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  1. Its obvious there were a lot of injuries Eirman Mcghee Jden all injured in begining of year Miklus going down for the year and almost the whole team missing Duals at some point due to being banged up .I do not understand people surprise when they were on they handled top teams when they had guys missing they did not .I think UNI came in and took them to the cleaners when they were not expecting that much from them this weekend will tell whats going on with them for certain and in Unis home court .Mizzou was at the uni open and for whatever reason most of Unis team was not competing maybe they were hiding the true potential or depth of their team .McGhee perhaps never hit his stride after his injury .
  3. Only College stadium that serves beer ?
  4. I did read that 1 percent of all Anheiser Busch sales go to one town ..Morgantown it wouldnt be a stretch to think there was a party problem there .
  5. no you just said that how the heck would I know what WV wrestlers do that would be the coaches and administrators jobs or the ncaas or whatever I thought thats what the jason michelle guy was saying .Lol
  6. Oh so you do know about wv
  7. Well I guess you did not read the now deleted posts and your the one looking for intenet drama and its fine if you want to take up for your buddy in WV but I will stick with what I said 8 plus of the best recruits gone !!!,and relatively ineffective freshman on a schedule like Mizzous facing 8 or so top 20 guys this yr ranked in rpi and with some wins over AQs I say relativly effective and would have been more effectctive witbout the debacle in.wv . WHILE HENSON HAS FIVE YRS LOL BY SOME PEOPLES TIME FRAME TO GET IT TOGETHER HIS FRESHMAN WRESTLERS LAST YR ONLY HAD FIVE YRS TO WRESTLE PERIOD HIS MISTAKES COST THEM MORE THAN HIM .ASK ANY OF THE 8 .
  8. Well in a few years you will get your wish lol untill then if turdheads like you talk smack about someone knowing absolutely nothin about them I might talk trash or laugh at your ignorance .regardless I never posted on this thread till holes like you started talking crap about a good kid .
  9. As a wv alum who does your coach get paid to coach during practice ?
  10. I dont really care if he has been around as long as Methusaleh I did not attack his character and he doesnt know me any situation or backstory about me and he knows close to NOTHING if anything about what went on at WV between most of the kids and staff and or parents. Easy to read a bunch of troublemakers talking smack on a forum and make a comment without knowing any facts based of of counter remarks .Being around so long maybe he should know that or hes just another potstirrer himself .
  11. Obviously your a potstirring troll who cannot keep your mouth shut and just let something go why are you on a wv thread why are you dragging this on and I who cares what you think I think your an idiot bandwagon jumping buffoon who posts on people and subjects he has no clue about hide behind your username or speak to me in person it gets boring arguing with usernames.
  12. Could really care less about the thread other than a holes knocking my kid I would have never bothered to post .If you think im whining oh well theres a reason everyone left there must be a lot of whiners its a shame all the kids liked the school and each other no one liked a couple people they had to deal with the unorganisation ot the fake hard ass attitudes they had to deal with no one wants to see a team in turmoil so no one would tell any truth but if everyone leaves including half the coaching staff it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know the problem is not with those leaving .
  13. Well if I say lying I mean a coach says he will do one thing and does not do it or does another or the opposite.Most people are happy with the truth I see no need for coaches to be able to get away with it for the heck of it or because its expected and then have people throw a pity party for them when it all blows up in their face.
  14. Dirty laundy lol thats all the clean stuff pal.Not disgruntled at all not to happy for the wasted time or lie after lie but hey life moves on.
  15. 11 losses following an Ncaa finals appearance sorry even at closing time sat that doesnt look better to most of us . Like I said he came in a stud made finals hope he does again hes a cool person.
  16. Well of course he did on the rpi but not.in.the rankings he was lower in.those before he got hurt than.where he started he earned his spot making finals.but he did not.keep it .And.Henson pulling rs on.everyone outside 25 is not.as benificial as it is to the lighter weights ..Moores are not happy at getting theirs pulled neither was Flynn panicking and.destroying what could have been.a great team.was coaching and team SUICIDE kids left others like Moores Injured even Moissey with a bad injury and a strength conditioning coach that ran of.ohio and.pa studs wow unreal. Now theres about 4 other things that would get soneone crap canned but hey lets be real WV has had enough problems.with coaches and.I like a lot of.kids ON that team.. GOOD LUCK TO Them all Sammy Nick Felix all of them.Sammys boys are certainly improving as well.
  17. Im aware of the injury im also aware of his ranking how he came up those rankings as a fresh and how he was dropping in those rankings from the beginning of his sophmore year untill he was injured .Oh please dont make fun of us lol.Not hating on anyone and its a fact simply look at the schedule last yr and the results .
  18. Oh yes my bad didnt pick that up yes Smith is very level headed and a bit more orderly hate to see his team beat up with injuries and would have loved to see Austin win a few more close ones but I think looking at Mizzous schedule and.what any heavy would face on it this yr he still has high hopes for his team and Austins future . .Not sure hes a beer guy but he would probably love to unwind after this crasy season.
  19. Well he probably is a great assistant and may be a great head coach one day and hes probably fun to have a beer with but a team needs order and Bradley and Caldwell were well liked as was Marabel but you had other coaches that were not I do not think 8 of the top recruits in the country split because of their own issues DO YOU. MOISEY WAS A BRIGHT SPOT BUT HE CAME IN A STUD AND DID NOT HAVE THE SAME SUCCESS HIS NEXT YR .
  20. Well I didnt say a bad word at all about Marabel .I saw knocks on my kid that were inapropriate imo and I responded Bradley did want to coach as did Caldwell and Austin was the last big recruit to leave he had friends there and wanted nothing more than to fit in succeed BUT he was lied to from rhe start no Bradley no one to help him prepare for fargo when he went early as he was told all around unorder everywhere I have not said anything till this post but the last thing anyone from WV on a thread needs to do is knock anyone who left because trust me you dont know nor does anyone want to know the real issues in that mess. Best of luck to them and trust me I didnt talk trash I stated facts and only a few .I like athletes everyone deserves a chance or two hopefully Henson learns from his mistakes its not a 5 year curve or whatever though there were studs in place Bailey Faust Austin and the others are all in.a happier place .
  21. Top five recruiting class that lost 8 or more of the Dirty Dozen ??????
  22. Im sure WV is happy with Myers replacement Two wins against guys not in the top 100 is a start bad spot for a true freshmen . Marabel is happy there but Bradley the heavyweight coach was gone before last season started and.Caldwell came.and.went.fast.
  23. And if he drops who goes heavy for Mizzou duhhhh do you think smith wants him to drop? He wrestled 8 or more top 20 ranked guys this yr mostly srs so hey chop him to pieces .
  24. He looked relatively good majoring Everard at the Scuffle and beating McKiernan last week in OT along with 2 of the Mac heavies who earned 2 bids this year and one bad loss doesnt really wipe out a not so bad year lol but have your fun the years not over yet and in a class dominated by upperclassmen a freshmans career is far from over .
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