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  1. klehner

    Michigan vs Lehigh

    Chavez is off for the semester (GR Worlds planned). Darmstadt is out for the year, but he'll be back. Yianni will be competing before South Beach. Koll was injured in the Bearcat finals when he lost to Cornell's Hunter Richard (3x NYS champion), so very serviceable. No way Tucker or Arujau would make 125. They have two very good 125s, assuming Baughman makes the weight. La Joie is good, too. Next year (yeah, crystal ball time) could be La Joie/Tucker/Arujau/Yianni. </derail>
  2. klehner

    Mekhi Lewis will go undefeated until NCAAs

    JJ isn't in school this semester: he was focusing on GR Worlds (but got injured, apparently), and by taking this semester off, he can wrestle this year *and* next year. He has two semesters eligibility left as of now. The latter is speculation.
  3. klehner

    RBY 133 Rankings

    Last year at the same Bearcat Open, Arujau (representing Finger Lakes) beat Tucker in OT, 3-2 in the semifinals.
  4. klehner

    RBY 133 Rankings

    Just kidding, and yes Cornell is booked Sunday. Not sure we want to see the third Tucker/Arujau match, though.
  5. klehner

    Michigan vs Lehigh

    Cornell is missing 141 (for the first few duals), 149 (Koll, re-injured elbow), 165 (Chavez, semester off), 197 (Darmstadt, out for year). Three missing AAs to start the year. Two other purported starters initially registered for Bearcat but didn't wrestle. None of their three 285s wrestled, either. Will be interesting to see who shows this weekend (WV, Binghamton, NYS tourney aka Cornell intrasquad).
  6. klehner

    Mekhi Lewis will go undefeated until NCAAs

    Chavez (Cornell) currently top 10 in all rankings doesn't get a mention? Cornell and VT face each other on 2/15.
  7. klehner

    RBY 133 Rankings

    Cornell should send their backup 133, who thrashed RBY this summer in freestyle. :-)
  8. klehner

    Michigan vs Lehigh

    Schram and Parker are out for a good while, it seems. Karam was carried off the mat at Journeymen; if you look at the video of that match, you'll get the idea that his knee isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Gentile appeared to be the 197 starter, but he hurt his shoulder. Wolf was supposed to cut to 157, but he hasn't even wrestled yet. So Lehigh appears to be without their starters at 125, 133, 149 (Karam moved up), 157, and 197. Doubt they will pull Humphreys' shirt for 157.
  9. klehner

    RBY 133 Rankings

    Lehigh is missing Scotty Parker, so you likely won't learn a lot more from that match.
  10. klehner

    WrestlingByPirate D-1 Week in Preview, November 12-18

    Tired of getting their butts handed to them? Actually, last year had pretty much the same cast of characters, with a few Binghamton exceptions.
  11. #9 White of Nebraska loses 6-3 to unranked Jarrell from Drexel.
  12. klehner

    Weight Cutting Education

    You can store about 2,000 kCal of glycogen, which is about 500g which is about 1.1lb. Each gram of glycogen is bound with 3-4g of water, so if you totally deplete your glycogen stores (called "bonking" in the endurance athletics field), you'll drop 3-4 of water. That's why ketogenic (no- or lo-carb) diets result in instant weight loss. Of course, you have no ability to generate energy at any high level at that point. You don't need a lot of glycogen to get through a wrestling match or tournament, but you do need a decent amount to get through daily training. I pity the fool that trains for wrestling in a state of ketosis. You lose most of your water weight by sweating, not by going into ketosis. I've recorded my sweat rate at 1oz/minute on a hard, hot bike ride, and 1lb/mile on a hard, hot run.
  13. klehner

    WrestlingByPirate D-1 Week in Preview, November 5-11

    The first place to check is a team's schedule web site, which gives a link to Flo.
  14. klehner

    Pssstt... Did anyone notice...

    HS wins over Suriano and Fix (all great matches, as you'd expect); freestyle over Wilson. And it is Arujau.