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  1. Yikes. Molinaro not happy after that loss.
  2. Must they play the music in the background?
  3. Dake and Ringer are so close. Will be fun to watch them go best of three for the World Team spot.
  4. I would have given him 2. Very impressed with Perry in this match. Escaped from Retherford twice and matched his pace the entire bout. Definitely would have been a lot more interesting had he been awarded the takedown.
  5. Can't he just be a sore loser? Why bring mental illness into the equation unless you're certain he's been previously diagnosed.
  6. I take Desanto by heel hook in the second period.
  7. As those above me have mentioned, Imar's offense revolves around that underhook and being able to bully guys on the mat with it. Joseph was able to nullify that position entirely. Watch Imar's losses to Dake and Dieringer in freestyle too, he struggles when he faces guys that are just as strong as he is.
  8. His headgear/hairnet was driving me crazy. Almost as crazy as trying to read your post.
  9. Van Brill should have AAed. Gave up wrestling in the last 20 seconds and tried to stall his way to victory. Ironically that that's the exact way his teammate, Delvecchio, beat Desanto in the wrestlebacks to AA. Win some you lose some.
  10. Really proud of him and Tsirtsis.
  11. I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking this! Literally know nothing about either wrestler.
  12. Starting at 125 as long as it's a Coon Snyder rematch.
  13. Can Hidlay beat Nolf? Serious question. Looks really good out there. Been very impressed with everyone from NCST.
  14. Very unfortunate they couldn't take advantage of the Moore loss. I can't see Penn State winning this.
  15. I don't think Nickal really went into that match with too much respect for his opponent. That was a sloppy one. As for the bonus point machine that is Penn State, I'm really only looking at the murderer's row from last year (149-184). 149 - Can't really say he isn't doing his job. 157 - Obviously isn't 100%. Lack of bonus definitely hurts here. 165 - I'll agree with you 100% on this one. Wrestling very conservatively. 174 - Never been a bonus machine kind of guy. Dominates his matches, but still keeps things to a decision. 184 - Just covered this above. Had a match last night where he only needed 1 more TD to get bonus and could't get it. And then his match with Dean wasn't pretty. Overall, I see Penn State's chances slipping away from them. We'll get a clearer picture tonight.
  16. WrestleNJ


    125 - N/A 133 - 1-2. Expected 0-2, but this isn't far off. 141 - Disappointing first round loss. Can still AA though through the wrestlebacks. 149 - So boring, can't even watch his matches anymore. As expected though with bonus. 157 - Lack of bonus hurts. But we know he isn't 100%. If he wins it all I don't think anyone can really complain. 165 - I don't think he looks great, still, in the semis. If he wrestles the same way I think his next match can be trouble. And definitely can't see him beating IMar if he makes the finals 174 - As expected 184 - Could have used bonus in his last match, otherwise, as expected 197 - Nice Bonus so far. HWT - Almost got knocked off last night in his second match. Otherwise, its HWT, so, as expected.
  17. Kind of starting to dislike the challenge after every call. Ruins the pace and excitement of the match. I feel the same way watching the NFL.
  18. Tough weight cut you think? Looked dead out there. Have to give Wilson credit though. Was a beast on top.
  19. I haven't really been impressed with what I've seen from him so far. Wrestles a very sloppy style. Think the redshirt year would have polished him up a bit more. What was his pedigree coming out of high school?
  20. Refs have been slow to call pins today it seems. Kemerer just had Fox pinned for a good 10 seconds and the ref didn't call anything. Not the first time today I noticed that.
  21. Might be the fastest tech fall I've ever seen in my life.
  22. Accidentally posted this on the College Wrestling forum. Mods can you move this to the International Wrestling forum?
