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  1. Is Greg D. considered a freshman?
  2. All Ivy League home matches in all sports are streamed by ESPN+ (or another part of the ESPN world). That includes wrestling.
  3. Flo said that if these events aren't on their schedule (they aren't), then Flo isn't covering them. Anyone know if they will be covered by anyone? Funny that the CKLV website has FloWrestling prominently displayed on the home page (but the "WATCH..." link goes to Flo's 2019 coverage). I reached out to Mark Churella via the website to get some clarification (no response yet) Of course, someone at Binghamton told me "A contract with flo to stream The Bearcat Open is in the works, so expect it to be there. Things aren't 100% official yet so when they do become official, the listing will be able to be found on Flo." Two weeks out, and no indication of coverage. Also, ESPN+ is supposed to be covering all Ivy League home wrestling matches, but the Stanford dual on 11/20 is not on their schedule. Good luck finding someone at ESPN to respond to questions.
  4. Isn't this their web site? https://www.spartancombatrtc.com/
  5. Lost in 8th grade to Dylan Ryder 3-2 at the Eastern States Classic (http://armdrag.com/matburn?event=1928&instance=9649), and to someone named Mitchell Seaver in a dual meet that year. http://matburn.com/teams?team=420&person=53666 Looks like Yianni also only lost twice, also his 8th grade season (both to the same guy). Vito's only loss was to Yianni in an early state final.
  6. Yeah, I don't think so. You never heard of the National Letter of Intent (which Ivy League schools don't use)? http://www.nationalletter.org/aboutTheNli/index.html Hope you didn't hurt your eyeballs.
  7. No love for a five time NYS champion (Yianni only won four) with a 219-2 record.
  8. Does everyone wear their own line of clothing?
  9. Yeah, I don't think so. Unless by "commit" you mean "say they want to go".
  10. I don't believe so. Consider someone who wrestles but never enrolls, or enrolls but never actually attends school.
  11. Looks like this guy may have lined up something.
  12. Three things: 1) They could meet in Florida in two months (assuming they both win their pools, and win their semi-finals); and 2) If so, Suriano won't be on the roster, as he is not currently enrolled (although that could change, assuming he actually is going to PSU); and finally 3) if so, then count Lee for a fall over whoever is sent to the slaughter by PSU.
  13. Does anyone have insight into how Greg D. has done in the past year as a greyshirt? I have not heard of any matches he's had. For all we know, he's put on a bunch of muscle and grown into a 133. Let's not understimate a 5x NYS champion! (this from the NCAA seems to think he'll be at 133, as well: https://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/article/2021-10-12/these-true-freshman-college-wrestling-contenders-have-best-chance-win-title-season)
  14. First day of classes in the second semester is January 10.
  15. How about Yianni at 65kg? Cornell has a non-Ivy match that day (Binghamton), but does he take a break from folkstyle to prepare for this match? The weekend prior is a grudge match against Princeton, and he isn't going to miss that.
  16. Don't be an ass (good luck with that).
  17. Cornell, with twelve student positives in the past seven days (and a positivity rate of .12%, has a status of "New Normal." Among other things, this means" There are 75% capacity restrictions in place in some circumstances, I believe. Mask are always required indoors.
  18. Pronounce it as you will, it is still fraud. But you don't care.
  19. By "months," you mean two years, right? And the six billion doses already given? And the fact that mRNA has been in development for at least a decade, and is well understood? Despite the fact that one in every 500 US resident has died from the coronavirus, you don't think it's bad enough to require vaccination that protects everyone? How bad would it have to be? Ebola-level bad?
  20. What's your point wrt that study? The study that says and "Diminishes after 3-5 years"?
  21. Why is the DTaP vaccine four doses? Why not three, or five? There is plenty of research done on natural vs. vaccination immunity. Why does it have to be US research?
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