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  1. Yes it is. Same thing happened at NDSU, and they landed Blanc and will probably get another really good assistant now so maybe there's a silver lining for Missouri and they will come out of this in a better place than where they started. Hopefully so...
  2. Actually I had it wrong, Timmy McCall was added as volunteer assistant coach, so maybe they're still looking for another assistant to add to the staff. But who's going to run the RTC now?
  3. Looks like a coach was promoted from volunteer to assistant since Blanc's departure, but who will head-up the RTC program now??
  4. With Blanc leaving for NDSU, who will take over as head coach of the Wolfpack RTC, and who will fill his spot on the NC State coaching staff? Do any of the young RTC athletes follow him over to NDSU for a coaching opportunity? It looks like Kish cleaned house over there. Interesting stuff happening..
  5. Looking at their roster, there's no reason why at least one of the 3 returning senior NCAA qualifiers can't be an All-American, and they have some strong young guys coming up with good Freestyle/Greco backgrounds and Blanc should help big time with their overall development. Guys like Franek, Metz, Midkiff, Van Maanen, plus I noticed Luke Weber on the roster a late transfer from last season and he's pretty good too. Seems like a team ready for the next level, and I think Blanc wisely picked a place where he can make an impact and probably have a big influence on how the practice room is run. Good hire by Kish and NDSU. Best of luck!
  6. Hired as Head Assistant Coach.
  7. Is it confirmed that Garnett is out? His twitter account still represents that he's coaching at NDSU.
  8. The Missouri job is a good one. Interesting about NDSU...that's an attractive opportunity for a young coach... Looking at their lineup, they could realistically have 6 or 7 NCAA qualifiers next year.
  9. I see it's that time of the year with the usual coaching carousel and several programs have posted job openings for assistant coaches including Missouri, Cleveland State, Maryland, and North Dakota State. Wondering if anyone has insight as to who might be coming and going, or who's interviewing? It's always interesting to see the changes to the coaching staffs each summer.
  10. No worries, I guess I misunderstood your point. Either way, I hope De La Riva can AA this year. He's one of the only guys left from the SJS section here in CA doing good things at the D1 level. I hope to see his teammate Colunga in the mix this year as well.
  11. Incorrect...He only competed at 157 his redshirt year and his Freshman year was 165 the entire time. Also placed at Midlands that year. I checked wrestlestat to make sure I'm not off base, and it shows some of his notable top 20 wins his freshman year at 165 as: Cottrell Subjeck Fogarty Torres Romero Sebastian
  12. De La Riva to NDSU was officially announced yesterday. Not surprised, but disappointed he didn't stay in CA. I thought Fresno State would have been a great option. The kid has legit AA potential and he'll help NDSU right away. Not sure what happened last year, injuries, bad situation, etc. but his freshman year he was in top 15 and beat numerous top 20 guys including a guy that was #4 in the country at the time. Looking at NDSU, i noticed they had several guys perform well at the US Open including numerous qualifiers for the WTT at the junior level and 1 at the senior level. Looks like some good things are happening over there.
  13. I think Davis is probably pretty content with his long career at Wisconsin and he doesn't strike me as a guy that would be resentful about the kind of money someone else is making. After all, he was at Wisconsin for 25 years by choice and had every opportunity to negotiate himself a better package or go look for one at another University. IMO, I don't think money was ever the driving force with Davis. Do you think Bono would take less money if they guaranteed him a 25-year career at Wisconsin? Maybe. Maybe not. But an interesting question.
  14. You can add Connor Brown to Wisconsin.
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