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  1. I did track, dance, and gymnastics growing up. Competed in track at Central Michigan University.


    My dad was a wrestler through college and coached after, but I discovered my love for the sport on my own. I went to a meet my senior year of high school with a friend to watch her boyfriend. We both got really into it and declared afterwards that we would be official "Superfans". The two of us didn't miss a meet - home, away, tournament... we were there for everything in our homemade Superfan shirts, in tow with banners, streamers, signs, and treats for the boys. My love and appreciation for the sport continued to grow at CMU (Fire Up Chips!).


    The relationship my dad and I had was incredibly special, and wrestling made it even more amazing. He passed away in 2012, and talking wrestling with him is one of the things I miss the most.



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