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  1. Me Run My Mouth ? ok some clown comes on and says a kid will get pinned in the first or second if someone isn't practicing tds,and I respond with I do not think so Austin is not Nye or Furbee he may not be so easy to pin but you never know Snyder is Snyder ,and you say im running my mouth lol.Dude was being a troll obviously looking for a rise. while Austin did get pinned He did Last Twice as long as Nye like I said and the atmosphere there at tOSU for that match was hardly fair to anyone let alone a freshman in his 3rd dual ever second one being against Walz and it has never been a tougher starting schedule for any Hvy In History let alone a Freshman . bottom line if someone knocks your kid and you don't take up for him your a piece of dirt .same as you are for knocking a kid who has done quite a bit in the sport for losing to a Snyder ,who happened to lose a bit faster to someone himself by pin who wasn't the wrestler Snyder is now when he was a freshman . And I have never said anything negative on Missouri sites until obvious haters invaded with ignorant comments sort of like they do on here , pretty funny certain people believe that only THEY can post on wrestling forums .If I argue with people in every forum be sure to read all the posts before you become a sucker being used by haters and if your to dumb to read everything and you cannot figure out why people say what they do then who really cares what you think anyway , obviously some can distinguish who is instigating arguments and others perhaps you included simply like to bandwagon attack people who knows ,Either way my boy works hard and has paid his dues I will not let people attack him on forums and of course no one ever says a word to anyones face
  2. Yes it was his mother everyone can have an opinion and I do not think anyone expected Snyder to lose nor do I think anyone would expect someone to be there best after doing good a tournament last week then living on the road most of this week after Wrestling Snyder but it's a big boy world right,I don't see to many fr heavyweight wrestlers wrestling a schedule like his and none facing the obstacles he faced last week . It's all good Snyder is a great wrestler And Austin has done far better against better wrestlers than Parker not taking anything from him ,kcmo2 not sure who you are don't really care but if you have issues with Austin or me posting you can surely get a better replacement ,right, I mean you have to know a few Dozen fr that are better or some incoming or someone right lol. A LOT OF DIVERSITY AT HVY WRESTLING A BROOKS BLACK ON SAT IN A TOURNEY ONE WEEK TAKE A 4 TO 0 LOSS WRESTLE A SNYDER ON A THURSDAY get pinned in the second stay on the road for 5 days and wrestle a Parker a couple days later and lose by a major ,no one said it would be easy so if anyone from missou takes offense at my response to haters from Ohio or wherever oh well I think from the age of 6 up some kids prove them selves tea have new levels and prove themselves again Austin is one of those kids ,of course there's a bunch of fr that could be doing better than he has ...right ....not not even close I do not think there is a fr in the country that could survive a match with Walz or do any better with Snyder and with two of the best at the Uni last week one lost to Brooks by 4 not giving up a td the other lost by 5 and did give up a td. FORUMS THIS ONE INCLUDED MEAN VERY LITTLE THEY ARE FULL OF TROLLS MESSAGE BOARD KNOW IT ALLS AND ALL THE REST OF THE WORST OF HUMANITY AND THE BEST ON OCCASION. It's not like losses were not coming and haters were not waiting I expect it's the same for every kid who goes undefeated in High school wins 3 Nat titles flo a double a a a one year and another A A and all the rest coming up .:)
  3. I agree with everything you said except the size Snyder has it down he can pick the big guys apart but even he doesn't tech or pin Walz or Medberry and his match with Gwiz was extremely close so saying the top guys at heavy in NCAAs are way behind international wrestlers who are smaller is a false statement to me technically maybe a fair amount behind and the styles are a bit different but I do not think the guys wrestling At Snyders weight internationally would be leaps and bounds ahead particularly in a folks style match .
  4. I really didn't underestimate anyone I just do not think anyone Snyder faced in Ukraine are leaps and bounds ahead of Walz or Medberry they are good and bigger .And I don't think Myers gets pinned in the first or second and if he doesn't it isn't because Snyder is practicing tds lol.Myers is no Snyder or Walz or Medberry but he is as strong as any of them and much stronger than Nye or Furbee he may not be as easy to pin .
  5. Lol not leaps and bounds as was stated .and Walz and Med berry are not a couple of chumps they would have probably pinned some of the comp in Ukraine in the first or second period . And if you want to chime in on the side of an obvious potstirrer don't mis read .
  6. No he said everyone he faced in Ukraine was leaps and bounds ahead of Walz and Medberry and I do not agree Walz and Medberry are not only very good but bigger ."Lol" your funny And I'm sure their fans care . Like I said I doubt Myers gets pinned in the first or second but you never know He did pin Nye who is a decent wrestler and a guy from Cleveland state who got pushed into their lineup to early because Cleveland heavyweight backed out on them so maybe he can and if he can't I guess some clowns can say he was practicing tds .
  7. OKAY AND WHAT'S YOUR POINT .not sure everyone he faced in Ukraine would beat Walz and Medberry by leaps and bounds I would go so far as to say None of them would pin Walz or Medberry in the first or second period . AS I SAID I WOULD HAVE RATHER SAW HIM WRESTLE WALZ AND MEDBERRY AND SO WOULD A LARGE PORTION OF WRESTLING FANS BUT I UNDERSTAND HE HAS HIS SIGHTS SET ON THE BIG PICTURE AND THE LONG TERM . I am guessing a lot of Walz and Medberry fans are as irritated by your statement as I was about the one about Myers being pinned in the first or second unless someone is practicing push outs I think both statements are well you know .
  8. I know Snyder is better than Walz he beats him but does not tech or pin him ?Snyder teched Black who beat Myers last week 4 to 0 without a td by anyone so of course he can beat Myers my point was for someone to say a first or second period pin unless he is practicing pushouts is a little overboard Olympic champ or not in my opinion of course and if I were to say Bo and Snyder Both could have had as good of comp last week in Vegas as anywhere on the planet not many would disagree not being critical of Snyder at all he's a great athlete and representative to the sport of wrestling But me personally I would have enjoyed watching him wrestle Medberry and Walz .
  9. He must be a Whole lot better than Walz then because Walz could not get any back points against Myers Pinning a backup from Cleveland state or Devin Nye whom Myers has pinned in under 40 seconds in High School is different than Pinning Myers but who knows your talking about the best wrestler at that weight on the planet so anything is possible.As for wrestling in the Ukraine it seems like wrestling Medberry and Walz would have been enough of a challenge it sure would have been the Highlight of wrestling in this country last week .
  10. Lol fun tuning in to the Uni Open thread and hearing about who won't be there . HOW ABOUT WHO IS THERE !
  11. I THINK Beazley is ranked pretty high on the other rankings ,wrestle stats imo has some guys way off due to the bonus a kid like Austin who did all opens no fr and soph classes and placed in 4 out of 5 tournaments in his first yr as a heavy getting such a low bonus while others many of whom were in the same tourneys and had less matches and placed below him are ranked Higher is confusing to me .Good match with Shaw And maybe even a close one with Vollaro whom he nearly turned but a couple he also could have done better in so draw whatever conclusion you like .I think Beazley is ranked below Jake Smith and I'm not so sure Smith could beat Austin so personally I think all the comments about a sure win for Beazley in that match up are a bit insulting but it's opinion so it is what it is Either way Myers will face much tougher comp than Beazley and probably anyone else you could name this yr lol so Bump him up and find out .
  12. Eierman tore his meniscus injuries happen, no weight issue ,and it looks to me like there is homering all over Myers wrestled Jake Smith most of last year and hes no slouch at 197 neither is Cox who he wrestles now and again this year I wouldn't be so sure of an ODU win .
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