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  1. Makes it easier to watch the guys wrestling. Too soon?
  2. klehner

    Alphabet Championships - D1 level

    Cornell has 9 championships (by 4 wrestlers) at D.
  3. klehner


    (equation representing the definition of a definite integral; she's getting her PhD in physics)
  4. klehner

    World Team Trials - Day 1

  5. klehner

    Nolf to 74kg

    Good thing that Yianni and Oliver don't wrestle for the same club. Oh, wait...
  6. klehner

    World Team Trials - Day 1

    Foca beat the #2 seed Caffey at 86kg; Caffey reached the blood round of the Sr US Open and was picked 2nd by Flo. Berreyesa (#7 seed) beat the #1 seed at 82kg in Senior GR.
  7. klehner

    2019 WTT Contest

    Game of Thrones references? :-)
  8. klehner

    Team Trials and Flo

    Really not that hard to find: https://www.flowrestling.org/live/10287-2019-world-team-trials-challenge-tournament
  9. klehner

    Cassar granted 2 more years!

    Are you saying that Penn State has an infinite amount of money? So giving money to Cassar doesn't actually reduce the amount of money available to some other students? Or indeed, that Cassar's presence at the school doesn't take away the space available for some other student?
  10. klehner

    Bold Prediction

    Lighten up, Francis.
  11. klehner

    2020 Ncaa Wrestling Suite Tickets

    Just curious: does anyone know where the mat(s) will be in relation to this location? I'd guess the mats will be near one end zone, which means this suite might be ~75yds away.
  12. klehner

    Bold Prediction

    You want to know how good Eierman is? He's the only guy to beat Yianni in college.
  13. klehner

    What college produces the best freestylers?

    Right. But what Nickal and Nolf *might* do in the future does count. Got it, thanks.
  14. klehner

    What college produces the best freestylers?

    So, Yianni and Nahshon have achieved nothing on the world stage, but Nickal and Nolf should be mentioned...because they too have achieved nothing on the world stage but they might in the future? Yikes. By the way, Yianni has two world gold medals on the world stage (albeit at Cadet), and Garrett has made the US world team. Get back to us when Nolf and Nickal have even come that close to the "world stage."
  15. klehner

    Reflections of a world champion

    Garcia will be a Business Planner for the Director of Sales/Marketing. That apostrophe meant something. Honis started at 197 his soph and senior years; he wrestled 285 his junior year (thanks, Darnstadt!). https://www.wrestlestat.com/wrestler/43656/honis-benjamin/profile
  16. klehner

    Reflections of a world champion

    Here's Rob Koll's write-up that references graduating seniors: The following is a list of our seniors and a brief description of their future plans. Dillon Artigliere: TBD Medical School, Jonathon Furnas: Sales/Marketing ARMS, Richmond, VA.Joey Galasso: HB McClure, Andrew Garcia: Director of Sales/Marketing’s Business Planner at GM, Detroit, MI Ben Honis: Deciding between two offers, William Koll: pursuing PHD in physics at Ohio State, Columbus, OH, Derek Krajewski: TBD, Kyle Simaz: Sales/Trading, Viking Forrest Products, Minneapolis, MN, Jeramy Sweany: Analyst/Acquisitions for Magna Hospitality Group, Warwick, RI, and Jacob Taylor: University of Denver Dental School, Denver, CO
  17. klehner

    Bold Prediction

    Do I recall that Gross lost up a weight to Meredith, who lost twice to Yianni (once on a torn ACL)?
  18. klehner

    Reflections of a world champion

    Cut the crap. You made a claim that was false. Nobody said that everyone at Cornell is a genius. What contribution was that?
  19. klehner

    Reflections of a world champion

    Pointing out a logical fallacy is a far greater contribution than is deploying the logical fallacy.
  20. klehner

    Reflections of a world champion

    Straw man alert!
  21. klehner

    Reflections of a world champion

    Why is it fun to do that?
  22. klehner

    Reflections of a world champion

    I have a degree from Cornell, and some of Dake's ideas make me shake my head. Even Rob Koll acknowledged that he doesn't buy some of Dake's methodology.
  23. klehner

    Is Yianni the Second Best Ever?

    If I understand you correctly, Yianni and Dake both were less dominant over weaker opponents than were Zain and Taylor over stronger opponents. Yet Yianni just beat Zain (and Molinari), and Dake was 3-0 vs Taylor (not counting fantasy losses, of course). What kind of monumental failure on the part of Zain and Taylor does that require? How do you compare two "narrow" wins in NCAA finals to actual losses in the NCAAs by Zain and Taylor? This year, Cornell wrestled the #2, 6, 11, 13, 13, 15, 18 and 19 finishers in the NCAA team race. PSU wrestled the #2, 5, 9, 12, 13. Everyone else outside the top 20. You find that to be a MUCH MUCH weaker schedule than PSU?
  24. klehner

    Is Yianni the Second Best Ever?

    Another fantasy win for Taylor over Dake.
  25. Someone on Game of Thrones said something like "everything before the 'but' is bull****." Yianni himself said that he had never done that funk non-roll before, so Oliver likely had not seen that. Nobody can defend Yianni's sitting the corner defense. Yianni is a big stage performer, so what you get in practice is not what you get in the big match. McKenna still lost.