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  1. I thought Taylor did a great job. Many times outlets will drop a name in the seat thinking the success on the field, floor, or mat will translate to success in the booth which as we all know is obviously not the case. Everyone needs to get their feet wet at some point and will likely struggle along the way, but he was extremely calm, well spoken, and had some very good delivery. Thumbs up here.
  2. Agreed further up north. I'm from little D9 in PA, but live just outside of Annapolis in a townhouse that I feel like I paid a "reasonable" amount for based on some of these zip codes and can be in College Park in 25 minutes or so even with traffic. Coming to CP from Montgomery County or any points south such as DC or NoVA would be a nightmare of a commute and much more expensive.
  3. If you are a beer fan, hop an uber across the Liberty Bridge over to the southside and visit the Hofbrauhaus. You won't be disappointed.
  4. Jason Williams / Randy Moss DuPont HS (Belle West Virginia) Clayton Kershaw / Matthew Stafford Highland Park HS (Dallas)
  5. Cheyney's football team was 5-103 since 2007 (as well as losing 43 games in a row until a win over D3 Lincoln University last fall) Given the amount of $$$ that needs pumped into football and the current financial state of the university the program needed to be dropped. EMU should take a page out of that book looking at their football team's records over the past decade or so and determine that dropping wrestling is not the solution to the problem.
  6. I'm just throwing this out there. Zain needs one more fall to break PSU career record and become just the second 3 time NCAA champ.
  7. Or perhaps his two sons were wrestling in the PIAA SW regional championships at the same time and he wanted to take a quick look to see how they were doing?
  8. That "kid" went on to win 6 national titles as well :)
  9. PSU. Started when I went to my first NLO in 92-93ish? Went to watch Bruce Morgan who graduated from my HS and wrestled at Cornell. It was Kolat's freshman year. We would get the PSU matches occasionally on the local radio station. (How far have we come!!) Went to Clarion to play golf in 97, but later transferred to PSU Altoona ( I do still root for Clarion as well, went to many camps there when Angle, Payne, Sintobin, Stout, Thomas were there in the early to mid 90's)
  10. Chlebove is only a junior he wouldn't be picked this year anyways.
  11. Copy and paste from a PIAA D11 forum: I will not give any private details but I can tell you that it is a very large life issue and that it is possible we do not see him donning a Northampton singlet again this year... Or ever. But, he could also be back within weeks. All depends how this stuff clears up.
  12. Mckee / Keener at 133 Thorn / Lee at 141
  13. I think the reference was to Snyder and Helen.
  14. Good Lord, Retherford is just plain mean....
  15. Are the brackets on FLO? I don't see them in FLOARENA? Also I see that they are covering the Ironman live, but the brackets for that are on Track? Clunky to say the least.
  16. They didn't apply the same logic when Martin was selected for 174 last year. Nickal was 33-2 and beat him 3 times prior to losing in NCAA finals. Martin finished 33-6, but with the National Title.
  17. Not sure I agree 100%. Wasn't Dave at 167 that year? He may have went up to beat him, but part of the decision was older brother was down one weight and they had a solid shot at winning a national team title.
  18. I wish Greg Jones wasn't hurt his sophomore year.....what could have been.
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