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  1. that he is already is in line at Shake Shack?
  2. How about John Smiths dietitian? Cowboy fat job. Son Jojo is a fat 157 that wasted his off season eating not working on his cardio then gets a last minute offer to wrestle off ending Chandlers career. Nephew Coach Chris looks like we would wrestle heavyweight nowadays. Put the Double Cheeseburgers down!
  3. Hope that helps the little folks... Maybe I could get a legitimatize response now?
  4. Its Monday but... Lets not try to look as dumb as possible.
  5. Maybe get some decent assistant coaches? Morningstar and Telford? Is that 3 All Americans combined? This is the best of the Brands years to help out or the one only ones that can put up with them?
  6. This is stupid. I have been hard on FLO in the past but they are working through it. There were only slight blips for less then 10 seconds. I think most of you complainers are Hawkeye nuthuggers and need to question the Brand boys about their performance not Flo's production.
  7. What does Teasdales sister say now?
  8. Is the The Mat the best NCAA wrestling Forum out there? Please list others.
  9. Where can this be watched?
  10. I just wanted to give props to Flo for their work at the Southern Scuffle. I had no tech glitches and enjoyed the commentary. Easy to jump on them for bumpy roads, but I thought they really stepped up their game.
  11. Anyone else on Roku only getting mat 2, no other choices?
  12. Who else is experiencing issues with Flo both Video and Arena?
  13. Anybody know about the current status of their relationship? Flo used to rebroadcast TRow and Funky, which was great. No mention of Rudis Podcasts nor any advertising of Rudis products.
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