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  1. Why does Oklahoma's schedule say they'll be at Midlands at that time?
  2. Seventeen. Thirteen of those years with four or more. https://cornellbigred.com/sports/2010/6/21/WREST_0621104355.aspx
  3. Yeah, torn rib cage is just like everyone else's dings. And Dean never gave that as an excuse in the interview; he gave props to Nickal. <rolleyes>
  4. Actually, Gabe has recently revealed he tore a rib muscle a couple of weeks prior, and that greatly affected his training prior to NCAAs. He did look sick at the time, though.
  5. FWIW: according to Track's weight management: Ruth, Lane, and Farro are not certified. Meyer cert'd at 165 (so going down to 157?). Frinzi cert'd at 184, so 165 would be a bunch. Weiler, Kutler cert'd at 197.
  6. Nick Provo (Jr) in the semifinals at Super 32 after beating the #3 seed at 113 from the #6 seed. Lightning fast from his feet, aggressive, never let up. Why they had those seeds, I don't know, as Flo has Provo ranked #4 and his opponent at #19.
  7. My best searchin': 113: Nico Provo (Jr, CT) 132: Dylan Cedeno (Sr., NJ) 138: Josh Saunders (Sr., MO) (Side note: Greg Diakomihalis is not ranked by Flo)
  8. "Lol"? Are you twelve years old? And "Cornell": is that the best argument you can come up with?
  9. Not that you care, but (emphasis added)... "By accessing the FloSports website, you certify that you’re using premium content solely for personal, noncommercial purposes; you will not copy or distribute any part of the website without FloSports Inc Limited’s prior written authorization; you will fully comply with the terms and conditions of these terms of service as well as our acceptable use policy; and you will not share your account username and password with other persons." I'm also guessing that Flo adheres to "fair use" of copyrighted material (such as photos of wrestlers), so that's irrelevant. Are you suggesting that posting links to YouTube videos, via the "share" capability provided by YouTube themselves, somehow violates copyright? Really?
  10. "I'm curious about Flo's opinion but I'm too cheap to pay for that copyrighted material according to Flo's business model, so could someone violate copyright protections and give me the material for free?" Is that better? Do you do the same for, say, articles on the Wall Street Journal (behind a paywall), or the NYTimes (mostly behind a paywall)? Why would Flo be different?
  11. "I'm too cheap to pay for copyrighted material, so could someone who isn't that cheap violate copyright protections and give me the material for free?"
  12. Who is JO? Certainly not the Jordan Oliver who left FLWC and went to North Carolina. Just because Dake has a Olympic gold medal doesn't mean either he wants to be a head coach or he has the ability to be a head coach.
  13. Wrong. "Any punishment would almost certainly include Russia’s ban from next year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo, but it could extend to competitions in any sport whose governing body is a signer of WADA’s doping code, including soccer’s World Cup, track and field’s world championships and dozens of other sporting events."
  14. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/22/sports/olympics/russia-doping.html
  15. While you are at it, have FIFA stop putting Israel in the Europe group so as to not piss off the Arab countries.
  16. Yianni himself said on Monday that he was probably going to take a break...until Tuesday. He also talks about focusing on the OTT, so any thought of doing U23 is out of the question (even if he could get the spot on the team). Yianni is a world-class senior freestyle wrestler. He's done with Cadets, Juniors, or U23, I would think.
  17. 2019: Vito seeded 8th, takes 4th. Tucker seeded 9th, goes 1-2. Yianni was Yianni. Womack seeded 16th, goes 1-2 (loses to Hall). Dean seeded 5th, takes 2nd. Honis seeded 9th, takes 8th. Sweany seeded 23rd, goes 0-2. Three over-perform, one (Tucker) underperforms, three go more-or-less as expected, and Yianni is Yianni. 2018: Tucker unseeded, goes 1-2. Yianni seeded 3rd, takes 1st. Chavez seeded 16h, takes 7th. Womack unseeded, goes 0-2. Dean seeded 9th, takes 8th. Darmstadt seeded 2nd, takes 6th with a fractured vertebra. Sweany unseeded, goes 1-2. Three over-perform, one underperforms with a major injury, three go more-or-less as expected. By the way, in 2020-21, they will have four AAs from this or last year's roster, plus a couple of the best recruiting classes in the country. They will have only lost Tucker and Womack, and replaced them with blue-chippers like Greg Diakomihalis, Josh Saunders, Julian Ramirez, Jacob Cardenas, Chris Foca, Lewis Fernandes, Ethan Hatcher, Colton Yapoujian. Did you notice that the question was not "this year" but "Is it crazy to think they might contend for a NCAA team title in the next few years?" You think that is so crazy?
  18. Cornell. That seems like a lot to return, and very few to wrestle. (that number may change from two to three; time will tell)
  19. Sounds like you all are saying that Dake had a near-100% chance of beating Taylor all those years.
  20. Do you agree that the outcome of each match is an independent event?
  21. So you are saying that each is equally likely to win either match. And whoever wins the first match is less likely to win the second match, why?
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