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  1. If anybody is interested in Joining we are right at 50 entries which would be about close to 700 to winner and 300 to second place- send me a email and I can send you a invite kevin.stroh@fhsdschools.org
  2. In years past someone has always posted one on the chat would love to have one to use
  3. This is the 5th year of the Mu Challenge we generally get about 50-80 entries and the winner will take home 700-1000 dollars and second place 300-500 The cost is 20 dollars per a team, each user can by up to 5 teams with the cost being 20 every additional team, so 3 teams would be 60 If you would like an invitation email kstroh200@gmail.com or kevin.stroh@fhsdschools.org You can pay via Paypal addressed to kevin.stroh@fhsdschools.org or Venmo kevin-stroh-1 If i do not have money by midnight at 3/17 I will silence your team and you can't win. Please put your team name when you pay so I know which team it belongs too. 3rd place gets their money back, all the money that's left will be split between 1st place (70%) and 2nd place (30%) Email me at kevin.stroh@fhsdschools.org for any questions Important new this year the points are allocated off of actual NCAA seeds (in the past it was average of the polls ) Each roster must have exactly one wrestler at every weight class. Each roster must stay below the allotted salary cap of 1,000 pts. There is no minimum for the total salary cap used. Each wrestler ranking slot will be allotted a set amount of points. Those points are listed here: 1st – 196 points 2nd - 148 points 3rd - 139 points 4th - 129 points 5th - 117 points 6th - 107 points 7th - 93 points 8th - 87 points 9th - 78 points 10th - 71 points 11th - 59 points 12th - 45 points 13th - 38 points 14th - 31 points 15th - 26 points 16th THRU 20th – 10 points Unranked – 5 points Scoring for each wrestler is based on the official wrestling tournament team scoring rules.
  4. Maybe Bo Nickal has to wrestle a couple years for nlwc to get his student loans paid off, rumor is that's how some of the bigger schools are doing it, not a lot of scholarship money then the otc club pays off their student loans after they finish eligibility
  5. Welp My final 2 picks erase my other one is 1st Gable Stevenson 2nd Nick Reenen
  6. welp it looks like warner isnr going to wrestle this weekend, so can i change my 2nd to sheilds asu, shoot he is an AA, give me Elam Mizzou Heavy as my number 2
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