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  1. Not surprising but I'm glad his injury problems will be over now. He ended up w/ a great education and has a bright future ahead once he gets healthy so all in all wrestling paid off for him.
  2. Hidlay stalled on the edge the whole match then decided to wrestle with 20 seconds left.
  3. They had 5 that year. Zain, Nolf, Cenzo, Hall and Nickal
  4. Any chance Brands gets OW for that clutch stall call?
  5. I don't think he wins but he doesn't get majored IMO. OTOH Parris kind of gave him a break by choosing bottom, Parris looked like he was on the verge of turning him.
  6. I'm no Nostradamus but I'm going to predict nobody ever tries a cement mixer against Parris again. That guy is a BEAST and was better on top that I thought he is and I thought he was amazing on top. Can't wait to see him and Gable again.
  7. IMO the thing that made Nolf and Nickal so special is that they didn't care if they got scored on. It's too early to call Starocci the next anybody but that is a pretty big difference right now. It's probably for the best because he's seeing some pretty good competition right away.
  8. One thing for sure about PSU is that they're not sharp at all and I get the feeling that Michigan is in the same boat. Shutting down team activities probably hurts wrestling more than most sports since conditioning is so important.
  9. When I saw him before the match his body language looked horrible. He looked horrible on his feet and on bottom too but hot damn when he got on top. Jensen would have won easily if he'd have picked neutral. Fun match though.
  10. Lot's of guys are going to pick neutral against Parkinson from now on.
  11. They either updated it today or yesterday but a few days ago it was still the 2019-20 roster. How are they still listing Mason Manville as a sophomore when he's like six years older than Carl?
  12. I saw that but I think they said it's still more important to wear it to protect others. It's awesome if it helps the wearer at all though.
  13. There is a lot of wrong there but I'll just pick out two things: 1. Staying home for a month is not as bad as dying or ending up with chronic heart or lung damage from Covid. 2. Nobody saves themselves by wearing a mask, it saves others. This is important because this has been known for at least six months but somehow people keep pretending that it's not the case. It's probably a good idea to wash your mask periodically but it won't save you if there is somebody w/ Covid breathing on you w/o a mask,
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