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  1. Yes, you missed the part in the question about "automatically."
  2. If anyone is paying attention, the wrestling on 7/25 on Flo now includes a match between Vito Arujau and Sammy Alvarez (who Tucker beat last year). Link includes an interview with Vito. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6756236-vito-arujau-and-sammy-alvarez-will-wrestle-on-july-25th
  3. https://cornellbigred.com/documents/2020/7/8//FINAL_Ivy_League_Fall_2020_Eligibility_Q_A_Incoming_SA_7_8_20.pdf Of note: Q: If a student elects to enroll at the institution as planned and the championship segment in their sport is canceled in 2020-21 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will they be eligible for an Ivy League season of competition waiver? A: Yes. The Ivy League will provide a blanket non-participation waiver for sports that do not have the opportunity to participate in championship segment competition in 2020-21 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and associated campus policies. and Q: Will students who qualify for the COVID-19 blanket non-participation waiver automatically be eligible for a 5th year at their institution? A: No. Established Ivy League 5th year waiver policies will continue to apply. Student enrollment patterns must be approved by the institution’s academic authorities.
  4. The statement indicated that no *competition* can occur in the fall semester (through December), not that no practice or training can occur. https://cornellbigred.com/news/2020/7/8/general-ivy-league-outlines-intercollegiate-athletics-plans-no-competition-in-fall-semester.aspx
  5. Remember back when the Ivy League was the first to cancel their basketball tournament? Basketball and football aren't even close to the top of their priorities.
  6. No, since the prohibition applies to *competition*, not training or other sports-related activities, pursuant to school/locality/government standards of safety. The wrestling program can continue as "usual" but without the fall semester (which runs into December) competitions.
  7. Ben Honis wrestled 285 his junior year (lost 197 to Darmstadt), going 3-4, then dropped to 197 his senior year and got 8th at NCAAs. One could argue that he was never a "full-sized" 285, though.
  8. Go find Yianni's NCAA finals matches, and listen to his interviews and to whom he gives credit. Then see if your doubt still stands. Funny that every world class athlete, in every sport, has a coach, but these three guys don't need coaching. They must be truly exceptional.
  9. You know what's funny? Outside of the guys at 133, the least "high school credentialed" likely starter in that lineup is the guy who made it to the 2019 NCAA finals.
  10. You have no ****ing idea what are the average SAT scores for the wrestling team (or any other team) at Cornell (or any other school). Who gathers and publishes that data, do you think?
  11. Since the forum that used to host a Cornell-specific room started having technical problems, we all came here.
  12. Yianni/Saunders/Yapoujian. I like Richard, but I think Yapoujian is at another level.
  13. The issue was being a graduate student at an Ivy League school with eligibility left, which isn't an NCAA issue. Ivy League needed to make an allowance for those seniors who graduated. Which they didn't, of course.
  14. The original reference I found said that Koll "circulated" the video, but I can't verify that. The poster said it was in email sent by Koll, so it would seem legit. Tucker said he was done wrestling at Cornell, unless they (and the Ivy League) chose to make a COVID-19 exception for graduating seniors who lost out on some or all of their senior year competition. He knew the rules. If you look at the 20-21 roster and the video, it would seem like 125: Arujau 133: Moomey/Wilson 141: Yianni 149: Richard/Saunders 157: Yapoujian 165: Santoro/Ramirez 174: Berreyesa/Foca 184: Dean 197: Darmstadt/Cardenas (one of only two listed frosh) 285: Fernandes/Furman
  15. Video detailing the Class of 2024. No Greg D, but Saunders, Ramirez, Foca, Cardenas (so much for those rumors), and Fernandes.
  16. Interestingly, because of the above, I don't think it actually qualifies as a "university" in NJ...
  17. No grads compete in Ivy League sports.
  18. I'm guessing that 95% of college football programs are revenue-negative.
  19. Per Flo's Events page: FloWrestling: Dake vs Chamizo Jul 25 · Starts at 4:56 AM
  20. It is possible to advocate for *policies* while not living an ascetic lifestyle. FDR was a wealthy man and had a matching lifestyle, but he created programs that benefitted the poor. Flying all over the world is not the problem: policies that support fossil fuel use are the problem. Change the policies, and individual usage will have less effect.
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