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    rcoates1 reacted to boconnell in Midlands finals   
    This is an idiotic post.  The guy said he backed up and didn't stall.  I truly don't understand the mental gymnastics to take that and create a situation where a guy is implying stalling, being a coward, and treating you like you're stupid.  Reading this I hope you're drunk, but I fear you're just belligerent for no reason.
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    rcoates1 reacted to BobDole in ESPN reporting on wrestling referee incident   
    Here is the kicker, the kid reported to the mat with an illegal hair cover. No kid will report to the mat with a hair cover if he and/or his coach do not know ahead of time that the hair is of illegal length.
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    rcoates1 got a reaction from Peso in Folkstyle moves that should be banned   
    You expect an official to decide whether a move has potential to pin or not.  I’ve seen kids pinned  in all kinds of tilts.  There is no situation when your back is exposed that there is 0% chance of you getting pinned
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    rcoates1 reacted to wrestlingphish in Gilman quote from Worlds evaluation   
    This is mumbo-jumbo bull****... and since Gilman has already been more successful at his chosen profession than you have in any aspect of your life I am going to go ahead and say that we should listen to him and not you.
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    rcoates1 reacted to NJDan in Cornell vs UNI   
    If Yianni has developed triceps--- or even just one-- he should be unbeatable.
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    rcoates1 got a reaction from spladle08 in Joe Smith   
    Rogers has been their 165 the past two seasons
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    rcoates1 got a reaction from hammerlockthree in Joe Smith   
    Rogers has been their 165 the past two seasons
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    rcoates1 got a reaction from stp in Last Man Standing - 2018/19 (Belated Edition)   
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    rcoates1 got a reaction from treep2000 in Sadulaev by pin little over a minute   
    This is a much better definition of getting caught
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    rcoates1 reacted to dmm53 in Sadulaev by pin little over a minute   
    I'm not blaming the ref for the result, but that ref was the worst one I saw in all the freestyle matches.  He let things get out of control in an earlier match.  Why would they use him in a match of this importance?
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    rcoates1 got a reaction from MikePorcelli in Worlds Day 4 Thread   
    Mensah looks like the female version of j’den.  They should mate and create a superhuman.
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    rcoates1 reacted to hammerlockthree in More Jordans   
    The jordan's decided to just breed their own program....its not very time efficient but at least you don't have to deal with parents.
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    rcoates1 got a reaction from Johny in Worlds Day 3 Thread   
    Odikadze did it for him instead
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    rcoates1 reacted to BigTimeFan in Worlds Day 3 Thread   
    Yes! Hrovat is such an interesting guy. If I made a list of who I'd love to have a beer with and talk wrestling, Hrovat would be up there. He's trained all around the world and made it his business to work with the best. I think a lot of similarly situated wrestlers wouldn't be nearly as interesting.
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    rcoates1 got a reaction from Housebuye in Day 2 Thread   
    I agree.  If cox pushes the pace against either guy he can wear them out.  Brutal draw for karimi
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    rcoates1 reacted to PRyan2012 in World Championships 2018 - Discussion Thread - Day 1   
    JB simply has to win in 19 and 20 to be GOAT. No pressure:-)
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    rcoates1 reacted to PRyan2012 in World Championships 2018 - Discussion Thread - Day 1   
    I just do. Father time thing. Most likely 5 is all he will get now. But overall how could I feel bad-no matter what happens still one of the greatest!
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    rcoates1 got a reaction from TBar1977 in World Championships 2018 - Discussion Thread - Day 1   
    Lomtadze is wearing some Kyle Dake KD socks
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    rcoates1 reacted to Housebuye in Facts about junior world medalists in college   
    Over the last few years, the US has dramatically improved it's junior world success. I looked at the last 10 years to try and understand how we can use this larger data set to help predict future college success. 
    There is way more you can do with this data. I kind of wish I was still in college so I could spend way more time on this, but I still think this info is interesting. I'm specifically looking at Men's Freestyle.
    From 2009-2018, there have been 27 junior world medalists, including 5 who have at least 2 medals. I'm removing Pico from the rest of this as he gave up his college eligibility without wrestling, so I'll be using the 26 number for the rest of this. The USA has won 9 golds from 7 wrestlers (Mark Hall (2x), Spencer Lee (2x), Mekhi Lewis, Daton Fix, Gable Steveson, Kyle Snyder, Dom Bradley) Only 1 of the gold medalists who has competed in college hasn't won an NCAA title (Dom Bradley). That included Hall and Lee, both of whom won titles as true freshman.  Medalists with completed eligibility average 2.8 AAs over the course of their career. That means that a medalist is more likely to AA than not in any given year.   20 junior world medalists have competed at least 1 year in college. Only 3 haven't AAd and only 1 is out of eligibility (Butler).  13 of the 26 medalists have used up their NCAA eligibility and 12 AAd at least once. That suggests that junior world medalists have a  92% chance of AAing Only 1 of those 12 out of eligibility AAers AAd once (Pat Downey), wihch suggests junior world medalists have an 85% chance of AAing at least twice. 11 of the 22 wrestlers who have competed in college at least for 1 year were finalists.  9 of the 13 guys without eligibility left AAd at least 3 times! (69%) 10 of the 13 guys without eligibility left AAd at least twice  Ryan Deakin and Mitch McKee are at risk of throwing off these numbers, as they are both junior world medalists (and finalist) who haven't AAd. Each still has eligibility, so it is likely they AA.  7 out of 12 guys without eligibility remaining won an NCAA title. This suggests that  58% of medalists will win a title. What is even crazier is if we include those still with eligibility (excluding those that haven't competed yet), 50% have won an NCAA title! The guys added here include Zahid Valencia, Mark Hall and Spencer Lee.  6 out of those 12 won multiple titles! There are all kinds of interesting extrapolations that can be made from the data, but it is pretty clear that being a junior world medalist means it is highly likely you will AA multiple times and you have about a 50/50 chance of winning more than 1 title. For a gold medalist, the likelihood of winning a national title is 75%.
