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  1. Gregor wins via 21-second KO! https://twitter.com/ufc/status/850857557581217792
  2. You guys have been awesome supporters of our podcast project. Thank you so much! Yesterday, we had the chance to talk with former NCAA champ Gregor Gillespie ahead of his return to the Octagon, and are happy to share it here. In addition to breaking down his fight prep, Gregor also talks about Penn State's dominance, and explains his unhealthy addiction to freshwater fishing. I'm not thrilled with the audio quality, but Gregor's the best, so it was worth the trade off. We're happy, as always, to share with y'all: SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/diplosport/diplosport-podcast-133-gregor-gillespie iTunes: apple.co/2bnO1ro Google Play: bit.ly/DiploSportGooglePlay
  3. ...for having an fascinating background story and for being a good dude. If you're making the pilgrimage to St. Louis this week, we think it would be great prep to listen to our interview with the in-arena announcer for the upcoming NCAA Division I National Championships. Jason's got a great story about entrepreneurism through wrestling with some interesting twists and turns on his way to the pinnacle of the sport -- whether the Rio Olympics or MSG and St. Louis (with some fun side trips to Fargo and Baku along the way). Here are the links: SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/diplosport/diplosport-podcast-129-jason-bryant iTunes: apple.co/2bnO1ro Feedback always welcome. And if you haven't done so, BUY THE GUIDE: http://www.mattalkonline.com/2017-ncaa-division-i-wrestling-championship-fan-guide/
  5. If there's a lesson which our community in particular takes from this, it's the power of sports (like wrestling) to transcend cultural divides/politics and bring people together. Here's our interview with former Secretary of State Condi Rice (100% apolitical) which touches on how she used Sports Diplomacy as one of her tools as our nation's chief emissary: https://soundcloud.com/diplosport/diplosport-podcast-episode-100-condoleezza-rice
  6. This board has been awesome in terms of feedback for my podcast project, so at the risk of pushing my luck, I wanted to share my latest interview. This week's guest is Coleman Scott, the HC of UNC, and towards the end of our conversation (which covers a little PIAA and a lot of Okie State/John Smith and the Olympics), he talks about his goals for Joey Ward heading into the second half of the season. As always, would be honored if you'd give it a listen! https://soundcloud.com/diplosport/diplosport-podcast-123-coleman-scott
  7. We interviewed the Congressman a few months ago, and he was a great guy...here's our 100% politics free discussion, which includes a breakdown of his first title, won against John Smith: https://soundcloud.com/diplosport/diplosport-podcast-114-jim-jordan
  8. Not sure third-string heavyweights usually merit a thread, but I'm a huge proponent of service academy athletics, and in addition to being a 2-year starter on an above-average Navy football team, Amos Mason was a 3x state champ out of Tennessee. And it's always cool when football gives a nod to the value of a wrestling background. http://www.capitalgazette.com/sports/navy_sports/ph-ac-cs-amos-mason-wrestling-0113-20170112-story.html
  9. Not 100% sure what Jay Bilas' point was here (I think he's championing us), but in the spirit of Clemson's improbable National Title in football last night, it was nice to see wrestling get some run:
  10. Nothing to do with wrestling, but I learned today that Pitt beat both Penn State and Clemson in football this year.
  11. Bear Bryant said it best: "Mama Called..." http://www.angelfire.com/al/bamacrimsontide/bryantera.html
  12. Sports Diplomacy is really a thing...and if I may, here's a shameless plug for my podcast, including my interview with Congressman Jim Jordan (who in my opinion would be a terriffic ambassador): https://soundcloud.com/diplosport Subscribe to the DiploSport Podcast on: iTunes: apple.co/2bnO1ro Google Play: bit.ly/DiploSportGooglePlay Stitcher: bit.ly/DiploSportStitcher
  13. What's the thought process behind why our guys don't go Greco? For instance, with the Dake/Taylor/Burroughs logjam, I always thought it would have made sense for Kyle or David to try their hand. I can't profess to know how they would do against our elite Greco guys domestically much less against international competition, so I might be totally off base here. I'll leave it to the board to square me away. But an Olympic slot/medal is an Olympic slot/medal, regardless of whether it's freestyle or Greco, right?
  14. Last week, I posted my interview with Congressman Jordan -- zero politics and lots of great wrestling talk about his own career, the Graham Dynasty and his family. If you're looking for something that has a tinge of the election, but 0 political BS, I invite you to take a listen (links to Google Play, iTunes, Stitcher in the link below). https://soundcloud.com/diplosport/diplosport-podcast-114-jim-jordan
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