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  1. An undersized Beau Bartlett was putting the heat on him last time they met.
  2. Regardless of PROJECTIONS and RATINGS anybody or anything saying PSU is #3 needs to reconsider their methods.
  3. I absolutely understand how it works but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be pointed out that it works poorly. If the weather service continuously predicts snow in July you'd look at what weather models they're using and modify them. Somehow a website devoted to wrestling's rankings continuously has rankings that even a casual fan knows are bs.
  4. I was just demonstrating how stupid Wrestlestat is. Me saying they're not a top ten team is no more ludicrous than them having them ranked anywhere other than #1. If your data model is spitting out results like theirs does it's time to reconfigure the whole operation.
  5. I know it's all math and computers but I'll never understand Wrestlestat's rankings. If I'm being honest I don't even think Penn State belong in the top ten, there are five teams in PA that would beat them in a dual.
  6. True. You could be great but have another all-time great to compete with so you wouldn't be so dominant. On the other hand you could be good at a time with no great competition like Floyd Mayweather. I don't think he'd have been half as dominant if he had to fight Sugar Ray or Hearns in their primes.
  7. I feel like having Taylor at ISU would have opened the pipeline and turned them into world beaters.
  8. I don't know about that. Teams sit guys in duals and they forfeit out in conference tournaments because they're prepping for nationals. If the goal is to win the national tournament and you do it convincingly it doesn't get cheapened because the team had a flu outbreak in late January.
  9. How do you miss "Win Win"? The wrestling is actually very good and apparently the kid was a placer in NJ.
  10. Who is your top 4? I think it's a race for 2nd place BTW, PSU is going to run away with it. 1. PSU 2. ASU 3. Ohio State 4. Iowa
  11. Seems like solutions in search of a problem? Who cares if RS kids compete in opens unattached?
  12. I think it's pretty lame to make such a big deal out of retiring and then come right back. Also, why come back for NCAAs when there is no competition for him instead of the world championships? It seems weak.
  13. I have no idea but it seems like an inside joke that went over like a lead balloon. Luckily he doesn't get paid to do standup.
  14. Fix has no shot against RBY, he'll move up (or maybe even down) to give himself a chance. Who knows what Spencer will be like after two major surgeries.
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