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  1. WrestleNJ

    NCAA Session 2 Thread

    Seems like the guy didn't even want to be helped up. Bo is like "okay man, whatever." Lol.
  2. WrestleNJ

    Rasheed #2 seed was a joke from the start

    Just ironic. Ducks so Martin can't get a feel for him. And then loses to a 15 seed and doesn't even get to face him. Maybe a case of counting your chickens before they hatch... Or however that saying goes.
  3. WrestleNJ

    Nolf vs. Rutherford

    So many matchups I would have liked to see in that room. Nolf vs Retherford. Nickal vs Taylor. Ruth vs Taylor (folkstyle only... the one freestyle match they wrestled was so poorly officiated that I couldn't take anything from it, although it is noticeable that Ruth wasn't great at freestyle). Probably some others I can't think of off the top of my head.
  4. WrestleNJ

    Nolf = 'The Creator' with a GPA of 4.5 ?

    They also said Ashnault was the first NJ 4x State Champion, which is wrong. First undefeated 4x State Champion more like. But yeah I also heard the 4.5 and scoffed. As a Penn State alum I can confirm they, and no other reputable college/university, gives out weighed grades. 4.0 being an A is the highest GPA you can achieve (I didn't achieve that).
  5. WrestleNJ

    Myles Martin Interview

    Maybe not now.. but he's quite a bit younger than DT so who knows what happens in the future.
  6. WrestleNJ

    Flaws of Our Top Wrestlers

    Is Jordan Oliver one of our top wrestlers? The guy has never even made a world team. You don't have to be captain literal man. Any person that has a fair chance of making the team can be deemed on the list of our top wrestlers. I like how that's what you chose to contribute instead of posting any meaningful insight into technique, tendencies, etc.
  7. WrestleNJ

    Flaws of Our Top Wrestlers

    I didn't watch him at the Kolov, but I'm glad that's the case. And I don't think it has anything to do with body type. Most of our guys are a folkstyle product, so introducing par terre later in their development (and not truly emphasizing it until after college) would probably make most of them not as confident in that skillset against higher levels of competition. Obviously there are some notable exceptions such as Kyle Dake and Joe Colon, but that's just how I see it.
  8. This may come off as a bash topic, but it's really not. As I watch more and more wrestling at the world level, I get more curious about the finer details of the sport. In this topic I'd like to examine some of the tendencies of our wrestlers, and what the theme is in their losses. Hopefully people can chime in with more analysis of different wrestlers. I'll go first with two wrestlers: Kyle Snyder 2015 - Gold 2016 - Gold 2017 - Gold 2018 - Silver Obviously top notch. Something he lacks however is a good par terre offense. Relying on takedowns and good defense has worked for him so far, but wrestlers can score a quick bunch on him then sit on a lead. Making a comeback 2 points at a time is harder than if he could get 2 + 2 via a turn. If he had an explosive top game like Dake... well then he'd be Sadulaev. The only thing separating the two. Frank Molinaro Love the tank. Just a gritty, physical wrestler. But against highly technical foreign opposition he gets moved around. It looks like he is heavy with his posting and ties, and relies on his strength advantage. But against great technical wrestlers, they are able to misdirect this linear strength and use it to their advantage to create angles on shots. Also it seems he only has one shot (lefty high crotch) so when that gets shut down he doesn't have much offense.
  9. Well that probably answers where he's going. He doesn't know much else. I love Frank, but can't help feeling that this is a mistake. Who am I to say he is wrong to follow his dreams though.
  10. WrestleNJ

    Andy Hrovat

    Little thing that bothers me about Hrovat... He keeps pronouncing it Kyle Schneider instead of Kyle Snyder... Like nails on a chalkboard...
  11. WrestleNJ

    Andy Hrovat

    Hrovat is too low energy and monotone, forcing Shane Sparks to say things to try and fill the silence. Not a great pairing IMO.
  12. Kind of worried about Burroughs after watching his first match. Hopefully that was just a bad style matchup with the Iranian.
  13. WrestleNJ

    UWW steaming up and running.

    Can't believe I paid for this product.
  14. WrestleNJ

    Best of 3 Finals, who you got??

    Yikes. Molinaro not happy after that loss.