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  1. Well many wrestlers do wear them at practice but still they’re not that great
  2. Oh, it’s not middle school? Thank you for clarifying that. Could you tell us all why college kids don’t need to wear shorts? How does the singlet improve the product on the mat? Will less people watch wrestling if guys are in fight shorts and compression shirts?
  3. Have you never talked to middle school kids? That’s their number one complaint. It’s laughable how ignorant you are.
  4. That’s just what he put on his Twitter this afternoon so it could be an April fools joke, I just thought it was funny seeing this thread right after reading that tweet. Don’t know if anyone in their current roster who could step in at 149 and be competitive. With Ben Provisor and Mason Manville at PSU there is at least a Greco influence there so it’s not entirely far fetched.
  5. Looks like Jared Verkleeran is a one and done and will pursue Greco full time
  6. So the ones that are doing well have brains that don’t function?
  7. It was definitely a head fear pull but fix shouldn’t have stopped wrestling. ****ty match with a ****ty ending
  8. That was just a good old fashioned butt kicking. It was cool to see white in the finals though, dude never gave up throughout his career.
  9. I think the ridiculously long reviews really killed any chance for either wrestler to get a good feel for positions against one another. It will be an intense match but casual fans will consider it a bore.
  10. I think Rogers, Smith, Smith would have outscored what they went with. i also think Gfeller’s ribs have really hurt his wrestling. He is a much better wrestler than what he has shown in the last month.
  11. Ben Cherrington was 1 for 1 I believe.
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