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  1. That’s his only shot, in my opinion.
  2. Greg, Vito, Yianni, Saunders, Yapoujian, Ramirez/Berreyesa, Foca, Dean, Darmstadt/Cardenas, Fernandes. That’s my guess.
  3. Shouldn't matter. I forgot that any such match wouldn't count for RPI/CP/WP. Still, I'm guessing they don't want Womack to face Foca first round, for either of their sakes. If Womack comes back at 174, does Berreyesa really have his year burned for a dozen dual matches? Or is there a plan for him at 165 for EIWAs? Stay tuned...
  4. Beat me to it! Does Womack need a match within some 30 day range for something or other? Hunter Richard is also entered. I guess at 18-9 with a 24 RPI and a 30 CP, a couple of wins without a loss would put him over 70% WP and pretty likely to get a qualifier slot? Cornell is there the day before, so it makes some sense. Interesting to see who wrestles on Saturday between Berreyesa and Womack, and at which weight. If Berreyesa goes down to 165 and can hold that effectively, that would be quite meaningful at EIWAs. (edit) With Foca also there at 174, I wonder if they'll get them on opposite sides of the bracket. And the usual Ramirez/Foca/Cardenas gang will be there.
  5. Hunter Richard: 19-9, with losses to Austin O'Conner (10-3), Kolodzik (4-2), Brayton Lee (8-4), Mauller (6-1), Sasso (12-9). Hasn't been bonused.
  6. Cornell loses two current starters to graduation, and of the remaining starters either zero or one will be a starter next year (Darmstadt might have a battle on his hands). Arujau, Yianni, and Dean in ORS; Greg D. and Josh Saunders to matriculate; Yapoujian to come out of medical; Ramirez, Foca, Cardenas, and Fernandes to come out of greyshirt.
  7. In this case, as I said unless you consider head snaps and waving at the opponent's ankles "shooting," Tucker outshot him 2-0. Like it or not, Tucker is very hard to take down. Failed attempts typically end in being taken down in turn. In addition, Tucker has a very high success rate in his own takedown attempts: this leads to near-stalling levels of defense against him.
  8. Some reasons why he doesn't get called for stalling: he is constantly pushing forward (you never see him backing up), and the reason he doesn't shoot more often is that everyone defends against his shooting by tying up his hands and arms. They should be getting called for stalling, not Tucker. You may have noticed that his opponent didn't shoot (unless you count head snaps and waving at ankles "shooting"), so I'm not sure where you got the "while defending shots" bit from. You also missed when Tucker shot just before 1:00 into the first period and got in on a leg.
  9. God, he sucks. I found myself yelling at the screen too many times to count.
  10. Wrestling career at an end, but he's healthy. Sounds like a good kid. https://www.nj.com/highschoolsports/2020/02/paulsboro-state-champ-greens-wrestling-career-over-but-prognosis-good-after-surgery.html
  11. Not everyone wrestles at their best every match. I recall Gabe Dean losing to Nolan Boyd as his only loss his junior year; he happened to be sick at that match.
  12. Greg Diakomihalis, unsurprisingly, won the Section V championship with two pins and two TFs.
  13. Tucker was toast by the end. But he got it done. He has learned to counter the chestwrap defense to his double leg takedowns; twice he converted them to his takedown. One in spectacular fashion on his head.
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