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  1. I think Lesnar was a lot better technically than many people give him credit for. I spoke with him one time and he was truly a huge guy. I remember thinking “This is why large caliber handguns will never become obsolete!”
  2. Yes but only if he doesn’t bring Wallace with him. Wallace ain’t no good around other men’s wives if you know what I mean and you do know what I mean! Sorry, I just couldn’t resist writing this!
  3. I’m a casual fan of MMA, and I admit that I don’t know what I don’t know about the sport While I think he has limited upside potential in the UFC, I don’t think this particular loss indicates anything more than he got hit with a perfectly-timed knee to his head. It’s not like he got tired, or outclassed by a better striker; he simply walked right into his opponent’s move. I hope he’s ok and decides it’s time to teach and coach vice compete, in any sport. i think he can have a very positive impact on the sport of wrestling in this regard.
  4. ^^^^ Wrote “Loch Haven” while making fun of someone’s Lock Haven degree.
  5. You need a mediator to help you peacefully coexist with others who don’t share your opinions on Pico. Maybe we can recruit Minkel to be the mediator, since your personalities are similar and you hold him in high regard? Don’t answer right away. Meditate. You’ll find the right answer.
  6. Add daily mediation to the decaf.
  7. ^^^^ That’s not a compelling argument, and it is based more on emotions, pettiness and arrogance than facts.
  8. ^^^^ That’s a compelling argument, backed up by facts. Thanks!
  9. There’s nothing wrong with working in any capacity at any hotel. Dr. Novak is a habitual critic of other people’s colleges, degrees, IQ, etc. He’s trolling with the Cornell stuff. I’m betting if we were able to know the details of his life’s achievements, we’d be underwhelmed. He’s not the first anonymous coward that’s posted here.
  10. I think Dr. Novak would approve of my degree. i sense that you do, too.
  11. Ease up, That idiot is trolling by saying he’s a Cornell grad and runs a hotel. Effectively, in your case, it appears. Some say he’s from the Lehigh Valley. Wherever he’s from, he has a habit of demeaning other people’s college degrees and intelligence. He appears to be the smug one here. I’m pretty sure someone you know really well is the dork.
  12. You seem quite impressed by this, and likley think others will be, too. Of course, there are some here that may chuckle a bit, while wondering why a Cornell grad would end up managing a hotel?
  13. From the same guy who made fun of Marstellar’s degree from Lock Haven, implying it was an inferior degree. While doing so, you spelled Lock Haven wrong. Now, you take another “academic cheap shot” So, where is your degree from and what has it enabled you to do since college? Share it with us so we can all be as impressed with your academic credentials and life achievements as you seem to be.
  14. I was standing next to my 60’ish boss at a social event and he told a group of mostly older guys “I was an All-American linebacker my senior year of college.” Everyone perked-up and nodded in approval. I told him, “Fred, I’ve worked with you for seven years; I didn’t know you were an All-American!” He said, “Listen, if you’ve been out of college for more than 30 years and you weren’t an All-American, you have only yourself to blame!” Everyone laughed hard at that; we all fell for his joke. I’ve used that bit several times since then, and it always gets a good laugh!
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