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    MACTruck got a reaction from Plasmodium in Zero freshman wins at NCAA   
    In High School the upperweights are dominated by upper classmen its the same in college except on a bigger scale with some being held back or sitting yrs and training before entering college as fresh and.then you have Olympic RS and srs taking rs .Takes longer to peak for a bigger athlete .Its not that complicated in High school freshman come in at lower weights and are in the mix you do not see many freshman winning state titles at the upper weights .Not to mention some 220s go up and its a bit harder some like Jden who won state titles at 220 and Hvy Go down others go 197 and then bunp .
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    MACTruck reacted to mlbruem in Mizzou - Next Year   
    So in your opinion those guys are the equivalent of J'den Cox.
    WOW we hit the jack pot in recruiting and no one else was aware.
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    MACTruck got a reaction from mlbruem in Mizzou - Next Year   
    MYERS had 3 titles in Virginia beach and a runner up along with an NHSCA wrestler of the year award A FLO TITLE 4 undefeated state runs a double AA at 220 and a Hvy AA his sr yr losing by 1 to Odigizuhwa who teched and pinned Vough the same.tournament
    3 undefeated runs at nat duals and.a189 and 0 record with over 100 of those wins in Ohio.
    I thought Austin improved greatly during the season up and down some same as the reat of the team and he was the only Tiger to start every dual and.tournamnt on the schedule and when everyone counted him out at the MAC he came through and earned his spot beating the 1 seed and another qualifier doing it.
    Good luck to anyone wanting his spot.
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    MACTruck got a reaction from HurricaneWrestling in West Virginia   
    Oh yes my bad didnt pick that up yes Smith is very level headed and a bit more orderly hate to see his team beat up with injuries and would have loved to see Austin win a few more close ones but I think looking at Mizzous schedule and.what any heavy would face on it this yr he still has high hopes for his team and Austins future .
    .Not sure hes a beer guy but he would probably love to unwind after this crasy season.
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    MACTruck got a reaction from Buckeyebison in Missouri vs Ohio State Thursday   
    I agree with everything you said except the size Snyder has it down he can pick the big guys apart but even he doesn't tech or pin Walz or Medberry and his match with Gwiz was extremely close so saying the top guys at heavy in NCAAs are way behind international wrestlers who are smaller is a false statement to me technically maybe a fair amount behind and the styles are a bit different but I do not think the guys wrestling At Snyders weight internationally would be leaps and bounds ahead particularly in a folks style match .
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    MACTruck reacted to maolsen in Missouri vs Ohio State Thursday   
    Well Snyder was relatively untouched last year outside of Gwiz, and Snyder had what, two loses in Ukraine? Those guys could very well and likely are leaps and bounds ahead atleast from a technical standpoint. I guess you can argue the size, but it isn't hasnt affected Snyder too bad so far, so him going for better technical wrestlers is understandable. As for Myers, you might be right. Snyder wasnt a pinner last year, so just because he has a couple of pins this year doesnt mean hes gonna start pinning everyone.
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    MACTruck got a reaction from tigerfan9311 in Missouri vs Ohio State Thursday   
    He must be a Whole lot better than Walz then because Walz could not get any back points against Myers Pinning a backup from Cleveland state or Devin Nye whom Myers has pinned in under 40 seconds in High School is different than Pinning Myers but who knows your talking about the best wrestler at that weight on the planet so anything is possible.As for wrestling in the Ukraine it seems like wrestling Medberry and Walz would have been enough of a challenge it sure would have been the Highlight of wrestling in this country last week .
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