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  1. https://www.athlinks.com/athletes/29284153/results I count twelve races that were in the Atlantic Ocean off of New Jersey, and that's only back to 2005.
  2. Ha yourself: there was a concerted effort to clean up the water in the 1980s and thereafter, and the effects are lasting. Do I need to reference every time I've been in the water in the succeeding 25 years?
  3. More ignorance from someone who probably hasn't been south of Exit 117 on the Parkway.
  4. Keep demonstrating your ignorance.
  5. Time to update your views from the 1980s. NJ oceans are very clean; I recall doing a triathlon off Long Branch in the 1990s and seeing crabs on the sea bottom about 20' down. For such a ****ty place, why is property in these Shore towns so expensive? Median home prices as of 2019: Stone Harbor: $1,300,000 Deal: $1,210,000 Avalon: $1,120,000 Mantaloking: $989,000 Avon by the Sea: $847,500 Sea Girt: $830,000 Allenhurst: $802,500 I live in one of those Shore counties. I live two miles from a 600+ acre county park and another 200+ acre county park.
  6. So, Chas Tucker started wrestling when he got to Blair? Pretty impressive to be a national prep finalist his first year there.
  7. No. He could skip the fall semester each of the next two years.
  8. You cannot compete as a graduate student in the Ivy League (actually, I went to Cornell with a guy who played football as a graduate student, but that was when they had a rule allowing grad students to play: look up Joe Holland for a story about an amazing guy). So no matter what kind of exemption Darmstadt might get, if he graduates in four, he only gets those four years. He has to sit out a semester or two, if he hasn't already, to get those four years of eligibility in. If he wasn't enrolled his sophomore year, then he doesn't need a medical waiver.
  9. Four years can be broken up into eight semesters: take off a fall semester and get a fifth spring semester. He is likely to get a medical exemption for the year he was injured.
  10. I agree for the most part that Greg probably isn't up to Yianni's level, but to say that a 5x NYS champion would be viewed as a "solid, but not spectacular" recruit is a bit harsh.
  11. When did matches start being decided on strength?
  12. That's the Case Fatality Rate, or CFR (fatalities/positives). The Infection Fatality Rate, or IFR (fatalities/infections), is undoubtedly far lower, and without more testing we don't know what that value is.
  13. Swimming would be pretty safe. Fencing is perfect: wear masks, gloves, and if anyone comes within six feet of you, you stab them.
  14. (he survived) Dr. David Hirsch, NCAA champion at Cornell, and current surgeon, came down with COVID-19 in March. Here's his story (NYTimes coronavirus stories are not behind a paywall): https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/24/magazine/surgeon-covid-diary.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage
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