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  1. No. I’ve been watching the Lugo’s wrestle since they we literally in kindergarten. The dad has always been jacked and up close you can tell it’s not a “juiced” body. He’s actually a short guy, but obviously has a very muscled upper body - especially the pipes. Nice guy, too, as is the entire family.
  2. Ed Banach used a takedown very similar to this with great effect.
  3. This was a "law" that I was taught in my very first practice in 1963. It remained in effect until Gene Mills started doing the unthinkable; throwing half nelsons from his knees and while standing behind his opponents. And pinning nearly every one of them. I wrestled in college at the same time as he did, and watched him in-person on several occasions. The video snippets that exist and "old timers" now telling others how good he was with his half nelson series don't do justice to how utterly dominant he was back then. Everyone knew what he was going to do, but they just couldn't stop him. I've seen a few videos in which he ran some half techniques on the international level. You could see the opponent and opposing coaches after the pin was secured with exasperated looks on their faces, likely thinking "What was that?!"
  4. I didn’t know who Jason Morris was, so I looked him up. 4-time Judo Olympian and highly-accomplished international career. NCAA DI Wrestling 5th place in 1989. He was flattening guys with those foot sweeps and trips!
  5. ^^^^ That kid was skilled with the Mills technique, for sure. He also had long arms, which can provide better reach and leverage for the Mills stuff. I've always wondered why more wrestlers didn't use these techniques.
  6. This is exactly what has been said about World level wrestling in the past about headlocks, fireman’s carries, shrugs/go-behinds, duck-unders, barrel rolls, and most notably Pre-Smith...low-singles and Pre-Burroughs...blast doubles. All of these techniques work at the World level, and all have been used at times.
  7. I've often thought that a wrestler who became very skilled at the Russian 2on1 tie and the countless options from it could do well at high-level college wrestling. I think many coaches think it is easy to shut down (and it is, against unskilled users who really don't master the technique) and discourage it's use. I also think most coaches do not know much about this technique and associated options, and thus, don't include it in their systems. I think the Russian options would be a huge add to Mason Parris's arsenal. He's quick enough to do so many moves off of counters to the Russian, and he wouldn't have to put himself under the big opponents as much as he does. Various Russin Tie series work well at the World-Class level and there's no reason why it couldn't work in college wrestling.
  8. I think you're right in 99% of the instances this happens, but there are those rare times when a tilt is locked-up so tight that a wrestler is unable to bridge, move, etc., and is incapable of avoiding being pinned.
  9. Agreed - Cassiopi will return "coached up." For example, I don't see him falling into MP's fireman's/dump again. I do see him becoming more schooled on what to do when MP is under him on those shots he likes to take. And, he was able to snatch MP's leg a few times, and unless MP allowed him to do so, that's a good sign. I really like Cass and think he's got lot of upward potential. Last night, I think he was a bit surprised by just how strong MP was.
  10. I do think that GS still has the edge over MP, except in one area...conditioning for long, action-packed matches. I'm not saying that GS is out of shape, rather, it appears that MP has a really good motor. This could be the deciding factor when these two wrestle. The best news is that we get to see several very good high;y mobile and skilled heavies compete this year (and the past several years); I don't think anyone likes to watch the typical "Push, slap and tickle" jousting so common with the big guys.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I'll take action and hopefully things will get sorted out.
  12. I’m able to access the forum via my home WiFi, but if I try to use cellular access (iPad or cell phone) I get sent to a page that says I’m banned from the site. Anyone know what’s going on? I never had this problem until earlier this week.
  13. Parris looks very strong, exceptionally athletic for such a big guy and looked like he had plenty of energy/lung power. A very impressive showing!
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