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  1. IIRC, that was when Yianni was a HS senior recovering from two elbow surgeries.
  2. Max Dean should be 25 by the time he (assumedly) graduates. Vito might be 25 when he graduates (greyshirt, compete, ORS, COVID, 3x compete), Yianni 24.
  3. Grad students aren't eligible in the Ivy League, so he could not have played for Cornell. In any case, he didn't get much playing time in Syracuse.
  4. Penn State replaced Michigan, and Hofstra is (presumably) still there).
  5. They gave him a choice between which, of two cars he now owns, to drive to and from practice (not class, mind you).
  6. I believe that any deal needs to be submitted to the university's compliance office. How do you enforce that? Same way you currently enforce prohibitions on payments today. There's also nothing stopping that alum, hedge fund guy from bankrolling an RTC. Like at Cornell or Penn State.
  7. They will get four matches at the National Duals alone.
  8. Because there is no science behind the anti-vaccination arguments, just as there is no science behind the flat Earth arguments. Claim all they want, they aren't using science.
  9. Is there a point you are trying to make here? What does CVD have to do with COVID? Do heart attacks overwhelm hospitals? Do health care workers catch CVD from patients? What am I missing?
  10. Well, heck. Your friend's need to wait has nothing to do with his being infected, as you said, does it? So more like it was you who was lying to us. PV has no value whatsoever. They lie so much that *nothing* they say can be trusted. Actually, PV does have value: it points out those whose critical thinking skills are lacking.
  11. That's not where we are at. The anti-vaccine herd has zero science on their side. Zero. Your argument is akin to discussing whether the Earth is flat.
  12. Anyone who cites Project Veritas should not be listened to when it comes to the validity of news sources. Period.
  13. How about fewer than one in a million die from the vaccine? Compare and contrast to the fact that about one in 500 have died of COVID in the US? Why is this even being discussed? As for your "what if" questions: despite the long odds, someone typically wins the Lotto. It just isn't going to be you, or anyone you know. Why did your father end up in the ER, and why was that tied to the vaccine? Your "~10x" number is way off.
  14. You are citing Project Veritas? Project Veritas? Wow. Do you have any idea what that site is about, and its history? The risk from the vaccine is many, many orders of magnitude less than the risk from the virus. Anyone who actually cared about facts would already know this. The number of people "getting seriously messed up" or dying due to the vaccine is vanishlingly small. Look up what VAERS is really about, and what those numbers actually mean. The number of people in the US who have actually died from the vaccine can be counted on one, or maybe two hands. The reason there are a "large" number of breakthrough cases is because, well, there are a lot of vaccinated people and the virus is still widespread. Do the math. Your story about your friend who had COVID and cannot get vaccinated is just that: a story. Not true in any sense, since there is nothing about having been infected that prevents one from getting vaccinated. Nothing. Either someone is lying to your friend, your friend is lying to you, or you are lying to us. In any case, you shouldn't be repeating nonsense that you can easily disprove with a few seconds of Internet searching (but skipping Project Veritas). You need to step back and reassess your sources of "information."
  15. Funny, "Big Pharma" makes more money from ivermectin than it does from vaccines, but whatever.
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