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  1. Kerkvleit is scary, like I'm literally a little afraid right now.
  2. I remember tech-falling a guy in the first period once. I was average but this kid didn't know what he was doing. The best part was I got to use moves that I never could have hit against a good kid.
  3. I remember when Nickal, Dake, Ringer, Retherford, Taylor and a bunch of other Hodge winners came back for their senior season. None of them had to have any drama surrounding it just to get attention.
  4. That's probably most of it but I imagine there is some fear of the virus as well.
  5. If he wrestled them in this order I think he could win all four: ZV, Ringer, PD3 and MM. After tonight I think he could complete a full Iron Man and still tech MM
  6. MyMar said that Taylor would be cautious because he's the world champ. He might have miscalculated on that one.
  7. To fix their technical issues. Flo is in mid-season form.
  8. I can’t count how many times I think “wrestle smart” at a HS dual. I see kids with 6-7 point leads getting pinned because they get too high on top or try some ridiculous throw. I wasn’t very good but if I had a 2 point lead and bottom going in the 3rd period I was impossible to beat.
  9. I've lost interest in everything that has been cancelled. I'll go back to enjoying things once they return.
  10. I never tried to get out of a match but I did have a trick to get a break/stoppage. I used to make my headgear a little loose and when I was on bottom I could put my forehead on the mat and push my headgear down over my face to my neck. The ref would always stop the match so I could get up and get my wind back before a restart. I know it sounds lame but I was always dead tired from cutting weight.
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