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  1. klehner

    Zain's left knee?

    You seem to know a lot about what is in Yianni's head. Did you get an interview with him that we haven't seen? And you think Yianni conspired to injure Zain ("could mean he wanted to wrestle Zain with bad intentions")?
  2. klehner

    Zain's left knee?

    Utter crap. Do you not understand how arbitration works in this case? Do you really think that Yianni's representatives are going to bring up the results of some tournament nobody cares about, knowing that it is utterly irrelevant to the case and the arbitrator will ignore it completely? Maybe they'll mention how hot Yianni's mom is, too, to help their case. Pretty clear? You have a Cornell bug up your ass so far that you are seeing cross-eyed.
  3. How many times did Zain get deep on Yianni today?
  4. First time I've ever seen Yianni's takedown defense fail so badly. Poor opponent just couldn't get off the mat three times. Funny to watch him (while flat on his back) try to tell the official "just a sec...".
  5. Pretty clear to me: as posted above, at the given 8:30am ET.
  6. Mat C Upcoming Matches WW - 53 kg 1/2 Final 160 (UKR) Liliya HORISHNA (12) (RUS) Ekaterina POLESHCHUK (15) WW - 57 kg 1/2 Final 161 (NGR) Odunayo Folasade ADEKUOROYE (11) (RUS) Olga KHOROSHAVTSEVA (14) WW - 62 kg 1/2 Final 162 (SWE) Henna Katarina JOHANSSON (15) WW - 68 kg 1/2 Final 163 (CAN) Danielle Suzanne LAPPAGE (9) (NGR) Blessing OBORUDUDU (14) FS - 65 kg 1/2 Final 164 (HUN) Ismail MUSUKAEV (6) (USA) John Michael DIAKOMIHALIS (7) FS - 79 kg 1/2 Final 165 (IRI) Bahman Mohammad TEYMOURI (1) (USA) Alexander David DIERINGER (4) FS - 125 kg 1/2 Final 166 (IND) Sumit SUMIT (5) (USA) Nicholas Edward GWIAZDOWSKI (8)
  7. 120 | Mat C John Michael DIAKOMIHALIS (USA) vs. Zain Allen RETHERFORD (USA)
  8. klehner

    Yasar Dogu

    Pretty sure it is not the Democrats who obsess with the 2016 election even after all this time. But I digress. The only way USAW could "work it out" so neither is hurt if they meet is to have Zain forfeit said match.
  9. klehner


    Okay, this whole thread must be a giant troll. Carry on.
  10. klehner


    I guess that Penn would rank right up there, too, given our current President.
  11. What were the scores of the other matches they wrestled? Wasn't one in overtime, in which USAW didn't go by the criteria rule that would have given the win to Dake? Does that really meet your definition of "not close?"
  12. The guy who moved up a weight his senior year in college to face the undefeated defending NCAA champion and Hodge Trophy winner? That coward?
  13. klehner

    Zain - Yanni outcome?

    It can happen in golf.
  14. klehner

    Zain - Yanni outcome?

    Ooh, "quotes."