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  1. Part of what makes Cael so unique is that he retired from competition at his peak. 8 years later he competes on a whim and makes the World Team. Really without much opposition domestically. Makes you wonder how many medals he could have had if he didn't get into coaching right away. We'll be saying the same thing about Gable and his legacy down the road.
  2. Isn't it amazing Taylor is the only who can beat him . Man. What a rivalry even though it's been 1 sided It's been super close every time though. Even the match where Yazdani got pinned, he was in front early before gassing out. DT could definitely drop a close one to him.
  3. And some of you guys think we shouldn't be wasting our time wrestling Folkstyle!
  4. People usually get busted years later when the testing catches up with the PED technology. There will always be a lag period. Unless they're using old school PED's, which would be foolish.
  5. Forgive me if I'm just flat out wrong, but there were several instances in Tokyo that I thought points for a takedown could have been awarded, but the referee only gave 1 for a step out point. Is there a hard and fast rule concerning this, or is this something that can vary slightly from ref to ref? Curious to see what others think about this.
  6. He might go down as one of our best wrestlers to never compete on a World/Olympic team.
  7. Dake is such a complete wrestler. Very fun/scary to watch.
  8. As a PSU Alum, I'm rooting for DT here. Wrestling is his sole focus and he's had the goal of winning an Olympic Gold since he was a kid. Bo loves to wrestle, but it clearly isn't his main focus. I'm pretty sure he and Anthony Cassar want to venture into MMA. Against anyone else I'd be rooting for Bo.
  9. Bajrang's throw by against Ashnault was way cooler. Then he added the back roll for exposure. I think that entire sequence was awesome, and not something you'd see from our wrestlers. Most of his scoring was highlight reel worthy.
  10. JO might be the best wrestler to have absolutely zero credentials internationally. The guy is already 30 years old, so it's not like he has a lot of time left. Pantaleo did wrestle a great match though, so maybe we should give him more credit instead of thinking it was a tactical error on JO's part.
  11. Could be totally wrong but I thought I read a few years ago when Zain signed to NLWC he was making around 60k.
  12. I was referring more to away duals. You know what schools have a heavy scale. There's no "check" scale. You get off the bus and weigh in. And that scale could be heavier than the one you know in your home locker room.
  13. Not uncommon if you've wrestled before. You hear from your more experienced teammates which scales are "heavy." I guess this happens at this highest level too. This is not a Burroughs problem, and that narrative is bothering me. This is a scale calibration problem. Simple as that.
  14. I have no problem with the endless turns. There's a reason we don't see them a lot; they are very hard to pull off. On another note, seeing Graff's win had me tearing up. Had no idea how old he was. He puts so much passion and heart into what he does. Truly rooting for him come Worlds.
  15. You got me good. Do we have a timeframe when we can expect a response? I hope whatever they choose, that they are transparent with how the rules are interpreted.
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