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  1. Darmstadt. There's a reason top-level guys choose neutral against him, and a reason he chooses top. And a reason his nickname is "the Assassin."
  2. This is 2021. Need I say more?
  3. In 2016, then-ranked #2 Brian Realbuto injured his knee in the first round and subsequently went 0-2.
  4. Seeds in order of finish: 125: 1/2/3/5/4/6/9/8 133: 1/7/2/5/6/4/5/9 141: 1/2/4/5/3/6/7/10 149: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/9 157: 1/7/4/6/3/5/8/9 165: 1/2/6/5/3/8/9/4 174: 3/1/7/5/4/6/8/2 184: 1/2/4/3/9/5/6/8 197: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 285: 1/3/4/5/2/7/6/8 35/80 placed exactly at seed. Seven top 8 seeds didn't place at all. No idea if that is good or bad.
  5. They have had one: 4. Joe Booth 1 165 2014
  6. Seeds mean next to nothing in this tournament.
  7. all the scoreboards are frozen. And Hofstra is screwing the pooch early.
  8. Ramirez just teched Quincy Monday in about forty seconds. Destroyed him.
  9. Current Cornell students would be in violation of COVID-19 protocols if they were at these events (or so Rob Koll indicated).
  10. Doesn't "penultimate" mean "second to last?"
  11. Not sick, but recovering from a torn rib muscle. According to Gabe in an interview.
  12. The site is not accepting new connections: all those who are posting that it works on <X> device are those who had it open prior to the failure. They are taking a ten minute break to try and fix things.
  13. Army has nothing coming in as far as ranked recruits are concerned. They have exactly one ranked (per Flo) guy, and he's ranked #17 in his weight class as a junior. Compare that to nine for Cornell (five seniors, four juniors), eight for Penn (three and four, and six of them are #15 or better), four for Navy (including #5 and #8 seniors). Heck, Columbia has three ranked recruits. To be a perennial top 10, you need better recruiting than that, no matter who is doing the coaching. They may be bringing back their whole team, but they'll be facing a healthier Lehigh, and teams from Cornell, Princeton, and Penn that will be armed to the teeth and out to prove things. Each of those teams will also be young.
  14. Hmm, talk about being thrown to the wolf: David Taylor vs Chris Foca David Taylor vs Max Dean Say what you will, the Cornell/Spartan Combat folks aren't backing down from a challenge (Gabe Dean vs. Nickal and Snyder, for instance).
  15. Your loss. I signed up for an event some months ago, and then cancelled within that month. Signed up for another event in January that happened to be less than a month before tomorrow's event, so I'll get those two events for one month, and then cancel again. See attached for a screen shot of my account settings. Seems pretty straightforward.
  16. Gonna be tough without Yianni actually there. Rokfin says only one 65kg match.
  17. I'll guess that Penn will be ahead of Navy if either gets there. Looking at their current recruiting among ranked wrestlers(on Flo), Penn is out-recruiting Navy this year (4 to 2) and next (also 4 to 2).
  18. Same for Princeton. Add in the sub-par rankings of Lehigh wrestlers this year, and this is the result.
  19. This page (https://rokfin.com/NLWC) says that that announcement page is "FREE".
  20. Mostly irrelevant for Cornell. The rule is that current *senior* student-athletes may graduate and ask for a year of eligibility as a grad student. The only senior on the team who had even a shot at starting would be Hunter Richard, who is not currently enrolled and will be a senior next year. Almost everyone else on the team will be a junior or younger *next* year. Vito (So), LaJoie (Sr), Yianni (Jr), Saunders (Fr), Yapoujian (Fr/So?), Ramirez (Fr), Foca (Fr), Dean (Jr), Darmstadt (Jr/Sr)/Cardenas (Fr), Fernandes (So?)
  21. If you read above: “The option to utilize the five-year historical average was an equitable alternative"
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