  23. Long time lurker, but have been following the sport for years now. Had some thoughts on our individual wrestling performances I wanted to share after watching the USA team compete in Rio. Daniel Dennis - 57 kg Olympic Notes - His match was over in the blink of an eye. Hard to really take anything from his Rio experience. Par Terre defense would be the obvious suggestion. But I’m not sure if that’s actually a weakness or if his opponent just had a nasty gut. I’ll go with a little of both. Pros - Top game. Cons - Age (Turning 30 next month). Lack of international experience after long layoff from sport. Frank Molinaro - 65 kg Olympic Notes - Just fell short of a bronze medal by losing to Frank Chamizo of Italy. I was yelling at Molinaro through my computer screen to move up and put the boots in to flatten the tripod, but he attempted a leg lace instead and wasn’t able to convert. Overall, had an excellent tournament, losing to two world beaters and showed the grit that got him there in the first place. Pros - Frank is a warrior on the mat. There’s a reason he has the nickname Gorilla Hulk. Has the will and determination you just can’t teach, despite the fact that he isn’t considered a blue chip wrestler. Constantly outwrestles his seed. Cons - Where do I start? Has no top game to speak of. Actually attempts what he did in folkstyle, which is some kind of bent-leg turk bow and arrow move to turn the hips combined with a cross face to turn the upper body. Can’t say I’ve ever seen him pull it off successfully in international competition, although it has gotten him bit a few times. Molinaro really only has one shot (left handed high crotch) and everyone knows this. Sometimes gets overly aggressive, which was very apparent when he wrestled Asgarov and kept getting pushed out of bounds. Has heavy hips if he is able to sprawl, but doesn’t defend single leg takedowns very well. Most competitors at this level defend with a whizzer combined with splits, limp leg, etc. but Frank tends to turn his back to his opponent while trying to kick his leg out and run away. His stance also seems a little herky jerky with a lot of wasted motion, but I’m just nitpicking at this point. With the amount of strength he has over his competition, I’m surprised he doesn’t try to go upper body more often. Jordan Burroughs - 74 kg Olympic Notes - Went 1-2 at the Olympics, much to the shock and disappointment of many. Geduev was able to stop his double leg by not reacting to the level change set ups and also by utilizing a very effective double underhook defense. It was obvious he had been training specifically for Burroughs. In Burroughs's repechage match he was constantly being shot and scored on from space, which typically is the other way around in a Burroughs match. I’d say that he was never mentally ready for the repechage match after losing to Geduev, but JB would never make this or any excuse for losing. Pros - Best double leg in the world. You are not funking out of this without giving up 4 (sorry Jesse Delgado). Has an excellent reshot double/single that he utilizes very well. Also has a nice leg lace transition from a takedown that he has successfully used against high level opponents. Cons - Wrestles a style based on his quickness and athleticism. At 28 years of age he can still wrestle well for the next cycle, if he has the desire to, but will be on the wrong side of 30 and may move a little slower than what we have seen previously. Has shown that opponents have the ability to score on him if he isn’t constantly pressing on offense. J’Den Cox - 86 kg Olympic Notes - Finished with a bronze medal after making his first Olympic/World team. Could have easily been in the finals against Sadulaev. Would have been a great match to watch. Has all the right tools to succeed internationally at the world level, just needs to get more matches under his belt to feel more comfortable with freestyle rules and match strategy. Pros - Raw talent and freak athleticism. Seriously, just watch his matches. I don’t think he gave up a single takedown in all his matches. Cons - Also wrestles a style based on his quickness and athleticism. At 21 years of age, this isn’t a problem. Needs to learn the intricacies of freestyle (criteria, when to challenge scoring, etc) and develop more of an understanding for match strategy. To be expected for someone who never traveled overseas before this summer. Kyle Snyder - 97 kg Olympic Notes - Had a good draw and wrestled his way to a gold medal. Avenged a previous loss in the finals. Kept solid position throughout, and demonstrated incredible poise after being down 4-0 early in his semifinal bout with his opponent playing defense and trying to sit on the lead. Pros - Kyle is very young, and barring injuries or other circumstances, can potentially wrestle until 2024 or 2028. Wrestles a style that grinds down opponents, which works to Kyle’s favor in tournaments with quick turnaround times. He has multiple takedown setups and is equally as good with his defense. All around solid wrestler in every position. Cons - No top game whatsoever. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him turn anyone, or even attempt to do so. Can be problematic since he will only be able to score 1 or 2 points at a time. Opponent may try to take advantage of this by sitting on leads and wrestling defensively. The only thing that separates him from being a truly elite wrestler. Tervel Dlagnev - 125 kg Olympic Notes - Lost his bronze medal bout. Was impressed he was actually able to defeat two opponents with his condition. His back problems flared up in his second match, leading to back to back 10-0 technical fall defeats. Probably not the best idea to go back out and wrestle knowing your back has seized up, but who injury defaults out of the Olympic Games? Pros - Incredibly consistent. Quick for a big man with the ability to convert low level takedowns. Cons - 30 years old, back injuries, and just accepted a coaching job at tOSU. The writing is on the wall. This will most likely be his last time wrestling on the senior level. Bring on the Gwiz! (Anyone but Zach Rey).
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