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  1. FYI, Donald Trump's twitter is not a good tool for English learners.
  2. I thought the same thing about his ability to cook a full course meal after seeing how he puts away the dishes.
  3. I am thinking VakAttack can graduate his avatar to Gilman's always the bridesmaid and never the bride pic.
  4. They were too busy hyping the next big event for one of their new verticals.
  5. And if Metcalf wouldn't have botched Caldwell's landing in 2009 we could have possibly seen some cool celebrations these past 8 years.
  6. Well, waiting to get into the arena for the first session on Thursday was a bit of a culture shock. The demographics of the crowd looked similar to that of a Trump rally.
  7. My biggest beef with ANY wrestling broadcast is the commentary. That being I just don't like it. It does absolutely nothing for me. My hope is that ESPN, NBC Sports and other broadcasters provide us with a mute commentary option that still allows for the audio of the crowd and matside noises to be heard. This was an option for the Rio Olympics and I thought it was a great feature.
  8. Yeah, the talent in the PSU wrestling room and the coaching staff were never going to help him make it to the next level.
  9. I have a better idea... switch to freestyle.
  10. Apparently Jadidi got lost on his way to the St. Louis Comic Con.
  11. Yes I despise folkstyle, mostly for ruining our country's freestyle talent. I had some Southwest vouchers that were about to expire and figured why not go. Who knows 64 years from now you might see me standing up when the announcer asks who has been to 65 NCAA finals. I shouldn't be hard to find, the wrinkly dude wearing assless chaps.
  12. Sorry most white people look the same to me.
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