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    brickhousey reacted to KTG119 in Is Illinois a "Sleeping Giant?"   
    Ott was a two time NCAA runner-up at 125, one of the quickest guys around. Jayne was AA a couple times. 
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    brickhousey reacted to KTG119 in Is Illinois a "Sleeping Giant?"   
    brickhousey, I think Futrell and Kennedy were on the team same time as Poeta. the '05 title team had Ott, Jayne, Alex Tirapelle I think  
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    brickhousey got a reaction from xander in NaTo vs. Zane Richards   
    I'll take Nato with 68%
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    brickhousey reacted to WrestlingFan89 in Champs   
    Not at all.
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    brickhousey reacted to Flying-Tiger in Iowa vs Michigan   
    Considering how bad he got beat by the #9 ranked guy I would think not. The so called "bull" needs to be left to pasture a while longer.
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    brickhousey reacted to aknipp in Stroker done at Minny (link)   
    “Rule 15.01.5. Intra-conference Transfer Rules. B. Post Matriculation. A student-athlete that has signed a tender from a Conference institution and has triggered transfer status per NCAA Bylaw 14.5.2 (conditions affecting transfer status), may not represent an alternate Big Ten institution in intercollegiate athletics competition until the individual has completed one (1) full academic year of residence at the alternate (i.e., certifying) Big Ten institution and shall be charged with the loss of one (1) season of eligibility in all sports.”
    He must redshirt whether a release is granted or not. 
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    brickhousey reacted to simple in Stroker done at Minny (link)   
    He'll be able to wrestle next fall anywhere except a big 10 school assuming he meets all academic requirements. He'd have to sit out all of next year(and wouldn't get that year back) if he wanted to go big 10. Flo says he's going somewhere outside the big 10. SDSU would probably be a great fit
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    brickhousey reacted to OfficialObserver in Midlands 157, were points ever awarded?   
    This was a very tough match to officiate and, although there were some reviews that took place, I truly believe the correct calls were made in the end. Folks have such a misunderstanding about reaction time / no reaction time. There is reaction time in every takedown situation except two: the hand touch situation from a rear-standing or merkle situation. Other than those two, there is reaction time allowed. The takedown situation in OT was called correctly after the review because the refs noticed correctly that he never controlled the far ankle beyond reaction time. It was almost continuous that his ankle slipped right out and then the scramble ensued. Very tough match, but the best ref was on this match and got the calls correct. It may not have been the smoothest first time around, but video review is a wonderful tool.
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    brickhousey reacted to headshuck in PSU vs. Minnesota   
    May have meant Lizak.
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    brickhousey reacted to LemonPie in Mueller   
    He had FS wins over McGhee and Cruz before going to college.  Stud.   If he was ever overlooked, it was because he was always losing to Lee, Suriano, and Fix.  No shame in that.   But he did own wins over guys like Austin Gomez. 
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    brickhousey reacted to Housebuye in Mueller   
    I believe he was down 3-2 at the end of the first. He also got first takedown.  
    If he started second in neutral instead of on bottom (quickly gave up a 4 pointer), he would've had a pretty good chance of winning I think.
    Doesn't really matter. He made a freshman mistake, but is clearly very good from neutral. He will learn and grow and may even AA this year. Very impressed with him. Excited to see how 125 plays out over the next few years. Insane talents all over the place.
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    brickhousey reacted to Housebuye in Mueller   
    I believe he was the 13th overall recruit and #2 or 3 in his weight class. He was a high level recruit and is showing why.
    Minus the whole starting on bottom thing, he might have won the Scuffle as a true freshman
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    brickhousey reacted to pish6969 in Hall vs Crutch WHO YOU GOT   
    Why calm down? If you're a Hall fan your very excited. He didn't lose to Preisch, he pinned him. He destroyed everyone at this tourney including Kent and Crutch who were ranked 3 and 5 coming in.
    He lost to Brucki which will be a trivia question one day and nothing more.
    If you watched a lot of wrestling you know a special talent when you see it.
    Under the bright lights in big duals or tournaments I don't give the edge to anyone over him.
    If you want to calm down and just sit and hope he loses, that's great. I on the other hand can't wait to see him on the mat again
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