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  1. Old Corps

    133 - Meatgrinder of Parity

    Yes, and this is a great thing for our sport! I think even us hardcore fans can get a bit bored with weight classes that are dominated by a few guys. It’s great seeing situations in which the very best will have to beat the very best to make the podium. Let’s hope everyone stays healthy and come to the NCAA’s ready to battle!
  2. Old Corps

    Suriano screwed up

    I don’t think Soriano is done yet. I don’t think he’s out of shape. I do think he wrestles “tight” against higher-level opponents and this takes a physical, mental and tactical toll on him. He’s got at least as much talent as anyone in his weight class and a lot more than most. He’s got good coaching, too. If he is able to relax, not fear losing so much (what I think is going on) and simply take some risks, he’ll do fine against anyone. But, before he can do that, he must accept the reality that all of the matches against top guys are likely to be decided by 1-2 points and they will be dogfights for the entire 7 minutes. His days of being far superior to almost everyone are over, as they are for most high school stars when they move to the next level. If he’s able to get his mindset right, he can win it all. Nobody can do this for him. I’m rooting for you, Soriano!
  3. Old Corps

    Who are the biggest starting HWTs?

    Not sure what side of the argument you’re taking, but one trip to the NCAA tournament as a fan will show anyone that becoming fat, even grossly obese, is not something that is isolated among former heavyweights. I’ve often wondered why so many incredible wrestlers allow themselves to slap on huge amounts of weight once they stop competing. I realize that many cut weight for a long time, but too many seem to go from being highly-disciplined to no discipline at all regarding their weight. I’d bet if the NCAA did a similar study on wrestling, the stats would be much like those from the NFL study.
  4. Old Corps

    Who are the biggest starting HWTs?

    Agreed. Bring the big boys back, no strings attached.
  5. Old Corps

    So long as we are trashing Rutgers...

    A younger crowd here; not many will recognize the term!
  6. Old Corps

    Who are the biggest starting HWTs?

    So, wrestling must abide by arbitrary standards and concerns for its athletes that other sports don’t have to? I agree that leaner usually means healthier, but this is America; who are we to say that anyone over 285 can’t wrestle? If high school and NCAA authorities are so concerned about the health of >285 lbs wrestlers, why don’t they apply this same level of concern to athletes in other sports? Aren’t they concerned about the legions of grossly overweight kids playing football? I think there are many big footballers who’d wrestle if they didn’t have to lose weight to do so. In fact, many college football teams have highly-accomplished high school heavyweights on their rosters who’ve grown well over the current wrestling weight limits. I’m betting that some of them would opt to wrestle if their college football careers didn’t pan out as they’d hoped. I’ve seen ~265 lbs high school heavyweight wrestlers be talked into quitting wrestling by selfish football coaches who told them they need to focus on getting bigger so they can play DI football after high school. Most of these kids proceed to slap on 30, 40 lbs or more in a short while, most of it blubber. Of course, most never see a DI roster and they typically become even more obese once they stop working out. I say bring back the big boys!
  7. Old Corps

    Who are the biggest starting HWTs?

    Impressive that these big guys can move like they do. That said, I’d like to see an Unlimited weight class come back. Those old behemoths brought a certain level of excitement to the sport. Never could understand why it was felt critical to put upper limits on the heavyweight class, yet legions of high school and college footballers are walking around in excess of 300lbs, some of which are heavily muscled, while most of the others are just big fat guys.
  8. Old Corps

    Pick 1 wrestler from your team who embodies it

    Yes. I think he wrestles a lot like the Gable-trained guys in the early 80s.
  9. Old Corps

    Minnesota vs Iowa

    Can you share what Lizak did? I know J Rob got in trouble, but don’t know the specifics.
  10. Old Corps

    Desanto Team Point

    No. Incidents like these were very rare up until the mid-80s or so. I have my own theories regarding this, one of which is that’s about the time the model for head coaches started trending toward much younger guys who were not as professionally (or personally) mature. The emphasis on winning started overshadowing the altruistic goals of amateur wrestling and over time, more and more types of bad behavior was tolerated. Now, we’re at the point where many coaches, parents, wrestlers and fans have only known our sport as it currently is. In previous eras, most wrestling coaches at every level didn’t have the same talent and coaching ability that Koll, Peninger, Robertson, Thomas, Nichols, Peery, Milkovich and other heavy-hitters did, but almost every coach shared, taught and enforced the same written and unwritten standards of conduct and sportsmanship. If today’s coaches, parents and fans demanded it, they could practically eliminate the existence of bad conduct in our sport. Food for thought. ”There are no bad regiments, only bad colonels.” - Napoleon
  11. Old Corps

    Desanto Team Point

    DeSanto wrestled great against Lizak. But all folks will likely remember is his antics in the final few seconds and during the handshake. This cost him much more than a team point, though he doesn’t realize it right now. His actions at last year’s NCAAs, and subsequent actions are creating a persona that will eventually put him at a disadvantage just about every time he wrestles. Refs will be looking very closely at him and won’t be giving him any benefit of the doubt. This is nothing new, and is exactly what happened to other wrestlers who decided to flaunt the rules or act poorly. The East Lansing Strangler was one that comes to mind. Didnt work out well for him and his punkish behavior got him in trouble later on as a coach/grad assistant. I’m typically very supportive of wrestlers and often cringe when I see some of the cheap shots people take at them here simply because they lose a match of don’t do as well as fans expected. That said, I hold nothing back when it comes to dirty wrestlers or those who feel the need to bring WWE and UFC antics into our sport. And have no doubt this, DI coaches are reading these threads and some will reflect upon them and take the appropriate action.
  12. Old Corps

    Desanto Team Point

    Toward the end, Trenge basically expected opponents to not touch his head/face because of his goggles. I’ve talked with refs who said when a guy would legally tie-up with him, touch or pull his head, Trenge would keep looking at the ref as if to say, “Aren’t you going to do something about this?” They didnt. Because his opponents weren’t doing anything illegal or unsportsmanlike, and the refs weren’t about to give Trenge special treatement The refs were all very much on the alert when they reffed Trenge after he launched that kid WWE-style. That was one of the worst acts of flagrantly illegal/unsportsmanlike behavior I’ve ever seen from a wrestler, maybe the worst. Coach Strobel was able to get Trenge under control, but I think even many Lehigh fans wrote him off after that sad episode.
  13. Old Corps

    Steveson’s Behavior

    I’ve been critical of Steveson’s recent behavior. Some agreed with me and others did not. I watched him wrestle today against an overmatched Iowa wrestler and I thought he did well. Just wrestled and nothing else. The fact is that he’s got many more bouts with overmatched wrestlers ahead of him and he’s going to have to deal with this as well as most dominators have. Just want to give credit when it’s due. Like many, I think he can become a dominant force on the Olympic and World level.
  14. Old Corps

    Excape? WTF?

    This is prolly the best thread I read today!