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  1. I remember when Nickal, Dake, Ringer, Retherford, Taylor and a bunch of other Hodge winners came back for their senior season. None of them had to have any drama surrounding it just to get attention.
  2. That's probably most of it but I imagine there is some fear of the virus as well.
  3. If he wrestled them in this order I think he could win all four: ZV, Ringer, PD3 and MM. After tonight I think he could complete a full Iron Man and still tech MM
  4. MyMar said that Taylor would be cautious because he's the world champ. He might have miscalculated on that one.
  5. To fix their technical issues. Flo is in mid-season form.
  6. I can’t count how many times I think “wrestle smart” at a HS dual. I see kids with 6-7 point leads getting pinned because they get too high on top or try some ridiculous throw. I wasn’t very good but if I had a 2 point lead and bottom going in the 3rd period I was impossible to beat.
  7. I've lost interest in everything that has been cancelled. I'll go back to enjoying things once they return.
  8. I never tried to get out of a match but I did have a trick to get a break/stoppage. I used to make my headgear a little loose and when I was on bottom I could put my forehead on the mat and push my headgear down over my face to my neck. The ref would always stop the match so I could get up and get my wind back before a restart. I know it sounds lame but I was always dead tired from cutting weight.
  9. When the coaches allowed Ashnault to compete in the NCAA finals last year they had to know there was a chance he could win and take some attention away from Nick. I think he has a legit beef this time.
  10. IMO both are the incredibly taxing. I once heard a boxer talk about relaxing and controlling your breath during a bout. You get one minute breaks but you also have to take a step back when you can and maybe cover up and absorb a little to give your arms a rest. Of course if the other guy doesn’t need to slow down because he’s in better shape you’re in deep trouble. There is no time to slow down or relax during a wrestling match and if you try you’ll get scored on. Plus, refs can hit you for stalling if you take a break. I was always dead after a six minute match. I’d run 3 miles before practice six days a week, then I’d practice, do live wrestling then do conditioning which was sandbags or sprints or bear crawl or some other kind of torture. Then I’d go home and eat next to nothing then go out and run another five to six miles. Then after all of that training I’d only be good for about four minutes. I think if I could have eaten during the season I’d have been better off.
  11. It would've been cool if Matt Brown went to Lehigh or Wyoming
  12. Yet if Hall or Rasheed has beaten the guys they did at the B1G PSU would have won without Berge and Cassar... They weren’t as far behind as some people think
  13. this is a ridiculous way to stop Iowa from winning a title.
  14. If that cop who was harassing Jailen didn't get fired it's a travesty. It's hard enough for a kid in that situation, he doesn't need that kind of treatment. That kid put up with it, kept his cool and didn't take the bait. That cop wanted nothing more than to ruin his life. I also thought the coach was a bit odd (to put it lightly). He should have been fired for his conduct.
  15. Agreed. I thought it was excellent but not so much for the wrestling.
  16. Now I'm at the point where I just feel bad for any kid that lives in Alabama
  17. I'm watching it right now and while it's good it's pretty obvious that Alabama isn't a good wrestling state.
  18. When The Sopranos ended the way it did it was brilliant. We all got to figure out what was going to go down and that's why it was cool. Unanswered questions are part of life and sometime they're the most interesting part. So what will we never know? Would Spencer Lee have bonused his way through the bracket on his way to the Hodge? Who would have won the meat grinder that is 133? Four guys had a legit shot at the title but what about Chaz Tucker or Mickey Phillipi? You know it was never going to be the big four here, somebody was going to bust this bracket. Did Nick Lee learn from the B1G tournament or did Pletcher have it in him to gut it out in his senior year? Could Sammy "I have no offense but just try to score on me" Sasso win it all as a freshman? Who in the hell was going to win 157? Deakin looked like the favorite but Hidlay is known for showing up in March. Cenzo v Bull? There isn't a person alive who knows for sure how that turns out. Going into the B1G tourney I didn't want to see them go upper body but after the finals I'd love to see Cenzo just let it fly. Marky Mark v Kemmerer? I still feel like it was Mark's to lose but I have this feeling that he's HEW. We were all robbed by not seeing this and the 165 final. No Zahid so who is the man at 184? Nobody knows and nobody will ever know. We'll see Brooks and Hoagie Hidlay next year w/ the rest of the weight plus Dean but this weight was so up in the air that it will just remain a mystery I might feel the most sorry for Kollin Moore. No question at 197, he was always going to win. Just like MyMar last year......... Gable has now been denied twice and will be a junior who has never won a title. Will he be a two-timer or will Parris continue to jump levels? Can Kerkvleit be a player next year? He gave Gable all he could handle while bumping up a weight in HS so it's not out of the question. That's all I got. But I truly hope all of these questions remain unanswered.
  19. This will never happen. 2019-20 will be the season of “If only.”
  20. I understand cancelling NCAA wrestling in Minnesota but why would they cancel spring training baseball in Florida and Arizona where it's hot? We were informed by a stable genius that once it warms up the virus will just disappear (like magic).
  21. We've been robbed of the greatest upset in sports history. RBY, Nick Lee, Cenzo, Mark Hall and Aaron Brooks were all going to win while Verk was going to be the bracket buster and make the finals along w/ Shak. Five champs and two runners up while Iowa suffered drastic disappointments at 133, 141, 157, 184 and 197.
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