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  1. Hahahahahha you need serious mental Help for stalking as well as spamming issues .Sorry to dissapoint you but hey it could be worse rather than lose two close decisions the best High School wrestler out of Kentucky could have gotten teched and or pinned .Knowhatimean And your kids must be pretty smart considering that they were the same.age as Austin when they were rs jrs ,must have been 16 yr old srs in High School like I was lol
  2. I would say some opt for football but not the best the problem with Freshman at heavy is its a very tough class that includes the only world and Olympic champ a ton of rs olympic rs and late starters and a huge weight range .Two AAs this yr graduated in 2011and one is a soph I mean its not rocket science figuring out the upperclassmen will dominate and as the heavy fans say their class is tough due to the sise and weight differential the lighter weight fans say its watered down due to bigger athletes chosing other sports .I would bet that this yrs heavy group included more rs and late starters than any other group ever ,just a hunch and it takes time for a fresh to adjust to college wrestling more so for heavies by far than any other class.
  3. In High School the upperweights are dominated by upper classmen its the same in college except on a bigger scale with some being held back or sitting yrs and training before entering college as fresh and.then you have Olympic RS and srs taking rs .Takes longer to peak for a bigger athlete .Its not that complicated in High school freshman come in at lower weights and are in the mix you do not see many freshman winning state titles at the upper weights .Not to mention some 220s go up and its a bit harder some like Jden who won state titles at 220 and Hvy Go down others go 197 and then bunp .
  4. You go in unseeded after a nice finish at MACs you draw Kroells lose 6 to 0 going into third down 1 give up some points choosing bottom .Not sure if anyone Noticed Kroells is good on top ask Dejournette whom he teched and Snyder who could not escape him and.even gave up a stall point .Not much you can say about losing 6 0 to a now 3 x AA .Then lose to Crawford a top 20 guy by 1 hes also good on top ask Butler whom he beat worse than Austin .TO NOT GIVE UP ANY TD TO THOSE GUYS AND ONLY LOSE BY 7 combined ? Im good with that if your not oh well .Guys in the class who graduated in 2011 and rs srs along with a huge range of styles and skills .Hard for a fresh under 6 foot to do well even harder for one under 5 11.Smith did well by Austin he was much improved at MACs beating guys who maj him earlier in.the yr and going double ot with someone who didnt take a shot the whole match and.never got.called for stalling who beat him 4 zip earlier .Im happy as heck with that a lot of learning curve particularly for 4 x 220 in HS wrestling the best Heavies in college on Mizzous schedule. Austin Myers no e
  5. no scandinavians either lol
  6. Well CAEL may have had his finest Hour but he also had COTY recently ,his finest hour was winning the gold though because without it I doubt he has the following or the team he has now .No denying Penn State was very impressive and stold the show as expected .Did everyone think Mizzou would have 3 finalists and reclaim their top 5 spot ?not so sure .If not Smith Kolat anyway .
  7. Thats very classy ,who said the winning team had to have coach of the year ,Missouri riddled with injuries Breaks MAC scoring record has a wrestler win third title "most in team History " and has three finalist "most in team history" and places top five in the tournament all without an olympic gold medal winning coach to use for recruiting EVERYONE.
  8. Jden a Sr nat champ who had beaten Snyder in Fargo ,I dont see anyone his level coming out of HS this yr ,not even close .
  9. Assad from Ohio will be shooting to make that trip to Cleveland.
  10. A new look for Mizzou next yr for sure no Olympian to fall back on but a great teamate and teamates to look back on and know you have work to do to fill some voids .Miklus returning and new studs coming in hard to say if ten is possible in Cleveland it would take a healthy lineup with everyone in the proper spots and to improve everyone has to do just that.Barlow and Assad are both very good tough choices there .
  11. Thats why the commentator is not a coach .Not so sure the match strategy in the third with Kroells was the best but it didnt work out any better for Snyder choosing down with Kroells and a lot better than it did for Dejournette .As for the match with Crawford it was very sound strategy . I guess you think the commentator should be coach of the year instead of Smith hahaha
  12. ALL the MAC heavies had losses and wins against other MAC heavies Austin beat Gunning the MAC champ in season lost to Parker by major then beat him lost to Hutchison 4 to 0 then in double ot without Hutchison taking a single shot Majored Everard at Scuffle and Isley 6 to 0 early in the year ,Heavyweight is not 220 and Heavy in college is vastly different than High School Either way not many kids stats or creds in High School match Austins and although hes not the biggest height wise I hear he is the strongest Tiger ever and I think he continues to improve in a class that was dominated by mostly srs and jrs .Should be a great Room already a lot of heavies good good kids but a high caliber kid from a great wrestling state like ohio should be a great addition Austin from ky yes but an ohio jr high ow winner whos brother was an undefeated ohio state champ one yr and most of Austins wins came against Ohio comp like Jennings and Nye .Austins only loss in.the regular season from.sixth grade up was to Bo jordan in jr high state finals when.Austin was a sixth grader and.Bo an eight grader Thats 6 yrs undefeated in the regular season.
