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  1. Yeah but I think his family moved to Stillwater with him for college. I know his little brother graduated from Stillwater hs
  2. He’s leaving Okie State and headed to Michigan. His long time girlfriend will be continuing her education there. Her parents also live there. Should be a good fit for Alex. Stinks seeing him leave Stillwater though.
  3. Who the heck is Neal Richards from VMI? He’s putting a beating on Foca
  4. After Piotrowski got the takedown in the first Rivera takes injury time and is limping to his corner and he says “yep, it popped”
  5. I meant with the best of the big guys not just big humans in general.
  6. Well he better go 9-9 because Stencel beat him last year.
  7. Best quarterfinals matches 125- DeAugustino vs Hildebrandt- give me Hilde 133- Rivera vs Hayes - Rivera without much trouble 141- Heil vs Profaci and Murin vs Duncan - I’ll take Heil and Murin with a little revenge against Illinois since the last time he wrestled an Illini they made him cry 149- all four matches pretty bland to me, someone gets upset though. 157-Ruffin vs Artalona- I’ll take Ruffin because he has a cool name 165- Perez vs Wick- Perez has looked good this year, I’ll give him a 2% chance to take out Wick 174- Lydy is fun to watch so I’ll tune in for that 184- Assad vs Harvey Brands vs Braunagel- Harvey will be a great test for Assad, I’ll take the young pup in the upset. I’ll take Braunagel over Brands in a tight one 197- Brunner vs Davison- this has potential to be the best match of the round. I’ll take Brunner. 285- Big Cass vs Elam- not sure if Elam has the size to stay competitive with the big guys. Here his chance to prove people wrong
  8. Cassiopi’s ability to pin as a freshman heavy is very impressive. A final with him and Matt Stencel could be very entertaining.
  9. Johnni DiJulius said Dylan would wrestle midlands for 500 retweets. Outside of CKLV all these tournaments are fairly weak. It’s kind of sad that the regular season is going by the wayside. It’s going to be hard to draw new fans to the sport when nobody cares about anything other than conference and nationals.
  10. Are there any post grads that anyone has seen? Just skimming through the brackets nobody jumped out at me.
  11. He does look a lot stronger. This match with Hayes should be very telling where he is at in his development. I suspect he has a lot of trouble finishing shots.
  12. Agreed. I was hoping he’d live up to the hype he had in high school. It’s certainly not looking real promising right now. Fortunately he has four years.
  13. Anyone know why Ryan Deakin is absent?
  14. Glosser with a fall over Cole Martin.
  15. Gavin with a very underwhelming performance there. 3-1 win in OT
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