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  1. Now live from a freestyle tournament in Sweden. Much surprise at the decision to fight in the 74 kg category. All we ask what he ate .... Results live: http://www.liga-db.de/Turniere/VT/2015/SE/170226_Vaesteras/SWE9789824374beg.htm
  2. You right, it seems "news chasing the news" but maybe someone here close to UWW can give us more details as I had not ( it just was my intention).
  3. Days ago I met a UWW reef instructor and got news about wrestling rules: starting on 2017 UWW will change the existing regulation in both styles, freestyle and grecoroman. I still haven't more details, but as soon as I know some additional information I will share. I expected something for grecoroman, but changing also for freestyle is for me unexpected. Anyone has news about?
  4. Anyone of you american friends has more info about?
  5. Finally they revealed: October 22-28 2018 https://unitedworldwrestling.org/event/world-championships-33
  6. I guess will be during the week 15th-21st or 22nd-28th because the first 2 weeks of october will take place the Youth Olympics Games and usually UWW avoids the overlapping of events.
  7. The hungarian federation says the event will take place in the second half of October http://birkozoszov.hu/index.php?page=cikk&id=950 despite UWW makes it (nearly) clear that will happen in mid-December. Maybe qualifications in octobers and finals in decembers, much time to spend in Europe.....
  8. it is not necessary. just choke him. it works!
  9. just for everyone except seniores. Now also for seniores.
  10. Funeral??!!! Here we just need McGiver to get away of funeral
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