  13. MYERS had 3 titles in Virginia beach and a runner up along with an NHSCA wrestler of the year award A FLO TITLE 4 undefeated state runs a double AA at 220 and a Hvy AA his sr yr losing by 1 to Odigizuhwa who teched and pinned Vough the same.tournament 3 undefeated runs at nat duals and.a189 and 0 record with over 100 of those wins in Ohio. I thought Austin improved greatly during the season up and down some same as the reat of the team and he was the only Tiger to start every dual and.tournamnt on the schedule and when everyone counted him out at the MAC he came through and earned his spot beating the 1 seed and another qualifier doing it. Good luck to anyone wanting his spot.
  14. CAMEL PRIDE .im confused 189 and 0 the loss your talking about the whole country cried foul sooooo .and your welcome for the rings sorry your kids didnt live up to your expectations and your wife or boyfriend has not relieved you of whatever tensions you have not that I blame them .Seans a great wrestler hope he likes his state ring Ward is a great wrestler to and enjoyed all the times Steph wrestled him and.was in the same tournaments as he was in jr high and High School doubt he enjoyed it as much as we did lol. READ Jake Smith was banged up hope he is ok he is stand up guy and mat warrior. GOOD THING NO ONE SAW ME ON.THE GRASSY KNOLL HAHAHA
  15. Lol hope they are not giving him much . Goin to the show New MAC championship scoring record for this years Tigers .just sayin
  16. Yeah he worked and won ?the last few seconds do not mean very much.
  17. Yeah very nice .Mayes and Thompson awesome match and love the freshman heavy from Mizzou tough year tough schedule came through after losing in double ot doing all the work to beat the 1 seed who had beaten him badly this yr during a rough week. Going to the Show .yeah buddy.
  18. :) I know right people like you deserve a perfectly edited post .
  19. Well tigerfan you didnt look very hard I was right with all the MIZZOU fans and was not abrasive at all yesterday I may be today I do not like seeing my son lose to someone.who doeant make a single offensive move and never gets hit for stalling and while.most of.the mizzou fans are great ....well lets just say im.the least of your mizzou parent worries I only focus or talk on .what I know ..my kid or take up for others please feel free to find me im the guy with the nice hair. And my hotel has a bar but I worked fri and drove 16 hrs in less than 24 ...I do work despite the gossip and on the subject of gossip be careful what you wish for.
  20. Hahahah let...me tell you it aint gettin worse as a Matter of fact it will only get better . And calling someone a wv ky doormat or whatever is knocking a kid and what you.say is.unimpressive I say was very impressive for a freshman in his situation.now since you have issues set back and.watch as it improves exponentially pal worry about connor.
  21. YES STEPHEN WOULD HAVE BEEN BUT Moeller would still never have a team state title like the one Steph led his team to state dual and team title. Of course some scum would as I said im not worried about some rag tabloid site ran by foreign scumballs whos relatives are running around chopping of heads of Christians in.the middle east and if anyone falls for that crap that is started by haters im not to concerned with their thoughts .I on.the other hand could drop real info that would ruin people but do not because even they deserve better .Surprised all the wrestling going on and a thread of drama gossip and mudslinging gets so much attention looking forward to iowa this weekend :)
  22. Dang thanks it is throw back thursday I was in decent shape in the mug shot for a guy coming back from a Broken Neck but I have a few mugshots over the years disorderly conduct cops have a tendency to panic when they get around people with world class powerlifting totals lol and.people who have been 212 to 220 lbs under 3 percent bf who train world class athletes have a tendency to not fall for bs from trainers and coaches as well as collect idiot haters who follow them wherever they go hahaha. You want to know the truth if a team or coach wants respect all they need do is be truthfull and check their egos and bring some order to their methods of training and kids would follow them anywhere but lie brag and down kids and everyone will leave you.And college wrestling rooms are for COLLEGE wrestlers .
  23. 1 and 2 had RPI ranking and more wins against mac opponents they do not control the coaches poll outside the MAC and inside the MAC they went on wins and losses in conference .
  24. No I didnt miss anything me being one of the leanest individuals to ever walk this planet at one time im used to ignorant comments made by jealous haters .lol it doesnt come in a bottle if it did u would have it and you never did.
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