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  1. Snyder trained with Akgul at the Ohio RTC for a bit earlier this year when he was visiting the USA. He posted some of their live matches on youtube and Akgul was consistently beating him from what I remember. As great as Snyder is, there's just no way to make up for that much of a size deficit.
  2. If you think Iowa is going to have 9 All-Americans this year then you are out of your damn mind.
  3. That match was crap. The criteria seems messed up to me when the guy who scores 2 offensive points is losing on criteria to the guy with 1 offensive point and a caution point. Anyone care to defend that scoring structure?
  4. Interesting piece of info. Had no idea.
  5. I'm not saying the guy isn't a great coach, but I think the jump from the lower divisions to a top 25 D1 team in the Big10 is a large one. Perhaps another step or two between his current job and something like the Indiana gig would make more sense. Generally a coach being considered for a major conference job like that is either super well known from competition (he's not) or a coach who has previous experience developing D1 wrestlers somewhere else (he doesn't). I think if you're kind of a "no name" coach you need more on your CV that some solid finishes at the D3 level. Again, not insulting this man's coaching ability. The track record just isn't there yet for a job of this magnitude (in my opinion).
  6. No offense, but if no one knows who the guy is I don't think he's probably the best candidate to turn around a Big 10 program.
  7. My understand is that Hahn is the coach in waiting at Cornell. Much like Guerrero at Okie State. Unlikely to leave.
  8. There should not be a weight class added between heavyweight and 197. Simply put, there aren't enough quality competitors in that weight range to make it viable. Look at how thin high school upper weights are. Why would you want to create another weight class and have it be the weakest one in wrestling every year?
  9. This is preposterous to even suggest. He'll be training free full time.
  10. Sure it can get annoying, but I wouldn't take every post as though it's directed at me. Who cares what uninformed fans have to say?
  11. Interesting move. Assume he's following Yonemitsu?
  12. Lately, I'm seeing a lot of board chatter about how people don't necessarily hate Cael/Penn State wrestlers/anyone actually involved with the program, but they do hate the fans. It got me thinking, is that something that's truly specific to Penn State wrestling fans? Are they really so awful and unique in their position as fans of a dynasty as to be truly hated? Does anyone here like Alabama football fans? How about New England Patriots fans? Anybody a big fan of Yankees supporters? No fan clubs for the Kentucky basketball fan club? Generally speaking, the average sports fan will talk about how much they hate all of these groups. Is it really true that in some mad coincidence the people in these different groups are all universally terrible? Or as fans of outside programs and teams do we just get a visceral reaction of disgust when we see the gloating and the celebratory posts and the adoration? It gets old. I'll be the first to admit it. Their position makes you hate them. The truth is, if they sucked, we would never be complaining about their fans. They are just like the fans everywhere else. Basically, people hate fans of dynasties and come to resent almost everything that they do after a certain consistent level of success is achieved. I defy you to name me one significant sports dynasty whose fan base the general population does not hate. Now, having said that, there are extremely annoying message board personalities who speak disrespectfully, troll rival boards, and just disgrace themselves and the school that they support. They are problematic and deserve to be hated. Just keep in mind, they are usually not reflective of the average fan.
  13. Very happy with the ESPN coverage overall. The announcers in the medal round placement matches today have been absolutely terrible. Eric Olanowski is just comically bad as a commentator. Tries way too hard to put on the "classic announcer voice" and it doesn't work at all. Has random asides unrelated to the action that don't make any sense. Get someone else please.
  14. Hearing Keith Gavin is being pursued as a candidate.
  15. It was a verrrrrrry close match that included a reversal situation that could have easily swung it in Micic's favor. Rematch will be tight but Clark is a gamer and maybe his shoulder has improved since the first matchup was one of his first matches back from injury. Or maybe it's gotten worse. I have no idea.
  16. They can win without him scoring but it'll be almost no margin for error. I'm hesitant to call them the favorite at this point.
  17. During the 125 finals match it was repeatedly cutting away to a random camera pointed at an empty mat for about 30 seconds at a time. Missed about the half the match because of it.
  18. Does anyone know what time the AZE/USA dual is on?
  19. Lot of controversy in that 133 match. Between the Brock takedown that they reviewed, the standing go behind that Clark got where Brock managed to walk to the boundary and standing granby out of bounds, and the :59 of RT that Clark had at the end. Tight contest to say the least. Looking forward to a possible rematch at the big dance.
  20. You're right. Young wrestlers never get upset at their first NCAA tournament. If one of them goes does in a second round upset, Penn State is in trouble. They have a razor thin margin.
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