev (RUS), Z. Khizriev (RUS), Deng (CHN) Zelimkhan Khizriev - 2019 Korkin Bronze, 2019 Russian Nationals Bronze 2018-19 Notable Wins - Gwiazdowski (USA) Hemida (USA), Tebloev (RUS) Taheri (IRI), Deng (CHN), Krivtsov (RUS) Said Gamidov - 2019 Russian Nationals Silver, 2019 Kolov Bronze, 2018 U23 World Gold 2018-19 Notable Wins Rasuyev (RUS), Krivtsov (RUS), Hemida (USA), Taheri (IRI), Boltukaev (RUS) Balden Tsyzhipov - 2019 Alans Silver, 2019 Semenov Bronze, 2019 Korkin Bronze, 2019 Mongolia Open Bronze 2018-19 Notable Wins - Sharipov (RUS), Boltin (KAZ), Nurasulov (RUS)
  4. Yes-was winning 6-4 I believe and then got laced 4 times...got a 4 at the end and they never gave him a step out so it really should have been 12-11 but it was all but over after the lace.
  5. Yeah really tough first two matches...Vito goes under the radar cus of all the other guys at 57 in the US but I believe he is a genuine threat to medal here.
  6. Thought some of y'all might like this-put together a list for the best Russians at each weight with their recent accomplishments and most notable wins from the past 2 years. Top Russians at 57kg Akhmed Idrisov-Bronze at 2019 Junior Worlds (lost to Vito Arujau). Since Jr Worlds: Won 2019 Alans and competed in German Pro League Notable wins from 2018-19- Erdenebat (MGL), Harutyunyan (ARM), Tuskaev (RUS), Mutaliev (RUS), Ortega (CUB), Edisherashvili (AZE) Azamat Tuskaev-Bronze at 2019 Alans, Bronze at 2019 Continental Cup Notable wins from 2018-19 - Khasalov (AZE), Badrudinov (RUS), Mutaliev, Sarlak (IRI), Davidovi (ITA), Gamzatov (RUS) Ramiz Gamzatov-Gold at 2019 Russian Nationals Notable wins from 2018-19 - Idrisov (RUS), Sadulaev (RUS), Edisherashvili (AZE), Ivanov (RUS), Damdinov (RUS), Aryan Tyutrin-Silver at 2019 Korkin, Gold at 2019 Poland Open, Silver at 2019 Buryatia Notable wins from 2018-19 - Nurislam Sanayev (KAZ), Ortega (CUB), Gamzatov (RUS), Sarlak (IRI), Joe Colon (USA) Donduk Ool - Gold at 2019 Buryatia, Silver at 2018 Alans, Silver at 2018 Russian Nationals Notable wins from 2018-19 - Sadulaev, Badrudinov Gamzatov (RUS), Tyutrin (RUS), Aleksandr Sabanov - Bronze at 2019 Alans, Bronze at 2019 Junior Euros Notable wins from 2018-19 - Gamzatov (RUS), Doduk-Ool (RUS) Top Russians at 61KG Abasgadzhi Magomedov - Bronze at 2019 Alans, Gold at 2019 Kadyrov, Bronze at 2019 Russian Nationals, Gold at 2019 Aliev. 2018-19 Notable Wins - Yowlys Bonne Rodriguez (CUB), Gvarzatilov (RUS), Rakhmonov (UZB), Harutyunyan (ARM), Erdenebat (MGL), Gilman (USA), Donduk-Ool (RUS), Ferzaliev (RUS) Alexsander Bogomoev - Gold at 2019 Kunayev, Gold at 2019 Korkin, Gold at 2019 Buryatia, 5th at 2019 Russian Natinoals, Gold at 2019 Mongolia Open 2018-19 Notable Wins - Abasgazhi Magomedov (RUS), Tumenbileg (MGL), Idrisov (RUS), Pavlov (RUS), Zelimkhan Abakarov (RUS) Tony Ramos (USA), Recep Topal (TUR) Ramazan Ferzaliev - Gold at 2019 Alans, Gold at 2019 Intercontinental, Silver at 2019 Russian Nationals 2018-19 Notable Wins - Abasgadzhi Magomedov(RUS), Shamil Omarov(RUS), Evan Henderson(USA) - 10-0, Bogomoev(RUS), Takhtarov(Rus), Lomtadze(GEO), Sabanov(RUS) Shamil Omarov - Bronze at 2019 Alans, Wrestled 70KG at Intercontinental in October!?!, Bronze at 2018 Semenov 2018-19 Notable Wins - Chymba (RUS), Magomed Magomedov (RUS), Molinaro (USA), Pavlov (RUS) Top Russians at 70KG David Baev - 2019 World Champ, 2019 Russian Nationals Gold, 2019 Aliev Silver, 5th at 2019 Yarygin 2018-19 Notable Wins - Gadzhiev (POL), Navruzov (UZB), Iakobishvili (GEO), Zhamalov (RUS), Zherbaev (RUS), Kasumov (RUS), Green (USA), Kurbanaliev (RUS), Hidlay (USA), Ramonov (RUS). Chermen Valiev - 2019 Alans Gold, 2019 U23 Silver, 2019 Russian Nationals Bronze, 2019 Buryatia Bronze, 2019 Aliev, Bronze 2018-19 Notable Wins - Kasumov (RUS), Bogatyrev (RUS), A. Magomedov (RUS), Zhamalov, Ramazanov (RUS), Baev (RUS), Gogaev (RUS) Evgenii Zherbaev - 2019 Kunayev Bronze, 2019 Korkin Gold, 2019 Russian Nationals Bronze, 2019 Buryatia Gold, 2019 Mongolia Open Silver 2018-19 Notable Wins - A. Magomedov (RUS), Navruzov (UZB), Kasumov (RUS), Valiev (RUS), Ramonov (RUS) Aznaur Tavaev - 2019 Kunayev Gold, 2019 Semenov Bronze, 2019 Intercontinental Gold, 2019 Sargsyan Gold, 2019 Aliev, Bronze 2018-19 Notable Wins - Zherbaev (RUS), Ramazanov (RUS), Molinaro (USA), Dudaev (RUS), Israil Kasumov - 2019 Semenov Gold, 2019 Russian Nationals 5th, 2019 Alans 5th 2018-19 Notable Wins - Kuramagomedov (HUN), K. Gadzhiyev (AZE), Gogaev (RUS), Ramonov (RUS), Arslanaliev (RUS), Abakarov (AZE)
  7. Mohammadian was a 2014 world bronze medalist. Apparently he had a failed drug test in 2016 and was banned 2 years... just started competing again in 2019. He lost to Sharifov (AZE-guy who beat Snyder at Worlds) - 4-3 at the Alrosa Cup late November early December In October he beat Baitsaev (RUS) and Hushtyn (BLR) to win the World Military Games. It will either be him or Karimi for the Olympic spot but Karimi just got injured so there is a great chance it's Mohammadians
  8. Mohammadian is obviously the truth...to give more context: He lost to Sharifov (AZE-guy who beat Snyder at Worlds) - 4-3 at the Alrosa Cup late November early December In October he beat Baitsaev (RUS) and Hushtyn (BLR) to win the World Military Games.
  9. His wife just gave birth to a baby girl yesterday-gotta be why he's not going.
  10. Appreciate your interest in the rankings...they are not UWW rankings but Flos. I helped contribute in putting them together. We still do not know where J'den is going to end up-I wrote that in the explanation for 86 along with highlighting the fact David Taylor will return to the rankings once he returns to competition. J'den is keeping his weigh a secret even from those he works out with...he actually said he won't weigh-in with people around but only on his scale at home!
  11. Interestingly enough, Burroughs actually had a better record and beat Chamizo twice head to head (I count the forfeit as a loss for Chamizo). Their records in 2019 were 23-2 and 18-3 respectively. J'den is tough because he was undefeated last year at 13-0-obviously not having as many matches. What's wild is he outscored his opponents 96-2 in those 13 matches.
  12. Don't disagree with where you have things on a high end----if Ohio State has everything go right, they could get to or above 100 points. The flip side of that is the variance in potential of half of their line-up. So a low estimate for the team would be around 50 points. That makes their range somewhere between 50-100. They could have a good NCAA Tournament and still only get to 75 points.
  13. Fun fact-Parris and Stencil have wrestled 3 times for a total of 3 minutes and 14 seconds.
  14. Great match-excited we get to watch those 2 for the next 4-5 years. For a 3-2 match, there was a good amount of action and scoring attempts. Kharchla is just a little better on his feet right now but they are close.
  15. Good point-I am surprised Gross is at the top instead of Zahid. As you pointed out, Zahid has a comparable bonus point history and better placement at NCAAs. However, I do think Gross will finish second in the hodge voting. His 2 years after his freshman year show he's a different guy than the 14 loss season. His bonus rate has been incredible, and he is an overwhelming favorite to win a title. It will be interesting to see if Zahid has the same bonus rate at 184 and if he wrestles a full season with the Olympics approaching. Not sure if Nomads taking that into consideration, but it may be difficult to give Zahid the hodge if he only wrestles around 15 matches and is focusing on Freestyle.
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