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  1. Is it possible to think for yourself for a minute before posting a new thread?
  2. I remember Bo talking about how Casey threw him around at some point.
  3. PSU is sending a large contingent to the freestyle tournament in Texas in December
  4. No. The goal was to make the national team not win the US Open. I'm surprised you didn't know that.
  5. Agreed. He shouldn't get the spot since all he did was try to win. He should have let Yianni score, it would have been more sporting of him. (What the hell does Zain have to do to deserve the spot? Rip his arm off??)
  6. More controversy since Zain won (for the 3rd time in a best of 3). I guess they'll have to wrestle again on the plane to the championships to get the guy they want...
  7. I've been out of the country and wanted to see the results of this tournament. Is there a site that shows them?
  8. How many of those guys have a realistic shot at making the team? I don't see the point in taking a OLY RS unless you have at least a 50% chance of making the team. As I see it only Spencer, Gable and Yianni have a real shot everybody else should wrestle folkstyle and then go to the trials for experience. 57- Fix- Spencer could win 65- Zain- Yianni could win 74- Burroughs- Dake or maybe IMar have a shot but nobody currently in college could hang with those three other than Lewis and he's a longshot 86- Taylor- nobody will come close unless Cox goes down 97- Snyder- Cox?? 125- Gwiz- Gable could win Eierman, Zahid and Hall will all be outgunned by the senior men right now.
  9. If everybody just gave $5 he’ll make his goal. Sometimes it feels even better helping people you’re not a fan of. The guy has struggled and maybe a little love from the wrestling community will help his mental state
  10. Not really a big fan but everybody deserves to have their family be there when they compete, I hope he meets his goal. https://www.gofundme.com/help-get-my-family-to-the-world-championships
  11. A few have said Steveson will improve, which I agree that he will but nobody has said that Ant-nee is going to get better too. I I guess once you win a title you're done improving...
  12. It's like when a guy lets a match come down to one takedown in the last 30 seconds. Yianni got beat then he let the 2nd match come down to the refs and when you do that you lose sometimes.
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