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  1. There are eight current or previous AAs currently entered at 149 at CKLV.
  2. 149 at Cliff Keen Las Vegas: Yianni, Sasso, Lovett, Millner, Parco, Thomas, Abas, Mcdougald, Demas... That's one "tournament scene" that doesn't appear to be watered down. Eight AAs at least.
  3. 1) Finger Lakes hasn't existed for a number of years 2) A lot (you have the statistics on that, of course) of recruits started at FLWC and went elsewhere because they may not have been accepted at Cornell in the first place, or they realize that there was no starting position waiting for them at Cornell 3). Of course Koll has tremendous influence. He'd been the successful head coach at a great university for many years.
  4. It appears that Yianni is not doing the U23 tournament, so he'll likely be doing CKLV at 149, then drop to 67kg a week later for the WC, then back up to 149 a week later for the National Duals.
  5. Wait, what? You mean Koll doesn't sign the enrollment paperwork?
  6. I'm (not so) sure you are trying to be funny, but AFAIK Cornell has never had a "7th year senior." Vito could be the first next year, but only because he was both good enough to earn an ORS and unfortunate enough to lose a year (that the Ivy League and the NCAA are not counting against Ivy League athletes) to COVID. Real abuse, huh?
  7. Every Ivy wrestling program is associated with an RTC. Every Ivy wrestling recruit could grey shirt if they so choose.
  8. I'm sure you have a point in here somewhere. This is the deal: Rob Koll had *zero* decision-making ability in whether Yianni enrolled as a true freshman. Zero. Did he have tremendous influence? Of course; Yianni had known him for years, and trusted his guidance. If Koll had said "you aren't ready for NCAAs as a true freshman," Yianni probably would have decided to grey shirt. When Koll said "you are ready for NCAAs," Yianni decided to enroll as a freshman. Any other years-old posts clogging your memory that you want to dredge up? Maybe you want to claim that Koll somehow prevented Vito from enrolling as a true freshman that year as well?
  9. If there is a 2kg allowance, then making 147 wouldn't be an issue for him. Thanks!
  10. What? Seventeen straight matches, he bonused sixteen of them. Do you prefer "sixteen of seventeen"? That implies he only wrestled seventeen matches. My phrasing shows that in a seventeen match stretch, he got sixteen bonus wins. Or do you prefer the lengthier "in a stretch of seventeen matches, he got sixteen bonus wins"? What is your argument? As for "he wasn't exactly wrestling the meatgrinder part of his schedule", the point was that Yianni is quite capable of making bonus wins part of "his style." I don't like to make predictions, especially about the future, but I'm predicting that he will be a bonus machine this year. He's proven to himself he can beat everyone at his then-new weight class, and he just won a silver medal at Worlds. You will see a better Yianni this year.
  11. Yianni will be wrestling 65kg at the U23 championships in mid-October, and again (as per Mike Grey email today) at the Coralville World Cup on December 10. Cornell's schedule has the Bearcat Open on 11/13, Wisconsin dual on 11/19, the CKLV on 12/2-3, and the National Duals on 12/19. Does he wrestle Wisconsin/CKLV at all? Drop to 141 or go as a "light" 149? Skip them? When does weight certification start? What will he be like if he is 65kg on 12/10 and wrestles 149 nine days later? At National Duals, if Cornell meets Penn State, that might be Shayne Van Ness.
  12. Yianni also had never medaled at Senior Worlds before. Last year, he bonused sixteen of seventeen straight matches (with a 12-6 decision over Austin Gomez in there). So, not his style? Mark my words.
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