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  1. When I saw him before the match his body language looked horrible. He looked horrible on his feet and on bottom too but hot damn when he got on top. Jensen would have won easily if he'd have picked neutral. Fun match though.
  2. Lot's of guys are going to pick neutral against Parkinson from now on.
  3. They either updated it today or yesterday but a few days ago it was still the 2019-20 roster. How are they still listing Mason Manville as a sophomore when he's like six years older than Carl?
  4. I saw that but I think they said it's still more important to wear it to protect others. It's awesome if it helps the wearer at all though.
  5. There is a lot of wrong there but I'll just pick out two things: 1. Staying home for a month is not as bad as dying or ending up with chronic heart or lung damage from Covid. 2. Nobody saves themselves by wearing a mask, it saves others. This is important because this has been known for at least six months but somehow people keep pretending that it's not the case. It's probably a good idea to wash your mask periodically but it won't save you if there is somebody w/ Covid breathing on you w/o a mask,
  6. Lockdowns are always the last resort because you can't do much more than that. Of course if everybody would stop believing conspiracy theories pushed by morons and just wore masks we could save thousands of lives before the vaccine is readily available.
  7. You honestly believe we're going to have a vaccine and give it to other countries before we give it to Americans? What he actually said was that we shouldn't hoard the vaccine and that after we have achieved herd immunity it would benefit us to make it available to other countries to control its spread there. Covid is a global problem and letting it run rampant around the world will surely bring it to our shores again. We need to beat it everywhere. But that doesn't fit the alt-right talking points. So by all means keep spreading lies.
  8. Kerkvleit is scary, like I'm literally a little afraid right now.
  9. Beard always runs out of gas against him
  10. I remember tech-falling a guy in the first period once. I was average but this kid didn't know what he was doing. The best part was I got to use moves that I never could have hit against a good kid.
  11. I remember when Nickal, Dake, Ringer, Retherford, Taylor and a bunch of other Hodge winners came back for their senior season. None of them had to have any drama surrounding it just to get attention.
  12. That's probably most of it but I imagine there is some fear of the virus as well.
  13. If he wrestled them in this order I think he could win all four: ZV, Ringer, PD3 and MM. After tonight I think he could complete a full Iron Man and still tech MM
  14. MyMar said that Taylor would be cautious because he's the world champ. He might have miscalculated on that one.
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