    If we take this way too far...
    Gable Steveson, Mekhi Lewis and Daton Fix  each have a 75% of winning a national title at some point
    Both Mitch McKee and Ryan Deakin are very likely to AA 
    Joey McKenna has at least a 69% likelihood of AAing this year (although if we account for it being his senior year, nobody who has AAd previously and won a junior world medal didn't AA their senior year, so 100%) 
    Micic is extremely likely to AA and likely to win a title in the next two seasons
    Aaron Brooks, Zach Elam and Brady Berge have a 76% chance to AA at least twice and a 58% chance of winning a national title. 
    Mark Hall, Zahid Valencia and Spencer Lee are likely to win at least 1 more title 
    I can't wait for the season to start
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    rcoates1 reacted to wrestlingnerd in NWCA All Star Classic   
    I don't hate PSU. I admire the best program in college wrestling. It's their petulant fans like you who start calling people names the second anyone disagrees with them who deserve a good caning.
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    rcoates1 reacted to red blades in Suriano interview s   
    Ya'll princesses need to heed the song:  "Let it go, let it go!" :-P
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    rcoates1 reacted to Cradle1 in Junior Worlds 2018   
    This thread it seems to me is a great example of how on these forums we all suffer from what is sometimes called "Recency Bias".  One year ago at this time Spencer Lee was injured, fresh off his loss at PA State Finals and Daton Fix and just teched his way through Jr. World and belonged on our senior world team according to forum posters who were certain he could be our World Silver Medalist (not too far off as he did beat the Bronze Medalist, but anyway).  Everyone was saying that the field had caught Lee and he was too small for 125.  Ditto after his loss at Midlands to Ronnie Bresser.   All Fix has done is sweep Tomasello to make the U23 team and wreck the field at World Team Trials to get to final X, at the age of 19.  One 5-4 loss and stick a fork in him, he's done, whereas Lee is coming off NCAA's where he was unbelievable and has been granted god status.  He will never lose again according to most, and I got to admit it feels that way to me, damn did he look impressive.  Of course, after Midlands, he had no offense on his feet as I recall. Now Fix has no offense on his feet. Never mind how both have basically teched their way through Jr. Worlds in the past- seemingly a tough thing to do with no offense but that's just me.
    Someone even posted- "when Fix's offense gets shut down, he struggles to win".  Yes, that's the thing about your offense getting shut down, you do struggle to win typically.  That's not just a Daton Fix thing though. Or even just a wrestling thing- more a "sports thing". Seriously though, the point that he wins by either a big margin or loses by a point isn't entirely off base.....  
    Here's one prediction- both Lee and Fix will have more highs and lows to follow, and the fans will pronounce them the next multiple Olympic gold medalist with each great new achievement, and overrated or limited in their skill set with each disappointment.
    Just my two cents- it's tough to see Fix winning in folk due to Lee having a major edge in mat wrestle and folk scrambling it would seem, but the kid's a winner no doubt. In freestyle, this is a great rivalry in the making (presuming Fix stays at 57 kg).
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    rcoates1 got a reaction from Housebuye in Who are some exciting dark horses to look out for next season?   
    I’ll go with Cameron Caffey from Michigan State to turn some heads this year. He was fun to watch at WTT’s. He may be more suited for the international styles but I’ll stick to my pick as him as a dark horse.
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    rcoates1 reacted to boconnell in Pre-Season Prediction Challenge   
    Thanks for letting me know why he's terrible.  
    It still doesn't change the fact that you never made a single pro-PSU post in this thread.  You came on here to cause trouble then cried wolf about people not handling PSU positivity.  You tell him his whining ruins PSU boards while your whining is currently ruining this board.  What you recognize in him you are incapable of recognizing in yourself. 
    You guys are the same fan in different colored t-shirts.
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    rcoates1 reacted to WildTurkey44 in USA P4P Rankings (Pre-Final X)   
    Has a Penn State wrestler under Cael won a world medal? You can diminish Gilman's silver medal all you want because of your Iowa hatred but you can never take it from him. He wrestled and beat everyone who lined up in front of him from the last chance qualifier all the way until the world finals. He was a huge part of Team USA winning a world title over the cheating Russian's. Badass accomplishment anyway you look at it
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