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  1. rcoates1

    Gfeller v. Ashnault

    Also going to be tough winning 4 B1G titles considering his fifth place finish his freshman year there
  2. rcoates1

    New Flo Rankings

    Maybe they’re still taking into account his loss to Looney in Las Vegas. One good win doesn’t automatically put you in the top 20.
  3. rcoates1

    Cowboy Shootout

    I had the opportunity to make it over to Laramie for this event and it was a lot of fun. The UNC WYO dual was fun from start to finish. Wyoming wrestles a little bit flat at time and it likely cost Carless Looney his starting job in front of his hometown fans (the coaches pulled Tate Samuelson’s redshirt against Army). The final match with AC Headlee and Sam Turner was a nail biter won with a last second escape by turner to seal the match and dual meet victory. all the duals had fun matchups and some fun points where the coaches got chippy with each other. If there was one bad thing about the night it was the Army coaching staff. They came off as crybabies. At one point they threw the challenge brick across the mat and onto the adjacent mat. Not a great look for them. They’re all you young fiery coaches who want the best for their guys and I’m sure they will learn to hone in their crazy. as we were walking out to our car after the kids got autographed from as many wrestlers they could find we headed out the doors and ran into Teague Moore. So I introduced myself and he talked to the kids and really put an exclamation point on the evening for the whole tribe.
  4. rcoates1

    Spencer Lee vs Patrick Glory semi

    I think a good sports psychologist would do him well. That and maybe HWC needs to bring in some top flight international guys for him to roll with. He needs to learn to get comfortable in uncomfortable situations
  5. rcoates1

    you make finals - and don't wrestle?

    For what it’s worth joe smith did have to take injury time in his semifinal for something in the first period. I couldn’t tell what exactly happened but as soon as he got the takedown he looked concerned about something and then signaled to the ref for a timeout. He then went on to destroy Hughes of MSU. He is also the one that MFF the finals, maybe it wasn’t bad enough to not finish the match with Hughes but wasn’t worth wrestling a teammate in the finals of a meaningless tournament.
  6. rcoates1

    Folkstyle moves that should be banned

    You expect an official to decide whether a move has potential to pin or not. I’ve seen kids pinned in all kinds of tilts. There is no situation when your back is exposed that there is 0% chance of you getting pinned
  7. rcoates1

    Fix to 125 rumor?

    I think if anything Brock would go down to 133 then 141 and 149 Gfeller and Boo. Their maximum point potential is how they have their lineup set right now. Fix wont score more at 125, Picc will likely not get on the podium at 133. If Fix and Brock push Picc out of the lineup it will suck because I enjoy watching Picc, kids a go-er.
  8. rcoates1

    Which #1 Is Least Likely to Lose This Year?

    McKenna, Eierman and Lee present a tougher road to go undefeated for Yianni than Moore does for Nickal.
  9. rcoates1

    Joe Smith

    He certified at 165, which means he weighed in between 165.1 and 174
  10. rcoates1

    Joe Smith

    Rogers has been their 165 the past two seasons
  11. rcoates1

    Keystone Classic

    2:30 ET
  12. rcoates1

    Last Man Standing - 2018/19 (Belated Edition)

    Starter- Nick Reenan Backup - Ryan Deakin
  13. rcoates1

    Enjoy the current US overall lead...

    We need to go out of country to find a new Greco coach. All we ever hear is that lindland has our Greco program on the rise and year after year we have underwhelming results. It’s time for a change of culture in our Greco program.
  14. rcoates1

    65kg Meh...

    Uguev 27-5 Bonne 29-19 Otoguru 67-23 Gazimagomedov 21-11 Sidakov 27-9 Dake 37-0 Taylor 48-13 Cox 21-5 Sadulaev 47-3 Petriashvili 30-7 (missing some points as I couldn’t get his fall over Russia to load, so at least +2)