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  1. For quite a long time, many of the top high school recruits have been a year or more older than many other high school seniors. This was not a practice exclusive to Brandon, in fact, I'd wager that during the last 10-15 years more Blue Chip recruits were "old seniors" than those who weren't. I do think that keeping kids back 1-2 years, while often providing significant benefits in high school, also increases the odds of them contracting HEW earlier. From what I can see, the nation's premier recruits...the Top 10 guys...have all wrestled year-round for many years before they enter the crucible of DI wrestling. That type of intensity and stress exacts a toll on many fine wrestlers who become mentally worn-out by the time they are 20 year old college freshman.
  2. David Craig seemed to be a lock for one or more NCAA titles, based on his high school results. I believe he was the #1 Recruit his senior year, and had won everything to be won at the national level. Not only did he win nationally, he dominated. He had incredible talent and untapped potential. But, he apparently did not like wrestling, much less love it. It was pretty evident that after his freshman year at Lehigh, he was simply going through the motions and couldn’t wait for it all to be done with. Wrestling is a tough sport, especially at the DI level, and even more so when there are high expectations attached to a kid. One has to wonder what he could have accomplished had he actually enjoyed and loved the sport? I hope he’s done well since college.
  3. “Unlimited” was used because there was no weight limit for heavies back then. I wish the NCAA would reinstate this, and let the big guys wrestle again.
  4. I never saw Tab Thacker wrestle. Was he skilled? How did he typically defeat his opponents...feet to back takedowns, using his weight advantage from the top position, etc?
  5. ^^^^ Love the Flying Dropkick he used!
  6. Heard this as a kid in the mid-60’s. Used to describe someone who was easy to beat. On a related note, to be called a fish was an insult, if you had actually wrestled a while. True Story: The summer before my senior year of high school, I lost to a kid in a local tournament. He was very big and strong, and he handled me. I was really never in the match. Fast forward a few months and we were to meet in the finals of a Christmas tournament. My teammates came to me and said they’d heard the guy laughing at me and calling me a fish. He told one of them “I beat him up last summer.” To further inflame me, the guy’s girlfriend had already snatched the weight bracket off the gym wall, since it was a foregone conclusion her man was going to win When I heard this, I was duly insulted and became furious at being made fun of. I resolved to wrestle so hard that he’d have to kill me to beat me. When the match started, I tied up with him, locked my hands behind his head and pulled and squeezed my face into his as hard as I could. It hurt like hell and I know it really took him by suprise...as it was not a legit wrestling move...I was just trying to inflict pain and show him he was in for a battle. After several long seconds of the George “The Animal” Steele treatment, during which I heard him cry out in pain, I pushed him away and saw terror in his eyes. He clearly sensed that I was either crazy or on some type of drug, or both! I went after him and just physically beat him up until I pinned him in another minute or so. I had no business beating this guy, but he did to me what my coach always told our team to never do...insult or demean an opponent to the point that they became enraged and juiced up with “crazy man strength.” This guy went in to play several years in the NFL. I’ve always wondered if he learned as much that night as I did!
  7. Cheap Tilt: Late 70’s, when tilts became common, they were often viewed by some as a “cheap” ala not legit way to score.
  8. Old Corps


    Yes, and many others have learned how to compensate for being on the shorter side. One of the great things about wrestling is that all types of bodies and builds can succeed.
  9. Old Corps


    I don’t disagree with anything you’ve stated. I’m assuming the DI coach was referring to the “long bodies” who had already demonstrated they had the attributes you mentioned, and had learned how to maximize the use of their long limbs.
  10. Old Corps


    Several years ago, a DI coach told me that his view was that more often than not..."length beats strength." He said if all else was equal, he'd recruit the long, lanky guy over the short, "Fire Plug" wrestler. He also said that there were plenty of exceptions and that some Fire Plugs could consistently beat opponents of any build.
  11. Yes, of course. What was I thinking? On second thought, every American who has every served in combat was a deranged and merciless baby-killer. Thanks for the intellectual discussion.
  12. Absolutely. This was drilled into my head by my parents before I ever participated in sports, and most of my generation, too. Then, my first coach told us that he wanted to win, but he valued sportsmanship over winning, and that win or lose, we were expected to always act with dignity and respect. Wrestlers act up because they’ve not been yoked up by a parent or coach the first time they crossed the line. Wrestling will not survive if it follows the model of UFC and WWE hype and antics.
  13. Post-match emotional meltdowns are embarrassing and indicate a weak mind. Trying to intentionally physically harm an opponent is pathetic. Lots of excuses being offered here. 19 and 20 year old grunts are trained to have restraint during and after firefights, and they are held accountable if they don’t. I suspect some of the “mat heroes” being discussed here would be prone to folding into the fetal position if they experienced that kind of stress. Our sport is diminished by poor sportsmanship and those who tolerate or rationalize it.
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