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  1. "With the season starting, I figured it would be a good time to pick our champs and top 3 teams. 125- Nato. Too offensive for Suriano and just too good for Cruz. 133- Gross. Man it'd be nice to have him. 141- Heil. I hate him but he's a winner 149- Zain. He's just too good on top but I expect to see BS in the finals with a great game plan. 157- Nolf. I wish I could say Kem but nothing leads me to believe...yet 165- IMAR. He's a man on a mission while I hear Cenzo has been enjoying his title. 174- Hall. BoJo will be tough to beat again but he just doesn't have the same ceiling as Mark. 184- Zahid. He's in MyMar's head, too quick for Bo, and too good for PD3. 197- Moore. PD3 should be here because I think it's easier for him to make and better for him and the team with him here. 285- Snyder. It's not close...at all Top 3 Teams- 1. PSU. Too many bonus points and the 165 & 184 are top 3 with 3 finalists. 2. tOSU. Same as PSU but not the same kind of bonus point potential. 3. Michigan. I think they'll have 3 finalists (133, 165, and 285) with AA's at 157, 174, 184, and 197. Iowa- I think we have finalists with BS and Kemdawg, top 4 with Downey (or finalist if he goes 197), and AA's from the Bull and Young. Outside chance with Wilcke and whomever wins the spot at 141 (too tough of a weight)." - DayHawk18 Well, there you have it. Zahid, who is going 174 will beat every swingin **** at 184, and PD3 should go 197 because this genius says so. I'm done. lmfao
  2. Very...Irish Roman Catholic.
  3. https://iowa.forums.rivals.com/threads/call-it-next-years-wtt-final.200628/
  4. Dude, you're officially in indefintie timeout. Hillary needs some bozos, and I believe you're perfect.
  5. And to stick my finger into this closet queen's, hammerlockthreefmeuptheshooterqueerpoopshooter's, ear. Dude, go to work.
  6. It's not about who's more demanding, Einstein...its about some bs NCAA guideline that states Iowa must offer a grad program that ISU doesn't...lmfao...not f/n funny...utter bs.
  7. Himself, and no-one else but himself...a man must take full responsibility for his own destiny...period!
  8. Nice try, but you couldn't be more wrong. Now, remember all you twitter freaks, not only does he gave to graduate, but he has to also get accepted into a graduate school program that ISU doesn't offer ('minimum' GPAs don't get you into grad school, geniuses). You all make me laugh. SMH
  9. Last semester to earn bachelors degree while living in Iowa City. I hope that helps you answer your own questions.
  10. He's never STARTED a fight in his life...but he sure does FINISH them. :) However, he does like his Coors Light and MD steamed crabs combo. :) p.s. there's nothing like getting backed into a corner and having to graduate a semester early...no big deal...he'll graduate, get accepted into graduate school, win the NCAAs, while all of you will still be 'spectacting'. ha ha ha
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