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  1. Vito Arujau's only folkstyle loss was to Yianni in 8th grade, so he was undefeated his last four years. Yianni lost three times, but those losses were in 7th grade, as he finished with a 213 match winning streak, going undefeated in 8th/9th/10th/11th grade. So, undefeated for four straight years in HS. Actually, Greg Diakomihalis also was undefeated his last four years in HS matches (his senior year started late due to injury, but of course he won the state title that year, too). All three in NY, of course.
  2. Like cosmetology and cosmology?
  3. Uh, some guy who took second and first at NCAAs after transferring to a lesser rival in the same conference?
  4. I guess you mean Max, and you meant that the Ivy League, not Cornell, cancelled the season.
  5. He must hide it awfully well to have that remarkable recruiting ability over the years (especially lately). None of the parents or HS coaches or athletes ever noticed. You'd think that his NJ pipelines (Blair, Bergen Catholic) would have gotten word by now. How many Cornell wrestlers have left the program to wrestle elsewhere? I can count fewer than five or so. So, just about none of them felt that his smartassery or douchiness were sufficient until now? And Gabe was there for four (or five, depending on how you count), didn't notice or care, then came back to coach, again not seeming to notice or care? Call me skeptical on this one.
  6. "I want to publicly make a statement that the news being generated right now has nothing to do with Spartan or Spartan Combat at all. Spartan Combat has done nothing but help the Cornell program and there is no animosity. I have greatly appreciated all their support." How does that in any way contradict what Koll said in the Flo intervew?
  7. If the Ivy League policy is that anyone who didn't compete this year won't lose a year of eligibility, that has to also apply for NCAA eligibility, right? "The Ivy League will provide a blanket non-participation waiver for fall and winter sports that do not have the opportunity to participate in championship segment competition in 2020-21 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Spring sports were provided this waiver in Spring 2020. Further details will be provided to spring sport athletes as information regarding the 2021 season progresses. This means all fall and winter sport athletes during the 2020/2021 season will not use one of their four seasons of eligibility."
  8. Dake grew up just outside Ithaca, lives in Lansing with his wife and two daughters, and thinks very highly of Mike Grey as a freestyle coach. So, probably not.
  9. Brandon Womack. As a freshman, beat Anthony Valencia in the blood round to get AA at 165. Moved to 174 and his style was not conducive to that weight. Lost to Bo Jordan in SV the first round of NCAAs in 2018. Lost to Mark Hall second round of 2019. Broke his collarbone senior year, and flamed out of EIWAs.
  10. You keep saying this. Most of the Michigan roster consists of redshirts. Very few go to Michigan "from day 1," so it's pretty disingenuous to say that Dean would've finished his undergrad and be working on his masters degree. Like at most schools, he took the equivalent of a redshirt (except that he was able to earn credits toward his degree without paying Cornell tuition), then took an *earned* ORS, then sat out when the Ivy League cancelled competition this year. Only very late in the game did they announce a non-participation waiver for those enrolled, so it was a bit late for him to have enrolled without losing a year of eligibility.
  11. In fact, Max has been at Cornell for two years, not five. By definition, a greyshirt year is a year spent *not enrolled*; in addition, he took a Leave of Absence (known here as an ORS), then was not enrolled this current year (another LoA, I would think). He would need a 5th year waiver from Cornell *and* the Ivy League just to compete next year; it appears that he can actually wrestle the sixth year if he is still an undergraduate (statement as of 2/12/2021):
  12. Darmstadt came in and beat Honis, who had qualified for NCAAs the previous year.
  13. Isn't there a Russian or Iranian or Uzbeki wrestling talk show you should be listening to? You need to familiarize yourself with the guys for whom you'll be cheering at the Olympics, don't you?
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