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  1. I don't think anyone including me is saying headgear dont prevent injured ears. They do help. What I'm saying is it silly it's the only protective gear required by rule. A mouthguard would make more sense to me as a required protection because it helps in preventing head injuries. The practice room requirement for college was put in place about 10 years ago and I'd dare say no college coach follows this, me included. I'd be OK switching to the above head protection. And I'd actually make my guys wear it for head protection. And for the conspiracy theory guys yes Michigan Coach Cliff Keen invented the headgear and produced it. He may have even a say in the rules at the time as he was a very influential coach in his era. Again as a wrestler, parent of a wrestler, and veteran college coach make it optional. I have not talked to a fellow college coach who thinks they should be required. I hope this spring and summer the rule gets changed.
  2. Again I had them on correctly, they weren't deffective, and I'm not the only person this has happened to either. Your argument on properly wearing them is not rational, that would be saying everytime a headgear comes off, gets twisted, or moves around it must have been put on wrong or its deffective? Also I didn't say they didn't work. What I'm saying is it is dumb that that is the ONLY piece of protective equipment required by rule. If we are so worried about safety there are numerous pieces of equipment that could be worn. Let's start with a mouth piece. Why would there be pressure to not wear one? I see lots of kids wear one in Fargo. I don't think there is pressure either way.
  3. Hey Billy I didn't say out law it. Make it optional. I'm glad you figured out how to properly wear your headgear, congrats. Also I'm pretty sure after a decent college career (seeded at the D1 tournament), and coaching college for the past 19 years I think I know how to and did know how to put a head gear on properly. So that wasn't the issue. Make it optional! (not bragging believe me just making a point)
  4. Here is my take on headgear......it is the only form of protection required by rule. And it's for your ears? That's dumb. Look I've wrestled OR coached for 38 of my 42 years and when I get up in the morning believe me I don't think oh my ears! Yes my knee, my neck, my back, my shoulder and on and on. Headgear as a rule is ridiculous. There is no data that says it helps in concussion prevention. Back of the head, temple area, and chin. None of those three areas are protected by a headgear. If you want to say let's wear head protection to reduce concussions then I'm fine with that but let's get something that actually protects the head not the ears. I don't see more concussions when I spend a week in Fargo when wrestlers do not have to wear a headgear. NCAA and high school stop funding headgear manufacturers and let's make it optional. BTW my banged up ear was caused by my headgear not prevented by it.
  5. Here is my take....... Randall did the unthinkable, he threw Chris Owens under the bus multiple times in the last couple of years. He made the administration think Owens was the problem and that he, Randall, could fix things. And he couldn't, never would have been able too. He pushed Owens so far under the bus that the administration wanted nothing to do with him or anyone close to him. Owens fell on to many swords to count and covered for Randall for 20 years. Owens was passionate about BSU and Idaho wrestling, But when the guy a head of you road blocks everything you are trying to do its tough to keep making things work. Why was Boise successful for that 15 year run? Chris Owens! Randall was jealous he knew who made things work, he knew who everyone associated the program too. And so he started the downward spiral. Randall's insecurities started this run of poor performance. Heck he didn't even let Owens travel to many of the away matches.....that's how bad it got. He took the best coach on staff out of coaching roles. He took the best recruiter on staff out of recruiting roles. He slit his own throat. The mistake the administration made was not doing their jobs and really looking into things and seeing what was really going on. Had they done that Randall would have been let go, like he was once they knew a few things. And they would have promoted Owens to Head Coach. He was what was best for BSU and Idaho Wrestling. Mendoza from what i hear is a great guy and a good technical coach who could fund raise when he had a super bowl champ and ex world champion as an alumni. we will see if he can do it at Boise with out that. As far as recruiting goes.....maybe he gets some California kids to Boise. But it will be tough. School is so cheap there that kids don't venture out of state as much as other states. That was the block Boise had with recruiting kids from California. So time will tell. I don't think you will see as much as some on here think you will see. There might be a reason more Bakersfield people aren't on here saying how big of a loss loosing him was..... The Boise State train wasn't on the wrong track it just had the wrong engine leading the train.
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