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  1. Danny Hodge. His grip strength was legendary.
  2. When I look at OSU & OU rosters and see more kids from Kansas than frim Okla. the only conclusion I can come to is that High Scholl wrestling in Okla. is way down
  3. Spates is a Rosselli advocate and believes Rosselli will continue to bring in good young talent who will develop into future All Americans within the next few seasons. So far his optimism has not caught on here in Norman especially after Sunday’s shellacking at GIA. And to top ot off, OU has not scheduled a home dual with OSU last season or this season. Seems ridiculous since that’s the only dual that brings in enough fans to actually qualify as a crowd
  4. I heard Jo Smith is having weight problems. He hasn't wrestled in several weeks that I know of. Anyone know for sure what's going on?
  5. As an Oklahoma State fan, I certainly am pulling for #35. But after watching PSU v Lehigh, I got to go with PSU barring injury. Bonus points from the PSU pinning machine could well make the difference.
  6. When I first watched Larson his freshman season, I thought he would grow into a very good HWT. After tonight I lost all hope.
  7. Rogers better learn to defend s single attack to his right leg or it could be a long season.
  8. Let the massacre begin!
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