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  1. Did you consider everything that goes into determining who is on each country's teams? Qualification competitions, training camps, etc. Each of these has to be able to be put on in safety, and they don't just happen a couple of weeks prior to the Games themselves.
  2. Understood. Just trying to add (non-)information to help answer your question. I'm sure it's a super-secret thing that us unwashed aren't privy to.
  3. Nobody at Cornell looks to be graduating this year (Koll said that Hunter Richard will be a senior next year). All their starters (and the elite backups like Cardenas) are not enrolled. Glancing through the Princeton and Penn rosters, I don't see any "meaningful" seniors listed.
  4. Brucki is enrolled at Princeton this year, will graduate (with that Princeton degree), then transfer to Michigan and wrestle his final NCAA year as a graduate student.
  5. Mason Reiniche was never enrolled at Cornell. And, yes, in theory any of the Cornell guys who are sitting out enrollment could have transferred (to, say, Lehigh :-) for a year of competing, then even transferred back to Cornell for next year. Of course, Lehigh being Lehigh, his credits wouldn't have transferred with him so he wouldn't have any issue graduating before his eligibility being used up. :-)
  6. The other key issue is that being enrolled counts as using up eligibility. There's no red shirt during which you are enrolled but not using eligibility. So, for example, Yianni has only been enrolled at Cornell for two years, so he has two years of Ivy eligibility left.
  7. Isn't that a bit misleading? I don't think that Navy has many fine arts or English literature graduates, which would tend to bring down the average salaries. Compare majors across universities, and I'm guessing that there are many majors where Navy is *not* at the top. Like computer science: I doubt Navy beats Stanford, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, etc.
  8. Nearly all the Cornell starters are not enrolled this year, thereby keeping their Ivy League eligibility intact. Ivy rules supersede NCAA rules, in this case: enrolled means eligible.
  9. About to get 2+2 right before the pin. (and this is from the available Mat A stream on Flo, using the mat assignments on the UWW page)
  10. Works fine for me. For example: https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6855802-2021-henri-deglane-grand-prix/videos?playing=6861530
  11. Go to the UWW website, find the brackets. Each match in each bracket has an ID of the form [A|B][1-99]. The letter is the mat, and the number is the match order. Find the matches you want, and use binary search to find the match you want by clicking on the scroll bar in the mat video.
  12. I believe that Yianni has entered six international tournaments...and won them all.
  13. Suriano has more than a passing resemblance now to Harpo Marx.
  14. Time out to fill the dent in the mat left by that throw.
  15. What you meant to say was "facts mean nothing to the Federalist Society," right? https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/more/masking-science-sars-cov2.html
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