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  1. Stop being stupid. Fix has progressed greatly since then, Surry hasn't.
  2. Suriano can't scramble, Clark could. Don't think he can beat Micic or Gross, and not sure about Pletcher. Might as well take 2nd at 125 and pretend to try to win it. Arm Pit State natural.
  3. I see Suriano running but still disappointing. He is too vanilla to beat Gross, and he will be challenged by many more. Likely, Fix goes 133 and Brock 141, because this makes too much sense. Like Fix over Surry. All said, I think Fix can give Lee fits in Folk. I believe he is better in Neutral, so he can get this twice. Just don't get turned. Get coached up by Retherford or Nolf who has never been ridden, I believe.
  4. But Nick talks a game he doesn't deliver. Then shut your pie hole.
  5. Yep--0-2. Likely 0-4. Another Jersey disappointment. Guess they can still flaunt JB. Who was that musclehead that flamed out in college--Winston?
  6. Nick Nick cares about Nick.
  7. I wonder if Nick is happy that half of his college wrestling is over without a NC? Fake tough guy as he was Lee's bitc* at NCAAs. Nick is a Prima Donna dipshi* who is anything but selfless. Yes, I would tell the midget this to his face.
  8. Marinelli is short. Thought Iowa fans believed he was undersized at 165, he wasn't if one had eyes. 165 is perfect for Marinelli. Not sure if Kemmerer can beat him. May have to go 174. This said, didn't that Cornell kid bump from 157 to 174 and be rated very highly? Kemmerer is better.
  9. Yeah, I am sure those delusional twits will think he is a favorite at 174. Kemmerer seems great--sucks that he can't be coached up from the devilish dwarfs.
  10. You are such a S***. Not very well liked any where you go--beat it dips***!
  11. Lee is pulling the strings at Iowa. TNT has failed. Despite BS talk, Lee went to Iowa for him and his potential accolades as resurrecting a program. At PSU, just another stud. Iowa can delude themselves about "the room," but Lee doesn't need that but will play along. Lee is about Lee-very cunning.
  12. Not necessarily. All depends on your mentality. Could also be ugly as you think great. I guess what we want?
  13. DeSanto was within a gnat's ass of being an AA, so who wouldn't want him unless they have an absolute hammer at that weight?
  14. I was talking about his near fatal accident.
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