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  1. Did they have a sale on quotation marks or something?
  2. If that includes you not posting here, I too look forward to that time.
  3. So, you are suggesting that the competition be held in a country in which the cases are not surging? Say, New Zealand? Do you think any such country (who would seem to have their act together wrt protecting their citizens) would allow a large influx of people from all over, including from countries in which the cases *are* surging (like Serbia)? What country with a low case count would allow a contigent from the US to enter?
  4. Actually, I meant Fernandes (class of 2019) instead of Hatcher (who is in the class of 2020, I believe). My error.
  5. Where would they put any top ten guy in the next couple of years? They have a lineup loaded with them now, and none are seniors. They have three probable starters from the class of 2019 (Foca, Ramirez, Hatcher), and four All-Americans (Vito, Yianni, Max, and Darmstadt (sophomore and three juniors)). Add Greg D and Yapoujian, and I'd think they can afford a "good class". Probably not easy to sell top ten recruits, when you have yet another one (Cardenas) on the bench for a couple of years already.
  6. Junior high school, match against our rival school whose team, to a man, was much better than us. Part way through my match, I'm predictably on my back desperately arching to avoid the pin. I'm looking at the sideline where their cheerleaders were, and I see the girl who had a crush on me in 5th and 6th grades (we were in a Rapid Learners program for those two years), and she's screaming "PIN HIM! PIN HIM!" For the record, I did not get pinned. Also for the record, we just had a 50th reunion with our 6th grade teacher, and it was very nice to see Lisa and the others again.
  7. What is this "standard" of which you speak? The only standard set by elite schools is "can this student navigate the undergraduate program successfully while contributing something to the school and represent the school after graduation?" There's a reason Stanford (or Harvard, or Berkeley) isn't populated by 100% 4.0GPA/1600SAT students: they could. That reason is that a diversity of students *each of whom can handle the workload* benefits everyone. Someone might bring an athletic talent, or a musical talent, or a tech talent, or just a different background. We've hashed this out with respect to "SUNY-Ithaca," so I won't do it again.
  8. Do you think that Stanford accepts students who are not likely to succeed and graduate? Do you think that Stanford should only accept the top students (so their freshman class is entirely made up of 4.0/1600 Asian kids from California)?
  9. Still waiting for your explanation.
  10. Max Dean's profile: Took second at the Bearcat Open and won the NYS Intercollegiate Open division, the Cleveland State and Brockport Open tournaments while wrestling for the Fingerlakes Wrestling Club in 2016-17 as part of a 22-6 season. Their profile pages are all there, just not listed in the roster.
  11. What is curious about that? They wrestled competitively prior to matriculating at Cornell. Why not report it? Is there some secret I don't know about?
  12. One of the things I like about Cornell wrestling (that in some ways disproves the "SUNY Ithaca" moniker): Foca: Member of the All-State Academic team Gorg: First Team All-State Academic team, Four-time member of the high honor roll Saunders: Academic achievements include three-time All-District and three-time All-State academic awards
  13. Vito out with reported injury.
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