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  1. I’m not saying to bring an extra ten kids but if it makes sense and the team you’re wrestling has a guy at the right weight you bring 3 or 4 backups.
  2. I still see them at HS matches almost every time. It's not like when I was a kid where each team had a full JV team as well. Now you get 4-5 forfeits and maybe 2 JV matches. But there are some excellent ideas in here. Women's wrestling and freestyle exhibitions would be great.
  3. Why I think they're a good idea for college duals: -Let's fans see backups/redshirts compete on their home mat -Gives backups who grind every day in the room a chance to be seen -Gives big time redshirts a chance to get used to college duals -Gives the fans more wrestling since duals tend to go by so fast My stipulations would be that the matches aren't "official" and the kids shouldn't wear their team's singlet. They could even have a coach ref the matches. I'd also be cool with weigh ins not being official either, let kids wrestle and not have to worry about weight as long as they're close.
  4. I know losing Cenzo and Hall is massive but weight by weight I see them being a little better next year. 125- (PLUS) Howard is a true blue chip who will be the first non-walk on who stays at PSU 125 lb since Suriano 133- (EVEN) the weight is tougher next year w/ Fix, Micic and maybe Suriano returning but Gross will be gone. RBY is a top-4 guy 141/149- (PLUS) I'm assuming Nick Lee stays at 141 and that Yianni goes up. It's also possible Beau Bartlett steps in and Nick moves up but Bartlett is probably an improvement on Verk 157- (PLUS) A full and healthy season of Berge is a definite improvement 165- (MINUS) Cenzo will be missed but Joe Lee is no slouch. Next year will be his 3rd in the room so he's not your typical redshirt freshman 174- (MINUS) This is a minus but maybe not much of one. Starocci has been nothing short of a hammer this year and seems to be fully embracing the "PSU way". They say he was humbled in the room when he started this year but it seems to have made him hungrier and stronger 184- (PLUS) Brooks is rounding into a top competitor, Zahid will be gone and this weight will be wide open. Dean coming back will be a challenge but Brooks was more a more highly touted prospect 197- (PLUS) Beard will be an improvement over the injured Shak. He'd almost definitely be an improvement this year but the decision has been made to hold him back HWT- (PLUS) Greg/Daniel Kerkvleit is a pretty big upgrade over Nevills. He bumped up and tested Gable in HS, he should definitely AA So there are six weights that should see an improvement while only two negatives and one of them is Starocci who will be at 174 which is seeing a mass exodus of graduates.
  5. Moore owned Shak when Shak was healthy, it was always going to be a beat down tonight. It’s a shame with Shak, Berge, Cassar and Conel being out or banged up we’re robbed of a great and close championship race.
  6. Yeah I know, it's wrestling. There aren't any guys who are 100% at this point of the season.
  7. Brands said that if he had been able to keep his emotions in check he could have continued. I'm not an expert on anatomy but I'm pretty sure emotions aren't part of the knee.
  8. They aren't this year but theoretically they could be. Kyle Snyder wrestled for Team USA and competed in college at the same time. Many wrestlers this year are wrestling modified schedules in the hopes of qualifying for the Olympics.
  9. I don't get all of the reading into the fact that he went to the Mayo clinic. He's from Minnesota so he could have been going to a hospital close to home and he could have been there for a final clearance to compete.
  10. You can wrestle in college and wrestle freestyle for your country abroad. Stevan Micic and Miles Amine are two current examples.
  11. I halfway feel sorry for the guy. He greatly overestimated his importance when he quit Flo and is desperate to stay relevant. FRL has actually been better since Askren was added.
  12. I think that we don't know how far Lee has progressed. I didn't think he could touch Eierman this year and he really handled him in December. Yianni is a beast and I'd favor him but nothing Nick Lee does will surprise me.
  13. That's what they say. If he gets his adrenaline flowing it causes his blood sugar to spike and he gasses out. Imagine wrestling and trying to stay calm the whole time, it'd be impossible.
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