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  1. Only a guess: 1-rivera 2- picc 3- bresser 4- lee 5- mueller 6- glory 7- Russell 8-10- some combination of Vito, Fleetwood, and milhoff
  2. I have not read all 108 replies to this topic so if this was already mentioned then oh well. I think flo has done a tremendous amount for wrestling and I do think they do their best most of the time. It just shocks me that they get so defensive when people call them out when feeds don’t work. If they paid for a service and it didn’t work I gotta think they would be upset as well. Let’s be honest.... flo is running a business.... period! They are providing a service at cost.... when doing so, the service needs to work as people are purchasing that product. I do like Flo overall and for the most part they do a great job. One thing that does puzzle me however, I’m shocked that the higher ups at flo tolerate one of their guys taking to twitter and use the language he does... can’t see how that is professional or how it demonstrates what flo wants to be perceived as.....never a good idea to tweet after the alcohol gets flowing!
  3. It’s absolutely horrible!! It’s freakin wrestling!!! If you don’t like hands in your face then get the dang takedown!! It’s gonna decide the outcome of big matches!!
  4. Only ones opinion but he will finish his college career without a Ncaa title.
  5. With Teemer winning... if they start him I will be interested in seeing him against Jordan next weekend
  6. Any big wrestle offs left to pay attention to?
  7. I realize you can't always get 1 vs 2 but how far do you search for a match up before you just scratch that weight? Maybe top 10 guys?
  8. 41-Smith 49-muruca 57-padligo 65-shields If I had to bet with Teemer redshirt
  9. 5th is potentially as good as I think. Gotta get more out of 25,33,65, and hwy then last year for sure!
  10. This is 100% pure speculation with nothing to back it other then to say it's a guess.... just seems after reading his response that maybe he took something to the Administration over maybe something Dresser was doing and they of course sided with Dresser. Totally my opinion only!
  11. Just don't see that program turning around. Seems like there is always controversy.
  12. Just seems better sense forFix at 33 to me. Picc just ain't that big. But... I'm not at practices so I really don know just going on my personal thought!
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